Thursday, September 30

You Go Girl!

No one loves Hollywood more than I do. I'm a big time consumer of film, music and television, and I enjoy watching Cameron Diaz. She's a hottie.

But apparently Cameron hasn't been reading this blog lately because she's worried about America being alone in the world. I guess she and John Kerry have been comparing notes.

Neither one of them, it seems, are aware of all the allies currently involved in the rebuilding of Iraq--over 30 countries at last count. Neither Diaz or Kerry seem particularly well informed. We're hardly going it alone. And we didn't go it alone last year either.

And then there's this: Rape? Legal in America? When did that happen? What is up with these celebrities and their whack political views? Is she serious?

Jimmy Carter: A Continuing Embarrassment

And now, some more words of wisdom from the worst American President in history, Jimmy Carter:

"Some basic international requirements for a fair election are missing in Florida," including non-partisan electoral officials and uniformity in voting procedures, said Jimmy Carter.

Contributing to the continuation of the Florida 2000 myth (see today's earlier post, "The Lying Liars") Carter shows he is nothing more than yet another Democratic party hack committed to misleading the American electorate in an election year.

His ridiculous assertions also contributes to anti-American sentiment around the world. Note the link below from that paragon of accurate reporting in the Middle East, Al Jazeera.

What exactly does Carter know about 'fair elections' anyway? Didn't he and his non-profit group, The Carter Center, just oversee the scandal plagued re-election of dictator Hugo Chavez in Venezuela? According to exit polling, Chavez LOST in a landslide. Yet under Carter's direct supervision, Chavez, in the end, won a landslide victory! Isn't Democracy wonderful?

Gallons Of Mud

Mort Kondracke, a journalist a rarely agree with, gets it completely right on this one. All the dirty campaigning this year is coming from the Left.

Moore Knows Dick

The opinions and theories of Michael Moore are easily debunked. Thanks to Dick Morris for his brillant analysis, as always.

RFL Senate Spotlight 2004: Nethercutt Vs. Murray (WA)

Does anyone recall WA Senator Patty Murray speaking to a audience of school kids and praising Osama bin Laden as a 'role model'? This is just another illustration of the treacherous rhetoric that seems to naturally spew from Democrats.

It would be one thing if Murray had tailored her pro-bin Laden remarks to an adult audience. I think most adults have a internal BS meter capable of filtering out irresponsible speech. But the fact that Senator Murray chose to sing the praises of Osama to a group of impressionable children is, in my opinion, quite sinister.

Rep. George Nethercutt is doing his best to replace Murray and he needs our help. As important as the Presidential contest is this year, it's vital that Republicans pick up additional seats in the Senate to form the elusive and much coveted Super Majority. Otherwise the agenda in a second Bush term very likely will be hijacked, blocked and stalled by the Super Minority obstructionist Liberals like Tom Daschle (ND), Barbara Boxer (CA), Russ Feingold (WI), among others.

There are a number of close races across the country, races in which you, your friends (and myself included) could mean the difference between winning and losing. Please check back every day for my Senate Spotlight posts. We must get involved in assisting these Republican candidates nationwide! Together we can put the Senate more comfortably in GOP hands and do great things for our Republic.

The Lying Liars Who Lie About Florida

Just like death and taxes, you can count on Democrats to resort to scare tactics during the stretch run of a Presidential campaign. Case in point: A fundraising letter from NJ Senator Corzine attempting to re-stoke the stupidity of a portion of the Democratic constituency.

Corzine writes "Voter suppression and intimidation . . . in Florida again!? The GOP used voter intimidation and outright fraud to hand Florida to George W. Bush in 2000, and if we don't stop them, they'll do it again."

Can we please settle once and for all the myth continually perpetuated by the Left that Florida blacks were disenfranchised in 2000? There simply is no evidence to support the claims by the Democrats that even one person was unable to cast their vote.

Similarly there is no evidence to support the theory that George W. Bush stole Florida. Investigation after investigation has reached the same conclusion: Although Bush won the state by a razor thin margin (a mere 537 votes) he did in fact win and would have won even if the Democrats had done a statewide recount. This is fact. The Democrats allegations are fiction.

It drives me crazy that what no one talks about are the tens of thousands of Republican votes that went uncounted, were disqualified or were uncast due to Gore's legal challenges and/or the Voter News Service calling the state early for Gore. In the eyes of the elite media that doesn't count as a legitimate story. How convenient.

The WSJ sums up this myth quite nicely. It should forever be required reading for all political science students.

Wednesday, September 29

America's Finest City?

I live in San Diego and our wonderful Mayor Dick Murphy is presiding over what I can only describe as a debacle.

Fecal Matters

I love it when Al Gore speaks because it reminds the electorate how inept the Democrats are. Listening to Gore reminds me of a bowel movement: While it's not always the most pleasant experience, once it's over you feel so much better.

Today, Gore has written a piece in the NYT in which he praises President Bush's formidable debate skills. This is a subject Al knows very well because Bush kicked his ass in three straight debates in 2000. But I was thinking: Time must really heal all wounds because Gore is finally admitting this fact after four years of denial. Wow. That really is news.

Is Gore, by comparison, also trying to tell us that Bush is a legitimate President? Have I lost my mind? Perhaps.

The praise stops there in this piece. We get the same, old tired Democratic hot air. Bush is a 'catastrophic failure.' Funny, that's how I would describe the Clinton/Gore foreign policy. You guys allowed North Korea to get nuclear weapons, you sold top secret missile technology to China and you loosened airline security regulations which directly resulted in the hijackings on 9/11. Way to go, Al!

I keep digressing. Sorry.

The NYT piece is full of the typical smears from the Left, like Bush taking us to war on 'false premises.' Sure Al. You and Clinton, Kerry and Edwards, Kennedy and Lieberman, Chirac and Putin, Israel and Egpyt all agreed Saddam had WMD. How convenient for you and all your fellow pansy Democrats now to criticize Bush and the Republicans when things didn't exactly work out.

Way to be a statesman, Al. If I ever need debate tips, I'll call George W.


The Dems highlighted just how anti-American they have become last week when Iraqi interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi addressed Congress.

House Minority Leader Nancy "Way Too Tight Face Lift" Pelosi could only muster half hearted applause. At least she was in attendance. Many of her colleagues, in a show of protest, were no-shows.

Apparently the Democrats, for all their rhetoric about civil rights, human rights and women's rights don't believe that the people of Iraq should have the same freedoms.

Immediately after Allawi concluded his speech, Kerry hack Joe Lockhart referred to Allawi as 'a puppet of the United States.' The assertion was made about how President Bush and Allawi were both living in a 'dream world.' And Kerry himself dismissed Allawi's speech as just trying to 'put the best possible face' on Iraq, etc.

This is an outrage. How dare the Democrats show such disrespect to a foreign leader. Prime Minister Allawi comes to the United States to thank this country for liberating his nation and the leaders of the Democratic Party (a once great political party by the way) attack and insult him.

Debate This!

I'm already sick of the first Presidential debate and it hasn't even happened yet.

I think Kerry is going to have a very difficult time articulating his foreign policy positions. On Iraq, his various flip flops have decimated his standing in most public opinion polls. Is 'F-in' for the war in Iraq or is he against it? Did he vote for the war before he voted against it? If he became President would he stay the course in Iraq or would he pull the troops next summer?

All President Bush has to do tomorrow night in Miami is express his opinions in a mildly articulate manner on the War On Terror for the one billionth time and he's the winner by a KO.

Another prediction: Bush is going to take Kerry to task for his statements about our 'bribed and coerced' allies, like Australia, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Georgia, Great Britain and the Netherlands. For all of his bluster about Bush's unilateralism, Kerry will have a bunch of angry 'allies' to mend relationships with if he wins in November.

This Just In: Fox News Channel Rules!

I'm really tired of hearing my left wing wacko friends complaining that the Fox News Channel is nothing more than GOP TV.

The truth is that FNC is the ratings King (the top dog, if you will) in cable news. Left to its own devices, GOP TV alone would in no way resemble a ratings blockbuster. If the channel was just comprised of Hannity, O'Reilly and Hume the critics might actually have a point. But how do you account for the prominent roles of Greta, Geraldo, Wallace, Colmes on Fox?

Could FNC possibly be, as advertised, actually fair and balanced?

Fox News Channel is fun to watch and that's the biggest reason that it stands at the top of the ratings heap. Just mix in some entertainment, some market info, that hot chick who does the weather and BAM! We've got ourselves a cable channel, people!

Where Art Thou, Oh Body Armor?

Have you heard Kerry and Edwards on the stump talking about how the troops have been fighting in Iraq without body armor, weapons, ammo, etc? A soldier without body armor? Weapons? Ammo? Can you imagine? Bush and Cheney are so terrible, so unfeeling, so negligent, so derelict in their duty, they send our military into battle and the troops are dying because they don't have the proper equipment, sez the two John's.

That's a serious charge and, if true, would be grounds for impeachment for any Commander In Chief.

But, of course, these allegations are patently untrue, as are most things Democrats say. The troops have EVERYTHING they need and will be given anything more that they need to do their jobs and complete their mission.

I realize that we're in the throes of an election year. Politics is politics. The debate will be, and should be vigorous. The candidates will mock each other, call each other names. Policies will be outlined. Insults will be exchanged. Fine. But playing politics with our troops is shameful. It shouldn't be done and quite frankly anyone who makes such outrageous charges, as Kerry is doing so with greater frequency, isn't fit to be President of the United States.

Tuesday, September 28

Ashcroft Wrong? Nah.

Holy crap. There really is a first time for everything. I finally disagree with Attorney General John Ashcroft on something. You can't force journalists to reveal their sources. They get kinda sensitive about that kind of stuff. Trust me. I'm a J school grad. I know these things.

Wait. Stop the blog, dammit! I was totally duped. See, I'm not perfect. The real story is that Ashcroft alleges that the NYT endangered the lives of federal agents with their reporting. Okay. I apologize. Sorry Mr. Attorney General. My bad. I'll try to read the ENTIRE piece next time before posting my innane comments.


Right From Left is my latest creation. I got a bug up my backside to do this. I mean, really, everyone else is blogging. Why can't I, I thought? So here I am. Enjoy.

The title of this blog has two distinct meanings. First, Right From Left has to do with the fact that I'm a right winger living on the left coast. The People's Republic of Southern California. Land of fruits, nuts and Democrats. It wasn't always this way, but I digress.

Second, Right From Left is an appropriate way to describe myself. TRANSLATION: I'm different. I'm quirky. I'm unpredictable. Sometimes I do stuff backwards. (Like balancing my checkbook) I have a unique perspective on virtually everything, as you'll discover in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Ready? Let's blog.
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