Thursday, December 23

Merry Christmas

Thanks to all of you that read RFL. I really appreciate the time you spend reading my thoughts here in this space.

It is my hope that you will like what you read. If you don't agree, fine. I look forward to hearing from you. Just as long as you think about the things I discuss here, that's all I care about.

Keep checking in regularly in 05, feel free to contribute and tell your friends about RightFromLeft.

Peace, Love, Democracy, Freedom, National Security and Low Taxes for all.

Merry Christmas.

Commitment Aversion

I think I've spotted a new trend. People taking new jobs and then a week later, turning around and announcing, ah, nevermind, I can't. Or I don't want to. Or my health is bad. Or I want to keep my options open.

Rick Majerus was named the new head basketball coach at USC two weeks ago. Then he resigned five days later because he was concerned about his health.

Are you kidding me? Have you seen the size of this guy? Majerus is a fat slob. He's had long struggles with his heart and his weight. His weight is the result of him eating like a pig, nothing else. It's a total choice thing on his part. No one is making him shovel huge quantities of food into his pie hole. But it seems big Rick didn't give a lot of thought to his health when he accepted the job offer.

Read the link below from CBS Sportsline. At the press conference announcing his hiring at Southern Cal, Majerus talks mostly about eating, food and restaurants. He's obsessed. Now there's a motivated coach. Let's hurry up and play the game fellas, so we can go eat!

Oh yeah. Poor bastard. He can't do his job because he's fat.

Then there's David Bejarano, US Marshall and former San Diego police chief. Bejarano took a job as investigations chief for the San Diego District Attorney's office last week. Then he changed his mind five days later, saying he wanted to 'keep his options open for the next year or two.'

Wait a minute. If keeping your options open was important to you why did you accept the job in the first place? Was the options thing less important last week than it is today?

Changing minds, I get. I understand that. I change my mind, same as you, same as everybody. But when I commit to someone that I will do something, I do it. If I commit to a new job, I examine all the pros, all the cons, before I make my decision.

The decisions of Majerus and Bejarano impacted a whole bunch of people. Both guys seem to be well respected, top quality people at the pinnacle of their chosen professions. Too bad they don't have any integrity.

Tuesday, December 21

Kofi The War Criminal

The next time you hear anyone calling George Bush a war criminal I want you to think about Kofi Annan allowing 800,000 people to be slaughtered in Rwanda.

If there is any justice left in the world, the corrupt, morally bankrupt Kofi should spend his remaining days rotting away in prison.


What exactly is the wisdom behind the notion of replacing Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld right now? Where is the logic in firing Rummy in the middle of a brutal guerilla war in Iraq on the eve of free elections?

I liked Bush's news conference yesterday for several reasons. First, I think it was about time he supported Rumsfeld. This idea that the President should heed the advice of his political enemies, and hire and fire his subordinates based on the opinions of people like John McCain, Martin Frost, Trent Lott and Nancy Pelosi, just boggles my mind.

Bush is the guy. He makes the decisions, he hires, he fires, he gets to choose.

I was also glad that the President acknowledged the difficulties on the ground in Iraq. Bush has long maintained that Iraq was going to be, in Rummy's words, 'a long, hard slog.' And so it is and will continue to be. Resolve is, and should be, the order of today and many days ahead.

Thursday, December 16

Mr. Fix It

Barney Frank was on 'Your World w/Neil Cavuto' last night. According to the Congressman, there's enough money in the federal coffers at this point, so Social Security is okay until 2043. He's advocating doing nothing to fix the problem. Just sit by, do nothing, wait until it's too late to do anything productive.

What is it with these people? Why is the status quo always acceptable to Democrats? It boggles the mind.

Public education sucks in America? Status quo, just keep throwing money at the problems. National security? Status quo, back to the Clinton law enforcement method. Medicare? Social Security? Status quo. Can't fudge with these programs. Can't possibly offend anyone.

About the only thing the Democrats won't allow to be status quo are American election laws. Count every vote. Intent of the voter. Dangling chads. Here in San Diego we have a recount of the mayoral race where the Democrats are demanding illegal votes for an illegal candidate be counted. Oh yeah. Fudge all you want. To hell with the status quo. Zero risk aversion there.

Bush is rarely happy with the status quo. No he embraces change. He's a risk taker. And the nation (and the world) is already the better for it.

Wednesday, December 15

Drill ANWR Now

Democrats bloviate about how the US should be less dependent on foreign sources of oil, but they oppose using our own domestic energy sources because of hypersensitivity to the environment.

Now that the GOP has 55 Senators and an even larger majority in the House, there's no excuse not to begin drilling up in Alaska tomorrow.

For the sake of national security, get it done. Now.

A Tale Of Two Campaigns

In October I contributed $50 bucks each to the Senate campaigns of John Thune of South Dakota and Bill Jones here in California.

Four days later the Thune campaign sent me a receipt and a thank you note, which I thought was very impressive, given the fact that election day was three weeks out--the time campaigns really shift into high gear.

Yesterday, I received a letter from Jones, a full six weeks after he lost to Barbara Boxer. Aside from the typical blather about 'we ran a good campaign,' 'Boxer's extreme voting record appeared to make her vulnerable,' and 'I am appreciative of the support you gave me,' there's a P.S. paragraph about 'his need to retire campaign debts.'

Jones is an extremely competent, wealthy guy. He would have made a great Senator. But he can well afford to pay off his own campaign debt--He doesn't need my support or your support. Asking for financial assistance after running an anemic, half assed, half hearted campaign? It makes him look like a cheap skate.

Which I kind of think he is anyway. The day after I sent him my donation I read somewhere about Jones' 'cautious nature.' The crux of the piece was that Jones, a former rancher, former CA Secretary of State was cautious in all aspects of his life, even to the point of being very reluctant to invest some of his own fortune in his quest to unseat Boxer.

I'm glad Jones is cautious with his money. I just wish that I'd been more cautious with mine.

Tuesday, December 14

Tilting To The Right

Why should this new Gallup poll surprise anyone? We just re-elected a President by a 52-48% margin. That statistic alone tells the story.

People like to associate with the winning side. If Kerry had won the election, Gallup would be telling us today that the country was tilting to the left.

Quite frankly, I don't know very many Democrats that are happy with the direction of their party. I know a lot of people who voted for Gore in 2000 that punched out a chad for Dubya this year.

You watch. As Bush continues along in the second term, I think you'll see even more Americans identifying themselves as Republicans.

Smooth Criminals

It appears likely that Marc Rich, the beneficiary of a last minute late night Presidential pardon via Bill Clinton, was a go-between between international politicians and Saddam Hussein.

Ah, yes. Clinton. What a great President. What a legacy.

I Got Your Late Fees Right Here

Nothing else going on around the globe could possibly be as important as this: No more late fees @ Blockbuster Video, beginning January 1.

I'll be drinking to that.

P.S. I wonder if they'd be willing to adjust my account retroactively?

Playing Politics

Rather than doing good, productive things for the country, some Democrats continue to behave like children.

News flash: Byron Dorgan and Harry Reid were not elected to the Senate to hold hearings on the Bush Administration's policies. Perhaps someone should remind them that their constituents back home in North Dakota and Nevada, respectively, voted overwhelmingly for the President's agenda.

Civic Duty

I've got to hand it to the Peterson jury. They did a good job.

But isn't this the way juries should conduct themselves?

They should know the facts of the case backward and forward. They should commit themselves to justice for the duration of the trial. They should use logic and common sense in coming to their final decision. Juries should consider the victims of the crime committed rather than rationalizing away the actions of a defendant.

I applaud the Peterson jury. If all juries took their civic duty this seriously, the country would be a very different place.

BS In Buenos Aires

Where are CO2 emissions the highest on planet earth? In China and India. And guess what? Both are exempt from the restrictions of the Kyoto Treaty.

The good news is that the radical environmentalists are losing. Even Michael Crichton has a new book, 'State Of Fear,' which trashes the global warming loons.

Monday, December 13


I don't like John McCain.

His chronic attempts to undermine the President, to upstage, to foil, to impede Bush's agenda irk me. I don't believe McCain is an honest guy. To be sure, he's not the 'straight talking maverick' we're told that he is. And both Democrats and the press adore him, which makes me extremely--well, that speaks volumes, doesn't it?

So I read today that McCain, who I've referred to as 'Jackass John' since 2000, says that he 'has no confidence' in Don Rumsfeld. Will someone please tell me why this is news? Why is this worthy of reporting? Why is this important?

This is such a non-story. McCain is criticizing Rummy knowing that it will get his name in the paper and on the evening news. He's trying to remain relevant by demonstrating party disloyalty.

Is he advocating Rumsfeld resign? No. Is he offering relevant suggestions to the Administration with regard to the war in Iraq? No. In fact, when McCain demands that we put more troops on the ground, he's going against what the commanders in the field want. The commanders on the ground don't want more troops in Iraq.

What exactly qualifies McCain to be offering commentary on military strategy anyway? What does he know about battle, really? He was in the Navy and he was a POW. He missed an entire war because he was in jail. He has no idea what he's talking about. McCain's a media creation, a vain, glib, egomaniac performing like a circus animal, craning his neck, looking for the nearest camera.

A real jackass.

Costly Search

Wow. Remember back when nobody thought the internet would be a profit center? Now search terms (words) are worth 80% more than they were just a couple of years ago.

Stuff happens and it happens quickly.

Surprise For The Sociopath

Thankfully I've been wrong throughout this entire case. Scott Peterson is a contemptible person, a real sociopath and he really deserves to die for his crimes, more than anyone in my recent memory.


What a shame about Kerik. When I found out about this on Saturday, it just made me sick. Great guy, the perfect person to lead Homeland Security. He just screwed up.

Time to move on.

Friday, December 10

Phony Questions, Bad Reporting

I'm much less concerned about a soldier asking the Defense Secretary a question at the behest of a reporter than I am about the lack of reporting (or the misreporting) about the number of armored Humvees that have been shipped to Iraq in the last year.

Clearly the implication in the daily newspapers and on the nightly television broadcasts is that the DOD, led by Rumsfeld and the entire effort to liberate Iraq, led by Bush, is one fantastic screw-up after another. Remember, if it bleeds, it leads.

For those of you who don't know, it's 1,500-2,000 armored Humvees, for a total of 15,000 that are currently in Iraq.

That is not to say that the planted question isn't a big deal. A reporter planting a question with a member of the United States military is a very big deal, indeed and just another example of the aggressive anti-war, anti-democratic, anti-Bush agenda being pushed everyday with vigor and zeal by the mainstream press, both home and abroad.

Thursday, December 9

Fraudulent Science

If someone tells you that they believe in global warming, just laugh at them. Then, once you stop laughing, if they haven't walked away, encourage them to to read Andrei Illarionov's brilliant piece in The Australian.

Illarionov, chief economic adviser to the president of the Russian Federation, correctly points out that global temperature fluctuation is nothing new. It's been happening regularly throughout the earth's history. The planet is actually cooler now than it was in Roman times.

For all you science buffs, MIT's Richard Lindzen, the world's foremost atmospheric physicist, is on record as saying that if there were such a thing as global warming, the world would have fewer severe weather patterns. Remember all those hurricanes that hit Florida earlier this year? The most ever?

The notion of global warming is patently ridiculous. Leonardo DiCaprio believing in it doesn't make it true. Even the Russians pronounced the Kyoto Treaty as junk science last year.

I am NOT saying that protecting the environment is a trivial matter. Quite the contrary. Wreaking havoc on the earth is wrong and unacceptable. We all need to be responsible, corporations and individuals, alike. I hate the fact that the oceans are polluted. I support real solutions to keeping our air and water clean. But, like everything else in life, it all comes down to money. And politics.

So far, Australia, the United States and 176 other nations are refusing to opt-in to Kyoto primarily because restrictions on emissions would translate into severe restrictions on the economies of participating nations. If you cripple a economy, you kill a country. And to date, pro-Kyoto countries, like Canada and Japan, have had far less productive economic growth rates that their non-Kyoto counterparts, 1.9% to 3.3%.

Numbers don't lie. And I'm not lying when I say that I think the Kyoto Protocol is nothing more than a scheme to damage the American economy and knock us off of our 'SuperPower perch.'

Beyond the math and the money, there simply is no proof that the planet is getting warmer. Instead, all we have are zealots who predict dire futures for our children, based on flimsy data. Funny, but that sounds a lot like the so-called 'experts' who give credence to the inaccurate procedure of cardon dating as the foundation for the 'theory' of evolution.

Rudy In 08

I predicted Rudy Giuliani was going to be the front runner for the GOP nomination for President in 2008, because he's a strong, tough, battle-tested leader in the GWB mold.

The Mayor already has a rabid conservative fan base, more than ready to overlook his moderate views on social issues. Plus, there's widespread consensus among both parties that Rudy would handily defeat Hillary.

It thrills me to no end that Hugh Hewitt shares my opinion.

A Lost Cause

Isn't this exactly what I've been saying about the UN? I see the fine folks @ the NY Sun have been reading my rants.

Nice going.

What I Want For Christmas

Since I already have my two front teeth, what I really, really, REALLY want for Christmas this year is for Howard Dean to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

That would just be too perfect. The lying, psychotic Dean out in front, the public face of the Democrats, a party comprised almost entirely of lying psychotics.

What could be better than that?

Where's The Camera At?

I'm not surprised that Reverend Al got paid some big bucks to campaign for Kerry. But it might surprise you when I say that I think Sharpton is perhaps the smartest man in America. Seriously. Who else do we know that gets paid for doing absolutely nothing?

Wednesday, December 8

Killer Politics

Viktor Yushchenko, the opposition candidate for President of the Ukraine, has been claiming he was poisoned. Supporters of the other candidate, Viktor Yanukovych even mocked Yushchenko's condition, joking that he'd eaten some bad sushi.

Take a look at these pictures. That must have been SOME sushi.

December 8, 1976

Twenty eight years ago today I had spinal fusion surgery that saved my life.

I've never shared my medical condition with you, in this space. I have a rare congenital fragile bone disease called Osteo-genesis imperfecta. In 1976, I was ten years old and was becoming paralyzed in my extremities because my spinal cord was being pinched by my spine.

Enter Dick Gross, my brilliant doctor in Oklahoma City. He had the courage to operate on me, when all the others refused. This fusion surgery was a new procedure back then and it was extremely risky. But without the surgery, I would have lost all control of my bladder and would have been completely paralyzed.

The first operation took 16 hours, multiple teams of surgeons and the entire Oklahoma City supply of O+ blood. I nearly died a couple of times on the operating table. About a month later, Gross did a follow up surgery, to measure my progress. That surgery only took eight hours. Piece of cake.

Post-op care was tough. I didn't sit up for six months. I had some infections on my back that were very serious. I had to wear what was then called a 'Milwaukee Brace,' a dreadful metal contraption that encompassed my entire torso, from neck to waist.

Dr. Gross, if you're reading this from the University of South Carolina, thank you. You're a great man. Thanks Mom and Dad for non stop love, then and now. And thank you, Jesus, for my health and these amazing twenty eight years.

Tuesday, December 7

Two Occurrences

It's about time that someone applied some common sense to the World Trade Center morass.

Of course, Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Center, has a right to claim 'two occurrences.' Why shouldn't he?

Two planes, hitting the two twin towers, at different times, are two separate insurance claims, not one. So Silverstein will get a double payout, $7 billion, as he should.

Isn't it unfortunate that the federal jury that decided this 'two occurrences' case can't oversee the re-building of the WTC? That new design is just horrific.

Here's what gets me. Why have we allowed terrorists to alter the appearance of the Manhattan skyline? That's essentially what we're saying by not rebuilding the original WTC.

And what idiot had the brilliant idea of listening to a group of distraught, grief stricken 9/11 families, who aren't likely to be objective about anything related to their lost loved ones. We shouldn't expect them to be.

I'm objective. I don't have any axe to grind, no agenda. I can think about 9/11 clearly. I say we put the Twin Towers back in all their glory. Just as they were.

The same design is what New York needs. It would send the right message. The exact same number of floors. The same exact positioning. Everything exactly the same. As it should be. Almost as if 9/11 never happened.

One more thing: this absurd notion about the WTC site being 'hallowed ground.' Sorry, it's not. It's the place where a bunch of people died. But it's just dirt and it should be returned to pristine September 10th, 2001 condition to honor and memorialize those who died that morning.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Monday, December 6

'I'm Surprised Terrorists Haven't Attacked Our Food Supply'

Thanks for that Tommy. What an outrageous statement. What a team player. I've lost all respect for you. Please leave your post at HHS. Hurry. Do not pass go, do not collect your gold watch and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

NAACP Punishes Bi-Partisanship

Kweisi Mfume retired from the NAACP recently. Or did he?

Actually, according to Armstrong Williams, Mfume was forced out by his mentor, the racist Julian Bond.

Mfume, to his credit, reached out to George W. immediately after the President won re-election last month, against the wishes of Bond. Mfume even nominated Condoleeza Rice for an NAACP Image Award in 2003 in an effort to reach out to the Bush Administration, angering Bond.

The NAACP, a once proud and vital civil rights organization, no longer has a place in our society because it only serves as an incubator for anger, extremism, hate and racism.

Friday, December 3

Mercy Killing

Finally, some smart executive @ NBC jammed the fork into McEnroe.


Russian President Vladimir Putin's use of the word 'dictatorial' to describe the foreign policy of the United States is quite ironic given his heavy-handed meddling in the recent sham Ukrainian Presidential election.

We could also describe Putin's summoning outgoing President Leonid Kuchma this week to Moscow for a strategy session on how to obstruct/postpone new elections as 'dictatorial.'

Whenever I think of Putin, I am reminded of Bush's comments about his 'friend Vladimir' after the two leaders first met in 2001. Bush 'looked into [Putin's] soul,' and deemed him a good guy. I'm not so sure Putin's a friend of the United States.
But I think it's good for the Russian leader, and former KGB agent, to periodically remind us of his true nature.

Thursday, December 2

95 Pages Of Crap

When the UN talks about 'sweeping changes,' what they're really talking about is keeping the consolidation of power exactly where it is. These so called 'changes' are actually not changes at all.

The Security Council is the hub of power, consisting of five permanent countries with veto power on all US resolutions. The five are the United States, China, Russia, France and Great Britain. They propose adding six or eight new permanent or semi-permanent members.

Wow. What an idea. That will only make the UN, already the world's biggest debating society, even more feckless than it already is. As it stands now the five members of the Security Council can't agree on anything. Imagine adding Germany, Japan, Brazil or Egypt. Imagine having to entertain three new bloviating ambassadors.

If it took twelve years of UN resolutions for Saddam Hussein to be removed from power, if complete UN inaction in the Sudanese and Rwandan genocides was standard operating procedure for a Security Council with five vetos, just think of the disasters that would be allowed to germinate under an eight member Security Council.

You should know that I'm on record as advocating the removal of Kofi Annan as UN Secretary General. But what I've neglected to emphasize is that Annan is one of the smaller problems facing the United Nations. As corrupt as Annan is, the entire idea of the United Nations was corrupted long ago. The United Nations, in current form, needs to be reorganized within a specific period of time. Real changes must be adopted.

Here's a change for you: Replace France on the Security Council with Japan. France, with its complicity in the UN sponsored Oil For Food debacle and the obstructionist tact it has taken to all things American and Democratic since 02, doesn't deserve a seat at the table any longer.

If sweeping changes aren't adopted, it makes sense for the United States to take a 'hiatus' from the UN. That hiatus would mean that the US would suspend it's UN membership dues. (This should have been on principle a long time ago, since the UN owes America billions of dollars of unpaid debt) It would also mean that the UN's headquarters, extremely valuable real estate on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, should be sold to the highest bidder and the UN evicted as the tenant.

I'd like to suggest the formation of a new organization, a human rights organization, comprised of member nations truly committed to advancing freedom and democracy across the globe. Member nations would be a select group and would be limited to countries that have free market economies and duly elected leaders. That means no China. That means very few Arab countries. And Israel would have veto power, along with Great Britain, Japan and the United States.

How Do You Libel A Liar?

George Galloway, a British Member of Parliament (MP) has won a libel suit against a London newspaper that alleged he (Galloway) had received money from Saddam Hussein.

That's particularly amusing, because Galloway, a well known crony of the former Iraqi dictator, has been believed to be on the take for years. It's long ago been proven that significant amounts of money flowed between Saddam and Georgie.

How crazy is Galloway? He's such a wacko Lefty he was expelled from the Leftist Party in the UK, Labour. The Labour Party in Britain makes the Democrats in America look like Bible thumpers.

So again, I ask. How do you libel a liar?

Kerik New Homeland Chief

The best, most qualifed person in the world to lead Homeland Security, bar none. I'm a big Bernie Kerik fan. He is simply brilliant.

Life Really Does Imitate Old Van Halen Songs

When I was 14 all my teachers were, well, old ladies. Nice, but not young, HOT and blond.

All I can say about this is THAT 14 YEAR OLD KID IS ONE LUCKY SON OF A...Terrible. Just terrible.

(wink, wink. Way to go, Kid.)

Wednesday, December 1

Gag Gifts

The search is over. I've finally found the perfect Christmas gifts.

Giant Microbes, 5" X 7" stuffed animals that are named after germs.

I'm totally serious.

Check out this product line: The Common Cold, The Flu, Sore Throat, Stomach Ache, Cough, Ear Ache, Bad Breath, Kissing Disease, Athlete's Foot, Ulcer, Beer & Bread, Black Death, Ebola, Flesh Eating, even H.I.V. and Hepatitis.

I'm going to send the Black Death Giant Microbe to an ex-girlfriend.

Just kidding.

This sets a new benchmark for tastelessness. Imagine giving one of these to someone-anyone-you know.

Give Peterson The Needle

I just ran across a headline on that reads 'A life worth saving' over a photo of Lee Peterson, father of convicted killer, serial philanderer and complete a-hole Scott Peterson.

A life worth saving? Scott's life is worth saving, huh?

Mr. Peterson, will all due respect. I know you love your son. But ignoring the fact that he held such disregard for the life of his 8-month-pregnant wife that he carved her up with a steak knife and threw her into the Berkeley Marina proves that you are in such a state of denial that you are incapable of making judgement calls. Besides, it's not your choice. And your opinion doesn't matter to anyone.

Scott is a detestable human being. Justice will be served in this case, regardless of the verdict. He'll either perish by lethal injection or he'll die a much more painful death at the hands of prisoners who don't much like baby killers.

Pelley Or Roberts?

This is the best CBS can do to replace Dan Rather? Scott Pelley or John Roberts? Mmm. Lemme see. What's more fun? Watching paint dry or sweeping my pool? Damn, I just can't decide.

If I'm Les Moonves, Andy Heyward or Jeff Fager I want a personality. I want an anchor people WANT to see. I do not want someone named 'Pelley' or a Canadian 'veejay' anchoring my third place broadcast.

What's wrong with Bernie Goldberg? Well, besides the fact that Fager hates him for writing that book about CBS News, 'Bias,' nothing. But I'd watch 'CBS Evening News With Bernard Goldberg.'

How about Bill O'Reilly? His ego certainly would fit very nicely into that position.

People have mentioned Matt Lauer. That would be a smart move, particularly in the female demographic, 'cause the chicks dig Matt.

Tim Russert is the be-all, end-all candidate for CBS brass, but NBC's got him locked up until 2041.

Wait. Why not give it to Jon Stewart? He's accustomed to doing fake news at Comedy Central and CBS, as we learned during the 04 presidential campaign, is all about bogus stories.

Waking Up With Laura, Part III

There's this awesome audio clip they play at the beginning of every hour of the Laura Ingraham show where Al Sharpton, completely unaware that he's being recorded, says 'where's the camera at?'

Waking Up With Laura, Part II

...and speaking of Chris Matthews, I call him 'Girly Chris,' he was a guest this morning on the always fascinating Laura Ingraham radio show.

So I'm drinking my coffee listening to Matthews trying to explain that he's NOT a Liberal and that's he's impartial to all the guests on his show. Wow, well, that really woke me up. Chris Matthews is fair and balanced? What a jolt. I mean, who needs caffeine?

Anyway, then Laura immediately busts out audio of a recent Matthews interview with Swift Boat Author John O'Neill, where Matthews is having a complete seizure on the air, yelling over O'Neill, not letting him get a word in.

Then the subject of abortion came up and Chris actually made the assertion that a free society can't place restrictions on the killing of babies. Matthews admitted that abortion is the act of killing a human being, which is considerable progress. At least he's honest about that. But with his tortured Liberal logic, he abhores the idea of halting the killings.

How Democratic! Opposing something but not being strong enough to stand up and correct the inequity. No wonder Democrats are so irrelevant.

Matthews usually says the most illogical things. He has complete meltdowns on his show when he disagrees with a guest. He reminds me of an emotional woman, not to be sexist, 'cause I adore women. He gets hysterical. And I laugh hysterically. I can't take him very seriously.

Oh, he also said that anyone who watches one source of news, rather than absorbing multiple sources of information is 'an imbecile.' I disagree with that too. How can someone who is completely uninformed about current events possibly be expected to form an intelligent opinion of what's going on around the world when they watch CNN? Or the BBC? Or 'Hardball'?

My mind harkened back to a conversation I overheard on a street corner in Los Angeles a week before the election. Three people, two men and a woman, were talking about how much they hated Bush. I was waiting for my car and they stood there parroting bilge they'd heard on 'Hardball.' 'Well I heard on Chris Matthews last night that the undecided voter usually breaks for the challenger...'

That's not true, either. Ditto with Matthews' assertions that the 9/11 Report concluded that Iraq had no connection to al Qaeda.

But dispensing stupidity sure does pay well. 'Girly Chris' just bought a $4.35m home on Nantucket.

You know, I've been feeling really emotional lately...

Rampant Stupidity

There is an article in today's LA Times that is just beyond incredible. I'm rarely surprised at the level of pure stupidity frequently on display in our dailies but this is up at the top of the heap.


Holy crap! Really? No way. The DOD would actually lie to American's enemies in war time? I can't believe it.

Uh, yeah. To protect our troops, to safeguard the integrity of military operations, our government lies.

Mark Mazzetti, fine writer that he is, has to be smarter than this, doesn't he?

I will tell you that anyone who seriously seeks to advance the argument that the credibility of the United States is somehow tarnished because we don't specify the time, place and nature of military incursions must be mentally deranged.

This sounds like something Chris Matthews would say on 'Hardball.'

Chances are, this is more the editorial position of the Times than it is a direct opinion of Mazzetti. Whatever, whomever hatched this piece is less a journalist than I am. That is to say I'm no journalist, even though I have a J school degree.
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