Tuesday, November 30

Van Who?

A film director is murdered in Europe and Hollywood is silent? I just can't get behind that.

More later on this tragedy...

Monday, November 29

The French Problem

Bob Novak writes a brilliant piece that asserts the anti-Americanism of the French is France's problem and their problem alone. I agree.

The root cause of that problem, I believe, is the arrogantly ridiculous Jacques Chirac. And we have three more long years to listen to Chirac's drivel.

I, for one, will continue to think postive thoughts about Nicolas Sarkozy, a pro-American politician eyeing a run for the French presidency in 07.

Raiders 25 Broncos 24

What an amazing game last night on ESPN. Watching it in high definition didn't suck either.

42 Votes

The Washington State Gubernatorial race still isn't over. At last count, Dino Rossi leads Christine Gregoire by 42 votes.

As usual, and I'm sick of writing this, Democrats are attempting to cheat. Actually they are cheating. Some examples: 10,000 votes 'suddenly being found' two weeks after election day? No problem. Count them. Mismatched or missing signatures on 929 ballots? No problem. Count them anyway. How about allowing election officials to fill out duplicate ballots in order to determine voter intent? Go for it.

The 10th Brother

Steve Gardner, one of the people behind Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, is broke and unemployed after allegedly being threatened by the Kerry campaign.

Liberal Democrats really have trouble embracing the concept of free speech don't they?

'A Great American Success Story'

The story of Carlos Gutierrez, Bush's pick for Commerce Secretary, is fascinating. A Cuban immigrant, he learned english from a bellhop at a Miami hotel, worked his way up the ladder at Kellogg, delivering Frosted Flakes in the beginning, working his way through the ranks, becoming CEO in 1998. He really is an American success story and another in a long line of minorities to serve at the highest levels of government under President Bush.

Contrast Gutierrez with Ron Brown, who headed Commerce under Clinton. What exactly were Brown's qualifications? What did he know about business? He was a lobbyist on Capitol Hill. He knew a lot about kickbacks and nothing about business.

Tuesday, November 23

Rather Irrelevant

This Rather thing is a pretty big deal in the world of broadcast journalism. It's not as if the nets play musical anchors every day--once these guys get the chair, it's a twenty +year appointment. By everyone's account, Rather's had a good run. It will be 24 years to the day when he bades his dwindling audience goodbye on March 9, 05.

Here's reasons why I think the Dan is putting himself out to pasture quicker than a frog can french kiss a prince.

Television is still all about ratings whatever the programming happens to be and CBS Evening News is mired in third place behind NBC and ABC. With cable viewership exploding and the web and blogs rapidly gaining more cache as credible sources of news, Black Rock needs a quick jumpstart. Rather IS CBS News. Isn't that what he always says? Well, it ain't working anymore, 'ol cowpoke. It's time for you to pack your crap.

Tom Brokaw is vacating NBC Nightly News and fresh face Brian Williams takes over in early December. I've got a hundred bucks right here that says that CBS was more than ready to put the 73 old relic Rather out to pasture and introduce a fresh face of their own, although I doubt it will be Mr. Zero Q Rating, John Roberts.

What about Shepard Smith?

Foiling Terror In The UK

While I disagree with Tony Blair on social policy across the board, I greatly respect his realistic approach to combating terrorism. The British are fortunate to have such a vigilant PM protecting them from 9/11-type attacks.

More Dripping Sarcasm Please

Amazing piece in the NYT this morning. Americans are skeptical about President Bush's agenda? They are?

But wait. Drilling down a bit further in this article we learn that of the skeptics '56% said they were generally optimistic about the next four years under Mr. Bush. Mr. Bush's job approval rating has now inched up to 51 percent, the highest it has been since March.'

Reading between the lines, as I am wont to do, it is the ten or so people who comprise the NYT editorial board that apparently have 'reservations about the central elements of [Bush's] second-term agenda [to] reshape Social Security, rewrite the tax code, cut taxes and appoint conservative judges to the bench.'

The other 61,121,520 of us who voted for the Bush agenda are happy as clams, thank you very much.

A Novel Concept: Following The Law

Here's how you vote for a write-in candidate in California.

1. Write the name of your candidate on the line.

2. Fill in the bubble next to your candidates' name.

Otherwise, your vote will be considered invalid, end of story.

Kudos to retired Tulare County, CA Judge Eric Helgesen for doing his job and following state law.

In The Black?

I bought some stock this morning. Probably a smart investment given the 10-year agreements Sirius has in place with the NFL and NBA.

Start making me some money, Mel.

Monday, November 22

Real Criminal Activity

By now you've heard about the big basketball brawl between the Pacers and the Pistons, right? Fans and players exchanging punches in the stands, mass chaos, suspensions--all because of one guy tossing a cup of beer onto the court.

Here's my two cents. And no one else will tell you this. The real outrage here, what concerns me most, is the callous, wasteful, irresponsible behavior of the guy who THREW HIS BEER.

Beer is to be savored, enjoyed and protected at all times. If you don't want it, give it to me. I'll drink it.

Border Reality

Bush's plans about immigration reform has hysterically been called 'amnesty' here in Southern California, which it definitely is not.

I'll admit to a partial change of heart about this issue. Initially, I was incredibly angry about the notion of encouraging further illegal immigration to our region, which it seemed like what the President was advocating. We're literally overrun with illegals as it is now. And Bush's wants to 'open the flood gates?' I couldn't get my mind around his policy pronouncements on the subject and I was flabergasted he would make such a suggestion.

What I failed to take into account was the idea that, look, these people are coming to the United States anyway, regardless of what we do. So, in the wake of 9/11, it would be prudent to create a new way to keep track of the people that come here, work here, stay here and apply for citizenship here. We could catalog all these people and by doing that we would be improving the system, making America safer.

I think I just verbalized Bush's plan better than he ever has. I support the above part of his plan.

But wait. Illegals are bleeding us dry. They don't pay taxes and yet they get full medical care if they go to the hospital. Their kids go to our schools. They drive but don't have insurance, so if I get into a car accident, I'm stuck with a dinged up car without any recourse.

I've got answers for just about everything but I don't have any magical ideas about how to solve these problems.

More later...

'I Applaud Him For That'

Those are the words of Senator Patrick Leahy (D, VT) about Bush's nomination of the non-polarizing Al Gonzales to succeed John Ashcroft as Attorney General.

'The President could have picked a polarizing figure. He did not,' said Leahy.

Excuse me, Senator. Would you please name one 'polarizing figure' from the Bush Administration that you, your colleagues in Congress or in the mainstream media didn't create?

You invented the 'character' of Ashcroft, a mean, vindictive, religious zealot, who infringed upon American civil liberties. It wasn't true. You and your ilk together have branded Bush's judicial nominees as 'extremists,' when in actuality, they have all been endorsed as 'highly qualified' by the American Bar Association.

The President has named conservatives to cabinet positions and judicial nominees, to be sure, but never 'polarizing' conservatives.

Leahy and the Democrats are the ones doing the polarizing, because if they don't, the Democrats risk complete and total extinction as a political party.

Since becoming President in 2001, George W. has surrounded himself with a highly qualified staff that looks like America. Blacks, Women, Hispanics, Arabs, Asians.

Rice, Powell, Paige. Norton, Venamen, Whitman. Abraham. Mineta.

His judical nominees, same thing.

Estrada. Owens. Nellson. Saad.

If Democrats confirmed Bush's diverse judicial appointments it would have underscored the fact that the Republicans are the real 'party of the people' and that Democrats are closet racists, sexists and bigots.

Democrats cannot possibly afford to lose the hispanic constituency on which they so heavily depend each election cycle, so they have to decry Miguel Estrada, one of Bush's judicial nominees, as a 'radical extremist.'

Democrats cannot afford to have a woman like Priscilla Richman Owen on the Federal bench because it would conflict with the false image they have created of the Republican party as being 'anti-woman.'

Democrats must seize on an opportunity to falsely inject race into the nomination of Charles Pickering to further inflame the African American constituency against the Republican party. Otherwise, African Americans might actually think highly of a President that has two African Americans among his closest advisors.

For all of their posturing and yammering about advancing the causes of minorities and women, they haven't done it, or they refuse to do it. Perhaps it is because, from their point of view, there are no qualified Liberal blacks, females, Arabs or Latinos to choose from.

President Bush has continued to appoint qualified people to serve at the highest levels of American government and in the process has nicely highlighted the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party.

I applaud him.


There's nothing worse than back pain, but MSNBC's Joe Scarborough really has turned into a dick.


Dan Rather to CNN?

A Rudy/Hillary matchup in 08?

And more fun stuff from US News & World Report...

A Kofi-Free UN

I say we revoke Kofi's diplomatic immunity and put him in an Iraqi jail.

Electoral Reality

Contrary to popular opinion, we don't live in a divided country.

Bush's popular vote numbers in 2004 were up 23% in the battleground states that decided the election. He did 21% better in Red states and 16% better in Blue states than he did in 2000.

In 2000, voters identified themselves as 39% Democratic and 35% Republican. This year, party identification was a 37% tie. That means that the GOP had a bigger turnout nationwide, 17%-9%. As Michael Barone nicely explains in his new US News column, this is the most Republican electorate the nation has seen in modern times.

Here's a big holiday toast to Ken Mehlman for his inspired election strategy. Rock on, dude.

Tiny Bubbles

There's a big court ruling today that will most likely determine who will be San Diego's next Mayor. At issue is the legality of write-in ballots where voters failed to darken the oval next to the write-in candidates' name.

Over the weekend incumbent Mayor Dick Murphy declared a 2,205 vote margin victory over city council member Donna Frye. That really should be the end of this matter, especially given the fact that Frye, as noted in previous posts in this space, is an illegal candidate who declared her candidacy a full six months after the primary election.

But here we are anyway. This is insane.

People, please listen carefully. IF YOU CANNOT VOTE PROPERLY DO NOT EXPECT YOUR VOTE TO BE COUNTED. Your vote should only count if you cast it properly.

Unless, of course, some liberal judge totally ignores the law and engages in some really creative bench legislation.

Friday, November 19

What To Do About Iran?

There's not much disagreement about the fact that Iran has militants on the ground in Iraq. They are definitely part of the insurgency. At this point, it's still all about Iraq. If we stay the course, keep putting down the insurgency, hold elections in January and maintain a presence on the ground, I remain convinced that democracy can and will take hold.

It is entirely reasonable to suggest that defeating extremism in Iraq will go a long way to defeating it in Iran as well. The big message that will be sent across the Arab world is what President Bush always talks about so passionately. That is 'people yearn to be free.' And 'freedom is the gift of The Almighty.' I agree with the President.

A democratic Iraq will indeed have a domino effect. You will see Iran's leadership either drastically change policy or face extinction. The people will rise up and will force a change.

The concern is that Iran might not be able to wait, and that's a very real possibility. Could we see another regime change, this time in Tehran? No. And it is not because our military is already stretched too thin. Iran is expecting some type of American or Allied invasion. That's too obvious.

You will see more of an orchestrated diplomatic effort from both the US and the Europeans. In fact, we've already begun to see it. The first prong of this approach occurred last week when Britain, France and Germany struck a deal with Iran to suspend their uranium enrichment program in exchange for future economic benefits.

We are on the right track. But if Iraq goes badly it will be damaging to American credibility. It will be a big collective 'well, so much for this grand American sociological experiment.' That simply cannot happen. Winning is the only option. And we will.

Staying the course in Iraq, is vital for the future of Iran, the entire Middle East, Europe and America.


When Democrats don't agree with their opponents they call them names. In this case, a nobody radio talk show host on WTDY-AM in Madison, WI--John Sylvester--referred to Condi Rice as 'Aunt Jemima' and Colin Powell as 'Uncle Tom.'

Hey Sylvester, you're a racist pig. But I think you're onto something with that Aunt Jemima thing, 'cause I'm hungry and pancakes with maple syrup sounds awesome right now.

No Confidence In Kofi

Surrounded by corruption and guided by seeming ineptitude, Secretary General Kofi Annan is about to receive the first ever 'No Confidence' vote in the 60 year history of the United Nations.

Annan's fate will have to wait, though, because he just left for the Sudan on official UN business.

What a coincidence.

Clinton's Guest List

I read all about the cool celebrities in attendance at the opening of the Clinton Library. Let's see, we had Barbra Streisand, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Chevy Chase, Ted Danson, Robin Williams, as well as Bono and The Edge from U2.

But what about people like Webb Hubbell? And Susan McDougal? Betty Currie? Billy Dale? Do you think Vince Foster's widow, Lisa, made an appearance?

A Terrible Candidate

John Kerry told Geraldo Rivera that he lost the presidency because of that Osama bin Laden videotape that broke the friday prior to the election.

'It was that Usama tape- it scared them [the American people],' Kerry said.

Uh, no, that's not why you lost, Senator.

You lost because you were a terrible candidate, the worst since your pal Mike Dukakis. You lost because you had nothing positive to say. You lost because you're a liar. Senator, you created a fantasy military record and your delusion was exposed by 250 of your fellow Vietnam veterans. You lost because of your dreadful Senate record and your pathetic attempts to be on both sides of every issue. You lost because you illustrated a deep lack of understanding of the world and how it works, of the very real threats facing America and how to deal with them. You lost because you are a globalist, anxious to embrace socialism. And because of your 'global test.'

Of course, you also lost the presidency due to the fact that you aren't very likeable. You are arrogant, boring, bullying, condescending, humorless, mean-spirited, phony and vain. People don't admire you, they don't admire the decisions you've made, or the life you've led.

So get over it, stop fishing for excuses because nobody cares. Go back to DC and resume your undistinguished, easily forgettable, lackluster, completely irrelevant role as the junior Senator from Massachusetts.

Thursday, November 18

Library Boy

Whenever I think of Bill Clinton--which is almost never--I wonder if he, in his private moments, realizes that he alone is primarily responsible for the deaths of thousands of people on 9/11/01. Or he he just too arrogant, too deluded, too pompous, too mired in self-adulation to recognize the truth?

Getting Sirius

Mel Karmazin, advertising and radio executive extraordinaire, has been introduced as the new CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio.

I had a feeling this was going to happen as soon as the news broke about Howard going to satellite, because he and Karmazin are buddies. They go way back.

I'm gotta go call my broker and buy some stock.

DeLay Delay

House Republicans yesterday changed an 11 year old rule that forced Congressional leaders to resign their posts if indicted.

This new rule allows Majority Leader Tom DeLay to retain his post while he refutes ethics charges stemming from allegations of corporate money being used illegally to win Texas state legislative races in 02.

From what I've heard about DeLay, these charges amount to nothing more than smear tactics by Democrats. The effort is spearheaded by the District Attorney in Austin, a Democrat. But even the appearance of impropriety is bad for the party. As a Republican, I want the GOP to play by the rules and if DeLay is dirty, he should go, end of story.

Zeroing In On Zarqawi

US forces think they found the Zarqawi base in Fallujah. It's a big place with concrete columns and the inside is filled with old computers, documents, notebooks and multiple copies of the Quran.


I love the work of Alexander Payne. His last movie, 'About Schmidt,' is one of the best films ever. Can't wait to see 'Sideways,' about a wine tasting tour along the central California coast.

Waking Up With Laura

Here's a belated plug for Laura Ingraham. Her radio show is my absolute favorite...I wake up with Laura every morning. She's brilliant, funny and HOT.

Just Football

When did professional football become the stupid, pop-culture drenched pile of crap that has become?

I'm old enought to remember what football used to be. You sat down and watched a game and you didn't have to contend with the high volume of fluff. Female sideline reporters? What do girls know about sports?

C'mon. I just want to watch football.

I want to see Peyton Manning throw eight touchdowns a week. I love seeing the Chicago Bears score two defensive touchdowns. I tune in because I know Derrick Blaylock of the Kansas City Chiefs (who is filling in for the injured RB Priest Holmes) is going to put on a heck of a show.

I do not watch the game to see Janet Jackson's saggy tits. A two hour pre-game show? Forget it. I don't need Joe Buck, Troy Aikman AND Chris Collingsworth to tell me what I just saw. And I don't have any interest in seeing Terrell Owens and some white chick dressed in a towel cavorting in the Philadelphia Eagles' dressing room, like they did this week on Monday Night Football. That was stupid.

We've really gotten away from the game. In fact, I can't even bring myself to watch college football anymore for many of the same reasons. Plus I know most collegians are being paid to play, which is a violation of NCAA rules. It makes me sick, how perverted the game has become.

All I want is to WATCH FOOTBALL. Get rid of the female sideline reporters. Tell the announcers to keep their comments to a minimum. Schedule just enough commercials so I have time to get another beer. Or take a pee.

And just let me watch the game.

Dick Or Donna?

We still have no idea who the next Mayor of San Diego will be. Will it be incumbent Dick Murphy? Or will it be surf rat, environmentalist, city council member and illegal write-in candidate Donna Frye?

For those of you just joining us, Donna declared her candidacy on September 30. Big problem, because the city charter clearly specifies that all mayoral candidates must declare prior to the primary elections in March.

As of this morning, Donna held a 147 vote lead over Dick. The League of Women's Voters, on Donna's behalf, have filed suit demanding that invalid ballots be counted in favor of Frye.

It seems that a few Donna voters neglected to fill in that little oval on their ballots to signify their choice for Mayor. They just wrote the name 'Donna Frye' on the 'write-in' portion of their ballots. Well, according to the registrar, the city, and even the Frye campaign literature, ballots that don't contain a darkened oval are invalid.

More later...

Wednesday, November 17

Angry Muslims

Let's say that I'm a US Marine. And let's say that I'm in Iraq. I'm wearing my helmet and I've got my gun. My company has just concluded a fierce battle. I've shot and killed several enemy fighters and several enemy fighters have shot at me but thankfully I wasn't hit.

Let's say that I enter a house in the center of town. Me and three of my buddies. We've secured the perimeter but we still don't know for sure what we might encounter when go inside. I'm the second guy in. As I run through one of the doors I see three bodies laying on the ground. None of them move, all are apparently dead.

As I move forward scanning the room, I see out of the corner of my eye one of the bodies begin to move. First his torso moves slightly, then I see his right arm as it reaches for something.

I have a split second to react. What do I do? Do I do nothing and hope that this man is unarmed? Do I expect the best and not protect myself and my fellow Marines?

Hell no! I'm gonna shoot ANYTHING or ANYONE that moves. It's a matter of SELF DEFENSE. I AM GOING TO PROTECT MYSELF and MY BUDDIES. Are you people crazy? Are you really telling me NOT TO PROTECT MYSELF? Is that what you're saying?

Be as angry with me as you want. I don't care. You'd do the same thing in my position. You'd protect yourself at all costs. And I'll do it again, as long as I'm here. It's a war and we'll keep fighting.

San Diego Mayoral Election Update

How long does it take to count the votes for San Diego mayor?

The election was two weeks ago and yet, here we are, still counting.

And we're counting even though the top vote getter is an illegal candidate. City Council member Donna Frye announced her candicacy for mayor AFTER the San Diego primary election--a violation of the city charter--but a retired federal judge ruled on Monday that he will not block the vote count because the other two candidates didn't contest the legality of Frye's candidacy until after the general election.

What about the law? And what about the two other legal candidates, incumbent Mayor Dick Murphy and County Supervisor Ron Roberts? Who is standing up for their rights?

Yesterday Judge Irma Gonzalez ruled that there was no immediate need to halt the vote count. She apparently wants the city to complete the vote count and certify a winner by the end of this week. BUT and it's a big but, Judge Gonzalez also wants to hold a hearing addressing the claims of supporters of Roberts who claim Frye's presence in the race nullified their votes.

What a mess. And I ask again. What about the law?

Putting aside the fact that neither Murphy or Roberts, two very weak candidates I might add, didn't challenge Frye when she announced her candidacy back on September 30, how can the city not enforce it's own charter? How can the city honor 40,000 votes when they were cast for an illegal candidate? The logical answer is that they can't.

I sincerely hope this election is declared null and void. A new election should be held featuring only Murphy and Roberts, with the winner of that contest becoming Mayor.

If not, and Frye becomes Mayor of San Diego, I'm moving to Canada.

Go Claudia

The WSJ's Claudia Rosset is, to my knowledge, the first journalist to report on the Oil For Food scandal. She's also the best and she continually knows more about the UN and the corrupt Annan than anyone else.

'Most Influential Woman You've Never Heard Of'

'I love talking about education,' says new Education Secretary Margaret Spellings.

We want more private school vouchers and more charter schools, please Madame Secretary.

British Racism

Courtesy of the UK's Daily Mirror...More Leftist garbage.

Garry Trudeau, Bitter Racist

Trudeau is a pompous piece of trash. He attended Yale with the President and he didn't like George W very much. It was a jock versus geek thing and Trudeau still is holding a grudge.

And you know something? I've never really thought Trudeau's cartoons were funny.

You know what would be funny? And feel free to use this Garry. A cartoon of former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, the big, fat, inept cow that she is, with her heavy makeup, the huge bags under her eyes and her hairy lip, sitting on a North Korean missile next to Kim Jong Il.

That would be hilarious. And just a bit more true to life.

Pat Oliphant Is A Racist

Oliphant, a nationally syndicated cartoonist, should lose him job for this offensive bit of rubbish.

Oil For Food: Paying For Bombers

I thought that Saddam had nothing to do with terrorism?

Tuesday, November 16

Saddam Pocketed $21.3 Billion

I posted comments yesterday about the Senate committee tasked with examining the Oil For Food program and it turns out we underestimated just how much Hussein was bilking.

$21.3 billion, twice the amount suspected.

Twenty one billion dollars goes a long way. It built Saddam's palaces and it paid for huge weapons stockpiles, it funded suicide bombings in Israel, and aided terrorists around the globe. It most likely is still floating around somewhere today and is being used quite possibly to assist the insurgency on the ground in Iraq.

What the $21.3 billion didn't do, was feed the Iraqi people, as it was intended under the UN's Oil For Food program.

And the latest revelation is that 'Benon V. Sevan, who was in charge of the United Nations program (Oil For Food), had benefited from special allocations of oil from Mr. Hussein,' as this piece from the NYT puts it.

Saddam was also actively attempting to influence foreign companies, relatives of governmental officials in China, Russia and France, even journalists in an effort to undermine international sanctions against Iraq.

Keep shining that light of truth, Senator Coleman.

Colin Out, Condi In

Bush replaces one black Secretary of State with a black female Secretary of State and there's nary a mention of it in the Elite media. All we get is widespread sorrow and consternation at the departure of Colin Powell.

What we should be hearing is national adulation and high praise for Bush, a man who is oblivious to race. He just continues to surround himself with high quality, highly qualified people.

I sincerly hope that African Americans are paying attention to the treatment Dr. Rice is receiving. Her nomination is HISTORIC and it should be reported as such.

What about all those Liberals who are constantly advancing the affirmation action, the racial quotas, the preferences? Where are they today? Why aren't they jumping up and congratulating Dr. Rice, a self made African American woman? Why aren't they celebrating the fact that a black woman will now be the face of America around the world?

If Condi were a Democrat, today would have been declared a national holiday by the press. We would have been deluged with headlines like 'THE BARRIER HAS BEEN BROKEN,' or 'FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN SEC. OF STATE.'

Instead the headline is the much less excited 'Rice To State,' and the commentary is focused on the perceived 'danger' of installing a 'Bushie' in command of the infamously Left-leaning State Department bureaucracy.

Monday, November 15

60 Days

In the aftermath of Arafat's death, Islamic Jihad and Aksa Martyrs Brigades have promised to suspend 'martyrdom operations' against Israel until January 9, 05, the day when Palestinians will go to the polls to elect a new President.

That's quite a gesture, one that undoubtedly requires a tremendous amount of self control.

Hamas, another terrorist group, didn't join the ceasefire pledge. Apparently abstaining from killing innocent civilians for the sake of democracy is an unreasonable request.

'A Sinkhole Of Corruption'

Let the investigations begin. Republican Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota on Kofi Annan and the United Nations:

'The extent of the corruption is staggering.'

CNN Sucks

A new ad campaign breaking today across all Turner cable channels featuring CNN anchors Zahn, Dobbs, Cooper and Blitzer, among others, trying their hands at comedy. The 'serious news network,' in an effort to stop the bleeding of audience defections is attempting to show that it has a personality.

The effort to promote CNN.com comes as Fox News Channel continues to dominate the ratings while doubling CNN's viewership.

In one commercial, reporter Christiane Amanpour instructs a fellow CNN office staffer in the correct pronunciation of Iran and Iraq. 'With an 'ee' sound, not an 'eye.'

Wow, what a hoot. CNN is just reinforcing the notion that it does indeed have a personality, albeit a bad one, basking in all of its condescending glory.

The arrogant Amanpour, especially, is a case study in why no one watches CNN anymore. Who wants to be lectured to?

Mission Accomplished

My buddy John Fund from WSJ takes a final look at the Swift Boat Vets for Truth.

More Kofi

Excellent piece in the sunday NYT about the extraordinary steps Annan has taken recently to undermine the US effort in Iraq, all the while denying he's being an obstacle. What a liar.

First, two months ago Kofi told the BBC that he believed the Iraqi war was 'illegal.' Um, excuse me? What about Resolution 1441, which authorized America to attack Hussein.

Second, he prevented UN personnel from participating in training sessions for Iraqi attorneys and judges who will be trying Saddam and other high profile Iraqi's.

Third, he warned both the Americans and the British governments that an attack on Fallujah would be bad because it would alienate Iraqi's and jeopardize the coming elections.

This article quotes unnamed sources in the White House as being 'beyond anger' at the interference of Annan. 'Unhelpful,' was the description of one named source in the story. How's that for understatement of the year?

And I have four more words: Oil For Food Scandal.

This corrupt, meddlesome bureaucrat must go. I think its time someone sabotages Kofi. That would be some sweet revenge, wouldn't it?

My Next Book

Sorry about that misleading headline. I have not yet written a book.

I heard real author Jed Babbin on talk radio over the weekend. He makes a very strong case against the United Nations. Not that that's too hard to do.

Babbin suggests that the UN, with its' long history of inaction, makes wars inevitable. They simply will not step in and prevent human rights abuses from occurring.

SIDEBAR: Kofi Annan's term as secretary general ends in 06. How about Colin Powell in that job?

Can't wait to get my hands on 'Inside The Asylum' and blog some excerpts for your edification.

Mass Exodus

We're now up to six departures this morning with the resignations of Powell, Abraham and Veneman. Education Sec. Rod Paige resigned on Friday.

I've always thought a second Bush term would mean wholesale cabinet changes. That's always the way it is, the first term folks can't get out the door fast enough. People work hard and they get really burned out.

This is a great thing, particularly because W gets some new blood, some new perspectives. Remember too the first term people were chosen in no small measure to appeal to moderates and the Democrats after the disputed 2000 election. There's no dispute now and Bush is going to maximize his mandate and put people in posts who will aggressively advance his agenda.

Let's hope this means the end of 'the new tone.'

W Stands For Wrong

Wrong. I was dead wrong on my Peterson verdict prediction.

Let's see if I can go 0-2. My new forecast: life in prison.

Friday, November 12

OJ Peterson

I really hope I'm wrong. I want Scott Peterson to hang from a tree for what I think he did to his wife and his son. But Mark Geragos is just too good a lawyer. He's just the master. And with all the jury problems they've had of late, forget it.

OJ Peterson walks. Is there no justice in the American legal system anymore?

Threatening National Security

Ashcroft is correct when he maintains that judges threaten national security when they make rulings that contradict Bush Administration decisions regarding the prosecution of the war on terror.

Kerry Never Had A Chance


I always believed that the Clintons, from the shadows, would doom Kerry's candidacy. Not that Kerry needed any extra help losing the election. He was a terrible candidate. No coherent message, a scary Senate record, a loony wife and he's an arrogant cad to boot.

All those ex-Clinton staffers like Carville, Begala, Greenberg and Lockhart. What do you think they were doing on the Kerry campaign? Actually trying to get Kerry elected? C'mon.

I'm no poltical strategist but even I know that this election was about terrorism. The Clintonista's were pushing the 'it's the economy, stupid' mantra from 92. These guys are smart. Are you trying to tell me that they seriously thought Kerry could win the presidency on economic issues when the Bush economy is the best in twenty years?

Two words for you. Sabotage baby.

There was just no way Bill and Hill were going to sit back and allow Kerry to win. And now since he didn't, Hillary's got a wide open field in 08. Actually she IS the field. That was the point all along.

And it keeps get even more strange because world class nutball Arianna Huffington seems to agree with me.

Thursday, November 11

Way Too Many Characters

Rented Shrek 2 the other night. The original is a classic, just brilliant piece of filmaking, so I was really looking forward to the sequel.

Sorry to say but there's not that much to say about S2. Amazing work on the technical side. The animation is better than the first--it's stunning to see. But the plotline just went nowhere. I'm still confused about all the characters. There was just so much going on that poor Shrek didn't even get much screen time.

I hope the folks at Dreamworks say 'no mas' when the time comes to pitch Shrek 3.

Veterans Day 04

I was busy running some errands this morning and I ended up at the post office. When I walked in, I noticed everything was closed. Nothing going on. Just two old men attempting to weigh a package at an automated weighing machine.

When I muttered something to myself like, 'where is everybody,' one of the elderly guys turned around, looked down his nose at me and told me quite tersely, 'it's Veterans Day.'

It was a real 'You're-Such-A-Whipper-Snapper' moment. I'm a putz.

And so it is Veterans Day. Thanks to all, past and present, for your service.

A (not very) Civil War, Part II

Both amusing and sad.

Ah, Senorita!

What's this? A teacher in Chicago paying her students for sex with booze, cash and pot? Maybe I could audit that class.

Wednesday, November 10

Happy Birthday To The United States Marine Corps

Today is number 229. Here's to many, many more.

'The Uncomfortably Muscular Texan'

Overall, I thought this op-ed from The Economist is a pretty fair analysis on Bush's first term and the position in which he now finds himself having just been re-elected.

And then I got to the seventh paragraph, this obligatory Leftist cheap shot:

'Mr Bush would do well to focus now on pragmatism over ideology. His aim must be not only his own place in history, but also America's: both will require more sensitivity and unity, and less shock and awe than in his first term.'

George W. spends just about as much time talking to Jacques Chirac as he does worrying about his legacy.

I'd Rather Be @ Home Playing Video Games

Have I snowed you into believing that I'm some big political player? I didn't think so. The truth is, I'd much rather be playing the new Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on my PlayStation 2 video game console.

Strangely, people around the globe seem to feel the same way. Even the Brits are rushing out to buy this game. An estimated 677,000 Limey bastards over a 48 hour period ponied up 35 quid for the latest installment of the extraordinary GTA series.

Opinions Are Like...Well, You Know

I warn you. Be skeptical. Be VERY skeptical of anything Jake Tapper writes. Ready? Set? Okay, go read.

Home Sweet Home: Jesusland

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

Yasser Arafat: Big Time Terrorist

I don't mourn for Arafat. I think he's a pathetic, tragic human being who has contributed to and caused an extreme amount of hardship and suffering on an extraordinary number of people.

The 'President' of the PLO is still with us, but apparently not for much longer. Like our President, I hope God will have mercy on Arafat's soul.

Interesting though that the Palestinians are no longer insisting that Arafat be buried in Jerusalem, as was widely reported last week. Now, in an effort to maintain peace with Israel, Arafat will be buried outside his compound in Ramallah.

Perhaps it us just wishful thinking on my part, but has the PLO been defanged at long last?

A (not very) Civil War

I've come to the conclusion recently that Democrats exist solely to entertain America with their crazy schemes and hair-brained ideas.

Have you heard the one about Blue States seceding from the United States? Good one.

Share The Love

The holidays are rapidly approaching, but relax frantic shoppers.

Operative word here: Overstocked.

And Now, A Word From 'Ms. Know-It-All'

One of the more amusing moments in recent television history happened on election night when Brit Hume of Fox News introduced Susan Estrich as 'Ms. Know-It-All.'

For Estrich, a garden variety feminist and chronically incorrect partisan hack, every day is halloween, but I could have sworn I saw horns pop out of her head for a brief moment. Classic.

To be fair, Susan, if you're reading this, I've always refered to you as 'the Wicked Witch of the West.' I want to be honest here.

Anyway, Estrich's new piece contains more obtuse ramblings about 'two Americas.' Oh, there's two Americas all right. There's the fantasy America the Dems have concocted in their feeble little brains and then there's the real one where Republicans are the majority and Democrats are totally irrelevant.

Give Her Zell

Zell's being extremely charitable in his characterization of Dowd.

Gonzales For AG

This choice makes a lot of personal sense for the President. He and Al go way back. I'm sure he'll be solid, but I was kinda pulling for Guiliani.

Editor's Note: I think I'm the only Blogger (or one of the select few) that didn't toss in the offensive and condescending 'Gonzales is the highest ranking Latino in the Bush Administration,' line in reporting this information today.

Tuesday, November 9

A Great Man

Liberals have seized onto the incredibly false notion that former Attorney General Ashcroft has violated civil liberties. Ask your favorite Democrat to provide actual proof that any American's civil rights have been violated and your request will be met with stuttering, stammering and excuses galore.

I know a guy from New York, a pretty liberal guy, who is absolutely certain that his civil rights have been violated. He can't provide me with any evidence to prove his assertion, of course. But he sure does 'feel it's true,' that Ashcroft has 'trampled on civil liberties.'

Uh, okay. Opinions are fine, but if your opinion isn't based on facts it doesn't matter.

And the fact is that Ashcroft, under orders from the President, took unprecedented steps to protect the nation after 9/11/01. Imagine that. An Attorney General who actually did the job of leading the Justice Department rather than playing politics.

The Patriot Act, much maligned, allows the CIA and the FBI to cooperate with each other and share information. Under the previous administration that wasn't possible. The Patriot Act expanded powers of law enforcement to track down terrorists and keep them from killing us. Imagine that. An Attorney General that actually led the Justice Department.

Results matter and since America hasn't suffered another terrorist attack on our shores for three years, one can only conclude that the Bush Administration has done a stellar job with the war on terror. And we've had an Attorney General in John Ashcroft that led the Justice Department and refused to play politcs with national security.

Today it was announced that Ashcroft sent a five page handwritten note to the President, resigning his post. It said in part,

'The objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved.'

Thank you Mr. Attorney General. And God Bless You.

Ashcroft, Evans Resign

Two good men offer their resignations. Thanks for your service, gentlemen.

Start Drilling Already

It's way past time for W to use some of that political capital he's always talking about and convince the American people how vital it is that we become less reliant on Middle Eastern sources of oil. It would be irresponsible for him not to do so.

It would also be incredibly irresponsible for Democrats to oppose being less dependent on foreign sources of oil. Oh yeah, I forgot. Democrats don't matter anymore.

America can't wait a minute longer to take advantage of our own natural resources up in Alaska, even if it angers the radical environmentalists.

Hyper-sensitivity isn't important anymore. Protecting the United States is the priority, even though some of you can't seem to connect the dots between cause and effect in terms of global events. That election we just had last week? It's all about national security, baby.

Everything else pales in comparison.

Superior Losers

Close minded Liberals won't stop talking about how open minded they are.

Halting Justice

The first military tribunal has hit a snag. It's name is US District Judge James Robertson, who ruled on Monday that the proceedings against Salim Ahmed Hamdan were invalid under American and international law.

Isn't this wonderful? Robertson, in his decision, has just given Osama bin Laden's former driver and bodyguard, all the legal rights and benefits afforded to American citizens.

Still Savoring

I belatedly present to you this amazing piece by Peggy Noonan. Enjoy.

Dean For DNC Chair

Please Lord, please. Let Howard Dean become the new Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Please?

Sick People

The Loony Left are just incredibly sick people. I've been saying for years that liberalism is an illness. Here's actual proof.

People in Florida are seeking counseling because they are completely distraught over Bush's re-election victory.

About that suicide this past weekend @ Ground Zero...I understand that kid just broke up with his girlfriend so it had nothing to do with Bush. Well, not George W., anyway.

Monday, November 8


I've been comparing George W. Bush with President Reagan since 1999. Both men and their 'radical' policies, have been vilified across Europe. Reagan now commands respect abroad.

When President Bush leaves office in January 09, I believe he will be even more admired and respected than Reagan.

Politics Is Local, Part II

The always brilliant John Fund makes two good points. One, since politics is local then it's all about the states legislatures. And Democrats are gaining. Two, to sustain the Bush Revolution, the GOP has to do something about the dominance of the Dems on both coasts.

Still Baffled

Political positions don't qualify as 'values.'

Politics Is Local

Here in San Diego, the big news is the mayoral race between incumbent Dick Murphy, County Supervisor Ron Roberts and City Council member Donna Frye.

The dynamics between Murphy and Roberts, who were locked in a dead heat according to opinion polls, changed on September 30 when Frye, a surfer and environmentalist, suggested she would be a 'willing' write-in candidate.

How quaint! On election day, Frye got the most votes, with Murphy second, Roberts third. Roberts subsequently dropped out of the race and at last count, the outcome was unclear.

This story is getting national attention, but what the press has failed to point out (surprise, surprise) is that Frye is an illegal candidate. Why? Because the city charter states clearly that all candidates for Mayor must declare their candidacy prior to the election primaries. In other words, there is a deadline for announcing a mayoral candidacy and Frye, if she was really serious about her campaign, should have announced back in March.

Makes sense, right? But San Diego City Manager Lamont Ewell and the City Clerk Charles Abdelnour apparently aren't aware of the law. This raises other important questions but let's continue to focus here.

If I were Mr. Roberts, I would challenge this election in the courts, specifically the candidacy of Frye. The law is the law and we cannot continue to allow law breakers to callously ignore rules in their blind pursuit of power, much the same way that leaders cannot expect the citizenry to honor the law and law makers if leaders themselves are elected illegally.

Oh, the irony. Actually two. One, Mayor Murphy, who has run San Diego into the ground with an underfunded pension debacle, introduced Proposition F that would increase the power of the mayor and decrease the power of the city council. Murphy presumably thought that he would win. Two, Frye's candidacy was encouraged and sanctioned by Murphy himself to neutralize the threat posed by Roberts. Can you spell collusion?

Stay tuned.


An estimated 10,000 to 15,000 troops entered Fallujah this morning. Let's hope it's fast with minimal Coalition casualties.

Oh and by the way. It's about time.


I know, it's much too early to discuss candidates for the Presidency in 08. In fact, thinking about it both excites me and sickens me at the same time.

But it's just so much fun.

Another Clinton candidacy seems all but a foregone conclusion. So does John Edwards. But what about the Republicans? How deep is our bench?

Right off the top I think about Rudy Guiliani. He'd be a great President, especially in wartime. Rudy doesn't take any crap, but he's a big time Liberal on social issues, even favoring the immoral partial birth abortion.

Bill Frist doesn't cut it with me. Not to be cruel, but he's just funny looking. He's even funnier looking than John Kerry. True, on substance he's a man to be respected. A heart surgeon who travels to Africa on his own dime to provide medical care. That's a leader. Okay, I admire Frist.

A guy I really like is Rick Santorum. The Pennsylvania Senator is a staunch pro-life conservative. He's known for his passionate speech on the floor of the Senate oppossing partial birth. His 'self-LESS-ness not self-FISH-ness' line is classic. And apparently Santorum connects with the voters, I mean, look, the guy has won two Senate campaigns in a big Blue state.

People mention John McCain. No chance. I know, I know, he's a stellar campaigner and the press loves him, but he's sick. Wasn't it cancer? Of course, I could be wrong. I just don't see McCain as the heir to the Bush Legacy.

I could really get behind a Guiliani/Santorum ticket. Guiliani/Santorum. Say it with me. Guiliani/Santorum. That sounds awesome, doesn't it? Guiliani/Santorum. It also sounds like the name of a law office or a new brand of pasta.

Guiliani/Santorum. What a ticket. It could appeal to a broad array of the electorate. Rudy would garner the support of defense hawks and the social moderates and Rick would bring the social conservatives and pro-lifers to the table.


I also hear rumblings about Tom Ridge. How he wants to get out of Homeland Security and into the private sector to make some serious money to pay for two kids in college. Or a Presidential bid perhaps. What about Condi Rice? Love her.

Others mentioned: Governors Tim Pawlenty (MN), Mitt Romney (MA), George Pataki (NY), as well as Senators George Allen and Chuck Hagel of Virginia and Nebraska, respectively.

Any thoughts?

A New Obstructionist?

Wednesday morning, while still basking in the glow of his re-election victory, President Bush found himself with a brand new obstacle in the Senate. Arlen Specter, a a fellow Republican and one of the candidates that the White House just unabashedly supported for re-election, fired a pre-emptive warning to Bush not to nominate pro-life justices for senate confirmation.

Specter is a guy I would characterize as a 'Republican In Name Only' or 'RINO,' in next in line to become chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. In that capacity, he would have control over which judicial nominees would receive hearings on the floor of the US Senate.

Guess what? It's not gonna happen. And it's due to the Senator opening his big fat yap in conjunction with some really bad blood between the RINO's and hard core conservatives.

Some history for those of you just joining us. Back in 1987, President Reagan nominated a guy named Robert Bork to fill a vacancy in the Supreme Court. Specter blocked the nomination, with vehement opposition. His action resulted in extreme acrimony on both sides. The event resulted in the coining of the term 'Borking,' or defeating a nominee. Most Republicans have detested Specter since that time.

He did tried to redeem himself after borking Bork. During the confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas, Specter aggressively questioned Anita Hill, who famously accused Thomas of sexual harrassment, much to the dismay of feminists everywhere.

So back to the Judiciary Committee Chairmanship. How about John Cornyn of Texas? Kay Bailey Hutchinson? How about Rick Santorum?

How about Barney the dog?

Thursday, November 4

And So It Begins

Back in 2000, there was speculation that Hillary Clinton was considering running for the senate and her former press secretary, Lisa Caputo, was all over the broadcast and cable talk shows.

I can only conclude that the 2008 campaign has already begun in earnest because Lisa was on MSNBC last night. And then, of course, there's this puff piece in the NYT.

Why Kerry Lost The Presidency

Democrats are asking why Kerry lost the election on Tuesday. I think there are four reasons.

One. John Edwards. Picking a running mate is the first major decision of any nominee. It's important. Kerry, bungled his first major decision. When he could have chosen a national figure with foreign policy credentials, Kerry instead picked the junior senator from North Carolina to attract women voters.

A big perception is that Democrats are weak on foreign policy and national defense. It's a fair criticism and the Left has done almost nothing to dispute it.

Two. Kerry made one of the biggest political blunders in history when he mentioned that leaders of foreign govenments supported his campaign for president. Americans, while appreciating the opinions of others, are a notoriously independent group. We don't much like being told what to do, especially not by another country. This sense of electioneering, along with Kerry's 'global test' comment, was damaging.

Three. The mainstream media provided the softest campaign coverage of any candidate I have ever seen in twenty years of following national politics. Kerry, to my knowledge, was never asked a tough question about his extremely controversial military record, his activities after the Vietnam war or his hyper-liberal voting record in the United States Senate.

But while being active and enthusiastic cheerleaders for Kerry, President Bush was subjected to what many people believed was much tougher scrutiny, with questions raised about his record in the Air National Guard and wall to wall negative coverage of the war in Iraq. I think the voters had sympathy for Bush and the pounding his took from the press.

Four. Despite all the rancor and negative advertising by the DNC and numerous 527 groups, the average American likes Bush. He's a very likeable man because he's geniune. A lot of people disagree with him on policy but few dislike him personally. And, quite frankly, the guy has done a pretty good job, all things considered.

Factor all of these things in, mix them up like soup, the nonstop cheerleading for the Democrats by the press, Kerry's internationalist flavor and his bad judgment, I think, just proved to be too much for 60 million Americans.

Protect America: Defeat Democrats

The Democratic party is in shambles and that's a good thing for America and the world.

First Things First: Social Security

I applaud the idea of social security. I also applaud the notion that younger citizens should have the ability to manage their own individual retirement accounts.

A United Country

The next time someone tries to tell you how divided we are as a nation, show them this map.

Do The Math

Here's the final electoral map, compliments of RealClearPolitics.com.

What Was Wrong With Brit Hume?

Election night, we were all glued to Fox News Channel and Brit Hume, normally the definition of calm and cool, was flustered. He clearly was not himself. What the hell?

I think the Wicked Bitch of The West, Susan Estrich got Brit off his game.

Here's what happened: Hume threw the microphone to Estrich, a Kerry supporter and longtime Democratic operative. In his intro he described Estrich as 'Ms. Know It All.' Now I don't know much, but I do know that many women, specifically feminists, might take umbrage at such a characterization.

I laughed. Estrich was unhinged. She was seething. Her eyes were popping out of her head. It looks like she just had a facelift, BTW, which makes her somewhat less scary, but I digress.

At one point, she barked 'Since I'm MISS KNOW IT ALL, blah, blah, blah...'

Hume must have gotten an earful off camera. I felt sorry for the poor bastard. Really. Who wouldn't be emotionally scarred after an exchange with Susan Estrich?

Behind The Scenes

Bush ran a better campaign. Here's some interesting behind the scenes stuff from the new issue of Time.

A Second Rate Cable Network

So CNN has image files of President Bush named 'asshole.jpg' and 'moron.jpg'? How professional. I'd expect nothing less from a classless group of so called 'tolerant' assholes, I mean, Liberals.

If they spent less time playing on the computer, reported the facts instead of their opinions and put a better product on the air their ratings would improve significantly.

Wednesday, November 3

Left Wing Slugs

One of many great things about Bush's huge victory is that is finally and completely vanquishes those rabid Left wing wackos like Soros, Redford, Streisand, Sheen, Diaz and Moore.

Piss Off, Already Part II

Hey, all you crazy Anti-Bush people, if you're planning to move to Canada please read this VERY carefully.

RFL Senate 2004 Wrapup

Not only did the GOP pick up five new Senate seats on Tuesday:

Senator-elect Mel Martinez (FL)
Senator-elect Richard Burr (NC)
Senator-elect Jim DeMint (SC)
Senator-elect John Thune (SD)

But Louisiana did something historic last night. They elected their first Republican Senator in the state's history, David Vitter.

Everyone Loves A Winner!

World leaders got what they feared most: A BIG Bush victory.

What's Next?

More of the same, and that's not a bad thing.

More tax cuts. More aggressive anti-terrorism efforts. Much more aggressive action in Iraq. More aggressive measures against Iran and North Korea. More aggressive tactics with respect to judicial nominees and Supreme Court nominations. Thank God.

Of course, there's more to do about education, social security and our borders.

President Bush, with his mandate, truly has the opportunity to do historic things for America and for the world.

He's more than up to the task.

I'm extremely interested to see how the Democrats react to this mandate. Will they assume their minority position now that Bush is no longer considered to be 'illegitimate?' Or will they continue to obstruct our positive, pro-American agenda?

Back in 2000, Bush pledged to be 'a uniter, not a divider.' The Democrats haven't allowed him to unite. In the second term, I think the President will unite the country. I believe there will be many more people in the next four years who will come to admire and respect the President.

A Clear, Resounding Victory

Post election etiquette dictates there be no gloating. I'm just happy. Things turned out much the way I expected, although I was wrong about the electoral results. I said we'd get 330. We're on track to get 286 once the vote tallies in Iowa and New Mexico are final. I was also wrong about widespread fraud.

By all accounts and by any standard of objectivity, yesterday's elections results were a validation of Republican ideology across the board. More people voted for President Bush--60 million--than any other candidate for President EVER. Republicans picked up four, maybe five, Senate seats. The GOP could add an additional five seats in the House of Represenatives.

Americans voted according to morality. They voted on terrorism. They voted against gay marriage. They voted on Iraq. They just voted. It was an incredible turnout. It was a celebration of democracy in action. It was a glorious day. Smiles all around.

Congratulations Mr. President, and thanks again. You've earned this victory.

Tuesday, November 2

Exit Polling IV

It just occurred to me that today's exit polling controversy is the equivalent of the Big 3 networks calling Florida early for Gore in 2000.

Piss Off, Already!

A bunch of stupid liberals are promising to move when Bush is re-elected. I say good riddance, bastards.

Please. If you are too dense to understand the war on terror, move. If you don't understand simple economics and do not realize that tax cuts across the board are good for both country and individual alike, move. If you don't like Bush, and cannot appreciate how he has protected all of us since 9/11/01, then by all means MOVE!

Believe me when I tell you that you won't be missed and the country will be much better off without you.

RNC On Alert For Cheating Democrats

I was told last week that Republicans were prepared to go toe to toe with Dems over the legitimacy of each and every vote.

Keep your eyes peeled for any and all of the following mentioned at this link from RNC.org.

Exit Polling Part III

The early exit polls skew 59%-41% female, but this doesn't take into account the enormous male demographic that overwhelmingly supports President Bush.

Ohio and Wisconsin are tight so far and things are closer than the Bush campaign anticipated. From what I've been told the GOP is happy with what's happening in Iowa and the undecideds are going heavily for Bush as are Catholics.

More Zogby

Maybe it all comes down to PA and VA. Stay tuned.

Up To The Minute Results From Zogby

According to this, Kerry has the entire Northern Plains. I don't believe it.

Daschle's Desperation

South Dakota Senator and obstructionist-in-chief Tom Daschle is going to go down to defeat against Republican challenger John Thune. But on his way out the door, Daschle gets an assist from one of his cronies, a federal judge named Lawrence Piersol, who ruled that 'Republicans may not write down license plate numbers or follow Native Americans from polling places during today's election,' in an attempt to stem voter fraud.

This back door deal will seal the deal for Thune.

Bush Carries Guam

A harbinger of good things to come for the President on election day?

Let The Cheating Begin

When poll workers turned on the electronic voting machines in Philadelphia this morning they found that 2000 votes had already been cast for Kerry.

'Republican poll watchers claim:

One incident occurred at the SALVATION ARMY, 2601 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, PA: Ward 37, division 8.

Pollwatchers uncovered 4 machines with planted votes; one with over 200 and one with nearly 500...

A second location, 1901 W. Girard Ave., Berean Institute, Philadelphia, PA, had 300+ votes already on 2 machines at start of day.

ANOTHER INCIDENT: 292 votes on machine at start of day; WARD/DIVISION: 7/7: ADDRESS: 122 W. Erie Ave., Roberto Clemente School, Philadelphia, PA..

ANOTHER: 456 votes on machine at start of day; WARD/DIVISION: 12/3; ADDRESS: 5657 Chew Ave., storefront, Philadelphia, PA...'

Monday, November 1

Questionable Discharge

More strange omissions from the Kerry campaign. Of course, it is extremely unlikely we will ever know the truth about whether or not Kerry was honorably discharged from the Navy because of the Privacy Act of 1974 which makes it illegal for federal employees to knowingly disclose personal information or records.

A Busy Guy

Two editorials this morning underscore the President's frenetic pace the last three and a half years.

The first, from WSJ begs the question, 'How much leadership do the voters want?' in assessing the Bush record. The second, linked here, by John Podhoretz, asserts correctly that although the Bush Administration has accomplished a lot, the war on terror was always about more that Osama bin Laden.

Presidencies, Democrat or Republican, are usually about the status quo, rarely rocking the boat, mostly committed to keeping the ship of state steady. That cannot be said of our current President.

Tax cuts, prescription drug benefit for Seniors, education reform, the creation of a homeland security department, not to mention prosecuting and winning two wars.

Yep, Bush has been, and will continue to be, a very busy man doing vitally important work.

On The Ballot In 48 States

Bush and Kerry draw all the media coverage and Nader gets some attention, just not as much as in 2000. So who the heck is Michael Badnarik?

Come to find out, he's a 50 year old computer programmer from Texas who just happens to be on the ballot in 48 states. He could have a significant impact on the election if the race is as close as many are predicting.

As recently as September, Rasmussen had Badnarik getting three percent of the vote in Nevada and in August he was polling at five percent in New Mexico. So what's Badnarik doing now?

His campaign has purchased airtime in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin.

A Mother's View

An inside look as to how the two Presidential candidates view the military and their families.

United We Aren't, Yet

This is one of the best columns I've read in a long time. Ralph Peters, hardly a Bush partisan, gets it absolutely correct.

Having said that, it's going to be incredibly difficult for me not to gloat after what I think will be a BIG Bush win tomorrow.

Is Kerry Irrelevant?

Bob Novak writes a fascinating column this morning about the 'irrelevance' of Kerry.

Since last Monday, the Kerry campaign seized on what turned out to be a false NYT story outlining the 'loss' of 380 tons of explosives from Iraq.

A number of Democratic operatives who have been critical of Kerry in the past have told Novak that the officials at the Democratic National Committee 'have shrugged off Kerry's obsession with the explosives.' Rather, the DNC is focused on what is called the 'ground game,' or getting out the vote among the Democratic base and 'new voters' to defeat George W. Bush.

Reuters/Zogby Poll: Bush +1

John Zogby's the guy who called the 2000 race correctly.

Down To The Wire

Six states in 19 hours. Go W.

Lost In Translation: Take A Damn Poll

Apparently Osama's video contained some additional nuggets we missed on Friday.

He warns specific states not to vote for Bush. I guess I'm safe since I live in California.

Both Bush and Kerry responded to the bin Laden tape Friday afternoon. Bush spoke to reporters, emphasized his commitment to defeating terrorists and encouraged the American people.

What did Kerry do? Before making a statement, his campaign took a poll.

What a strong, decisive, courageous leader!

RFL Senate Spotlight 2004: Burr Vs. Bowles (NC)

The former Clintonista's just won't go away. In his second bid for the Senate, former Clinton chief of staff Erskine Bowles is challenging Congressman Richard Burr for the seat vacated by VP candidate John Edwards.

Polls are showing Rep. Burr with a 2.7% lead today, which is great news. If you live in North Carolina, keep pounding away today and tonight to ensure Bowles is a two time loser.
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