Monday, January 31

10 Million Purple Fingers

So much for all the skeptics. Iraq had free and fair elections yesterday, there was record turnout (above 70%) and Iraqi's nationwide were dancing in the streets.

It turns out that President Bush was right, the pesimistic Democrats were, as usual, wrong and the new symbol of freedom and democracy in the middle east is now the ubiquitous Purple Finger.

Friday, January 14

Driving Down Memory Lane

Christmas 1983. My parents surprised me with a car. Back then, we were living in a small town in Louisiana, and apparently, I was the only person within a 50 mile radius that didn't have advance knowledge of what Santa was going to bring me that year.

In fact, my Dad was teasing me that he was going to buy me the thing I least wanted-a computer. The thought of becoming a geek was just too much to even contemplate.

Anyway, Christmas morning. I tear open all the presents and instead of a PC there was little key with the word 'Honda' on it. That was, and remains to this day, the greatest day of my life.

Fast forward to the soon-to-be-now. Monday morning, January 17, 2005. I am embarking on a roadtrip to help deliver a car to a special certain someone. I'll be traveling from California back to that same small town in Louisiana, so don't expect to hear from me as often as usual over the next couple of weeks, although I will try to post as much and as often as I can.

Thursday, January 13


Monday Morning Quarterbacking. Democrats are criticism experts. It's the only thing they do well.

Yesterday the White House admitted that, as of now, there is no evidence of WMD in Iraq and suspended the search due to an uptick in violence ahead of Jan. 30 elections.

I feel like a broken record saying this. Everyone from Clinton, Gore, Kennedy, Kerry, Edwards thought the Hussein had WMD. Foreign leaders thought the same thing. Even that dumbass Hans Blix thought there were WMD in Iraq.

The fact that no weapons have been found to date has been met with absolute glee by most people on the Left. They hate Bush and this gives them another reason to beat him over the head. If Clinton were President and he had invaded Iraq, the Liberals would lionize him for his great humanitarian achievement of toppling Saddam and liberating the Iraqis.

Here's another broken record. The WMD are in Syria. Think about it. Saddam had six months to move his stockpiles out of his country. This was the period of time when the Bush Administration stupidly took the advice of Colin Powell and wasted precious time trying to suck up to the United Nations.

How convenient, how easy it is to MMQ big decisions. Notice that's all we ever get from the Democrats. No leadership. No vision. No problem solving. Just sour grapes, negativity, pessimism.

It doesn't take an ounce of courage or intelligence to critique decisions made on behalf of liberty or freedom. On the other hand it takes big amounts of courage and intelligence to take risks and to...oh never mind. I 'm playing another broken record.


The Democrats succeeded in stealing the recent gubernatorial election in Washington State.

Dino Rossi, the Republican candidate, won the initial count by 261 votes. But then 'hundreds of belatedly discovered ballots' gave the edge to the Democrat, Christine Gregoire.

Hundreds of belatedly discovered ballots? The Democrats want us to believe that a box of ballots were just magically discovered in a Seattle warehouse. Sure. Why not believe it? It's not like the Democrats have a well documented history of cheating or anything.

Yeah, yeah. I know this is old news. But I haven't written about it because I wanted to wait until someone was inaugurated as Governor. Yesterday Gregoire was sworn in, a completely illegitimate Governor.

So only now, only NOW, Rossi and the state GOP are preparing to mount some sort of legal challenge. What have you guys been doing since December, between all the recounts and the monkey business?

Is it because Rossi and the Republicans are nice guys, hoping that honesty and decency will win out in the end? Because if that's the case, that's a losing proposition when you're dealing with people who are willing to do ANYTHING to win.

Wednesday, January 12

Hillary's Corruption

What's this? Hillary Clinton's campaign finance director indicted on corruption charges? No way. Everyone knows both Bill and Hill and everyone connected to them are clean, honest and law abidingly pure.

As Dick Morris points out in the link below, the NYT didn't think this story was worthy of a front page story.

Love that mainstream press! They're really doing their job.

Tuesday, January 11

Just Fire Everybody And Start Over

I don't care about the fact that CBS fired four news executives yesterday in the wake of the false documents scandal. Is firing four elite liberals somehow supposed to magically cleanse the CBS Evening News of all of it's left wing bias? No, it's not.

Why? Because the people in command won't even admit that they are biased in the first place. If they can't come clean about the most obvious of realities how on earth could they possibly change their own tarnished system? As Bernie Goldberg says, it's not as if there's a memo circulating around the halls of ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC that will provide indisputable, unimpeachable evidence of a liberal bias in the press.

All the networks have a well establised history of left leaning bias that is evident and on display night after night. They (most anchors, reporters, producers) look at the news and world events with, as Hugh Downs said last night on Scarborough Country 'a liberated mind, an open mind.'

These 'liberated, open minded' people have and will continue to focus their efforts on the nightly news broadcasts on characterizing conservatives as they polar opposities of themselves. They will continue to advance and champion the liberal agenda all the while claiming to be objective as they adorn the fabric of the First Amendment around their arrogant, condescending tongues.

Viva the web. Viva blogs. Viva talk radio.

Cause De Jour

Sorry to be a dick but you know what? I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of hearing about the tsunami, I'm sick of hearing about how Americans need to be careful so as not to offend Muslims in the affected areas and I'm damn sick of, and ultra skeptical about, the multitude of charities attempting to raise money.

We all recall the deluge of fraud that occurred after 9/11, aren't we? How the Red Cross kept the money in it's own bank accounts for as long as possible? How very little of the cash earmarked for the families actually went to the families in a timely manner? The zero accountability regarding the destination of the millions of dollars raised by celebs like George Clooney and Julia Roberts?

Does anyone really doubt that a big portion of this money is going to end up in the bank accounts of mullahs, war lords and the United Nations? Again, this sounds pretty insensitive, but his tsunami thing, tragic as it is, is just the latest cause de jour. No matter how well intentioned these charities may be, it is sure to be fraudulent and corrupt someplace along the way, and I'm not contributing.

Monday, January 10

Thank God For Football

It's a sorry state of affairs in this country when our President has to justify his methodology for winning a war and protecting America. Equally pathetic is the fact that the Democrats want our enemies to have the same rights under the US Constitution as we, the American citizenry, have.

Thankfully football is here to divert our attention.

This past weekend I went to the AFC Wild Card game in San Diego against the NY Jets and the Chargers. I'm not a big Charger fan, primarily because I don't particularly care for the owner, Alex Spanos. But, hell, playoff football is playoff football and the fact that the hometown team was in the post season for the first time in a decade, well...sign me up.


Led by a troika of stud pro bowl players, Drew Brees, Antonio Gates and LaDainian Tomlinson, they took the Jets to overtime only to lose by missing a field goal in overtime. @!#$%&*!

But that was only one amazing game out of three other amazing games. The Rams held on to beat the Seahawks. The Colts pounded the Broncos and the Vikings, led by AfroMan Randy Moss, upset the Packers.

Who needs politics?

Wednesday, January 5

Picking Up Right Where We Left Off...

This is really funny. Oh, Happy New Year, by the way.

Democrats continue to make desperate attempts to make the case that Bush and his administration have done something-ANYTHING-wrong. Hell, it doesn't seem to matter what the accusation is, in this case his AG-nominee is a war criminal, just as long as they can make scurrilous allegations they'll feel as if they are engaged in the nation's business.

Democrats are actually trying to argue that Alberto Gonzales is a war criminal because he dared to conclude that terrorists are not soldiers and as such do not qualify to receive the benefits accorded under the Geneva Conventions. So again, Democrats are willingly putting themselves on the side of the terrorists, the very people who attacked us on 9/11/01 and who are continually attempting to attack us today.

It's fun watching the dim-witted Dems run around in circles trying to make Bush look bad and all they ever accomplish is making themselves look more and more foolish. As much as I'd like the Democrats to grow up, move on and accept reality, it's just too much fun watching them self destruct. I hope they keep making asses out of themselves. It's just so rich.

Of course, the big irrational fear of the Left is that if a Conservative Latino like Gonzales becomes Attorney General, the Hispanic voting bloc will forever cease being a Democratic core constituency.

Henry Cisneros, a member of Clinton's cabinet and former mayor of San Antonio, penned a ringing endorsement of Gonzales this morning in the WSJ. He spoke of the pride Hispanics nationwide feel about the possibility that a Hispanic could become the top advisor to the President of the United States.

Let the grilling begin...

Did you hear about Barbara Boxer? Yes the Senator from my home state of California is planning to challenge the vote certification of Bush's re-election, something that hasn't happened in 36 years. New Senate Minority leader Harry Reid of Nevada reportedly had a meltdown when the news of Boxer's plan leaked out, and for good reason. As the Liar-in-Chief for the Democrats, he should at least appear to be bi-partisan until February.

There are three House Democrats--Jesse Jackson (IL), John Conyers (MI), Stephanie Tubbs Jones (OH)--who might join with Boxer in offering objections to certifying the vote, which would then force the Senate and the House to return to their chambers to discuss the objections. Two hours--TWO HOURS--is given to each state.

Way to conduct the nation's business!

Would it be an exaggeration for me to to say that the Democrats are sore losers? Is it too much to say that they act like children, playing games, being crybabies and expressing disdain for the decision of 62 million Americans?

I didn't think so.
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