Monday, February 28

The Domino Effect

The Democrats sure look stupid today. Turn on your television and see what's happening in Lebanon right now.

Bush's domino effect is working all across the Middle East. Last week's successful Euro trip? Already paying dividends.

Hooray For Clintwood

People are outraged this morning about Chris Rock's monologue and how he jokingly compared the war in Iraq with an intra-mall battle between Banana Republic and the Gap.

I suppose that if I had a loved one in the military that analogy would be highly offensive to me. But since I don't, it didn't bug me. It just made me realize how shallow Hollywood is, that the audience at the Kodak Theatre last night for the 77th Academy Awards don't understand what Bush is doing in the Middle East. It's pathetic, really.

But while the film business is famous for being uber-liberal take a look at who won the big Oscars last night. Clint Eastwood, former Republican mayor of Carmel, California, took best directing honors for 'Million Dollar Baby.' Best Picture? 'Million Dollar Baby.' Best actress? Hillary Swank for 'Million Dollar Baby.' Best Supporting Actor? Morgan Freeman for, damn! 'Million Dollar Baby.'

My sunday morning routine consists of walking my dog, drinking coffee and reading the NYT.

On the back cover of yesterday's NYT Magazine was an ad for The headline of the ad is a quote from the President and co-founder of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk:

"Even if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS, we'd be against it."

This is the mindset of the radical animal rights crusaders. Animals are more important than human beings. Scary.

But wait, there's more. Dropping down to the body copy of the ad it reads, "PETA's violent opposition to medical research is well known. Not as well recognized: PETA has funneled over $100,000 to criminals convicted of destroying medical research and firebombing scientific laboratories in the name of 'animal liberation.'

Thursday, February 24

'Yes Means Yes'

Bush and Putin held their summit today in Slavakia and I was struck by something during the Q & A session. John King from CNN, asked the obligatory 'you looked into Putin's soul' question.

The President's answer was typical-Bush, and I'm paraphrasing here. 'Vladimir tells me what he thinks. If he agrees with me, he tells me he agrees and if he disagrees, like most notably, Iraq, then he tells me that too. His yes means yes and his no means no.'

He went on to say that this is a rare thing in politics, how that yes means 'maybe' and no means 'if.' How true! Bush is brutally honest and I love it.

Wednesday, February 23

Chinese Arms Embargo

One really scary thing to come out of the NATO session this week is the desire of many European nations to lift the arms embargo on China. That would be a horrendous decision, especially for Japan, Taiwan and the United States.

France and her ridiculous President Chirac, said yesterday that there is no reason for there to be an arms embargo on the Chinese any longer and that lifting the embargo would not 'modify the equilibrium of power in Asian.'

Oh really? Jacques, you're even dumber than I thought you were. First, you hate the US and deplore the fact that America leads the world. In your own backward way you've tried to position France as a world power when, in fact, that has never been and will never be the case. We get it. You don't want the United States to be the world leader.

Second, you now wish to arm a communist country--China--so that it will be free to overrun it's neighbors and exert power over the rest of the planet? You want China to be the nation that leads the world, is that it?


Bush has done a great this week in Europe and he's done it in his usual gracious way.

I laugh whenever I hear the press reports talking about this trip is to 'mend fences.' What a bunch of crap. The truth is, now that the hard work in Iraq is finished, after free elections have been held, the United States needs the help of Europe in the reconstruction. We're not mending fences, we're appealing to our supposed allies, hey, if you believe in democracy and freedom then help us build a new middle east.

And by the way, Bush was right to do what he did in Iraq and he's been vindicated, while the Europeans, the Liberals around the world and anti democratic anti-war zealots have all been proven wrong.

Europe always has to be dragged kicking and screaming into doing the right thing. It was true in the 80's when Reagan was President and it's the same thing today. Liberals aren't progressive, contrary to what Al Franken says.

Liberal Democrats, as I have told you innumerable times before, are the masters of the status quo. They can't make decisions because then someone might think, or excuse me, someone might FEEL that they are discriminating.

Liberals have decision aversion because they just don't have the slightest idea what to do or how to solve problems. Liberals are dreamers, wishing the world would magically become a better place, hoping that bad things and bad people will simply just go away.

Republicans are the true progressives. Need evidence? Just check out Bush's second term domestic agenda.

Monday, February 21

Show Me The Tape Recorder, Dammit

I'm not sure what to make of this guy Doug Wead, a former advisor to Bush 41 who secretly taped then Texas Governor Bush.

I read in the NYT yesterday about this Wead. Apparently he's written a book and wanted to record Bush's thoughts because he believed Bush would be ' a huge historical figure.' How exactly did he know that?

What I've heard of the clips this morning from various radio shows tells me something that I already knew. Bush is a man of principle and he hasn't changed one iota. His views on everything have remained the same. Totally consistent. He meant what he said back then and he still means it now. And he comes off as a compassionate conservative, talking about not discriminating against people, wanting to set a good example for kids, etc.

How pissed off do you think Dubya was when he found out about this?

Wednesday, February 16

Flawed Leadership

Although you won't find it reported anywhere in the lazy, intellectually dishonest mainstream press, Howard Dean said the following the other night at a Washington DC hotel to the Black Caucus.

"Republicans couldn't get this many black people in a room, unless they included the hotel staff."

What a class act those Democrats are! Quite a cast of characters, too.

Take, for example, Senate Minority leader Harry Reid. Reid is such a liar, he can't even bring himself to admit to the fact that the Senate never gave an up or down vote on President Bush's judicial nominees in the last Congress, the first time in history that's happened, by the way.

Then there's Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority leader. She claimed earlier this week that Bush is 'discriminating against children' because of the Administration's cutting of the Even Start Program, an educational program that is an admitted failure.

That's the Democratic position on education. Do nothing. Hell, that's the Democratic position on everything else. Keep everything status quo so as not to offend even ONE constituent. Doing nothing is easier anyway and much less risky. Then just blame whatever happens to be wrong at the time on the Republicans. And all along the way talk about race, counting every vote and how _____________(fill in the blank) is harmful to the environment.

What brave, principled public servants the Democrats are. What inspiring, motivational leaders!

Monday, February 14

Being Careful About What I Wish For

So I got what I wanted. My belated Christmas present is Howard Dean becoming the new chief of the DNC.

Color me thrilled for several reasons.

Bedside manner. As a former doctor, Dean wears out his welcome really fast. This guy has no problem spouting off defamatory language, insulting everyone, just lying his ass off, 24/7. Nothing that comes out of Dean's mouth is true. As a Republican, what could be better than having Dean as the face of the Democrats?

Too many cooks in the kitchen. Dean might have been elected DNC chair on Saturday, but someone forgot to tell Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. The worst kept secret in DC is that Harry and Nan didn't want Dean to win because they want to be the face/faces of the Democrats. In a time when the Democrats are the minority party, the last thing they need is to elect a party chairman who will further alienate moderate swing voters. And Hillary and Bill aren't about to allow Dean to screw up Hillary's run in 08.

More than just changing slogans. They still don't get it. The leaders of their party, Kerry, Dean, Edwards, Clinton, are the masters of the sound byte. But they don't get the fact that their ideas, their candidates and their party is so out of step with mainstream America...that's the reason they keep losing elections. I laughed myself silly when I heard Kerry say the other night that he came 'within inches of winning the presidency.' Ha, Ha, Ha. What an idiot. He lost the presidency to Bush by six million votes.

Stupid positions. How dumb does Dean and the rest of the anti-freedom left look now that Iraq held incredibly successful elections three weeks ago? They look really dumb. No one is going to take seriously a political party that can't make a credible case for protecting America in the age of terrorism. And it's not just on national security and defense issues where the Democrats are confused. It's on the moral issues of our time as well.

Blinded by hatred. The Democrats didn't just kill themselves with suicidal positions on the issues. No, they have allowed a man they despise to so get under their skin, they can't even seem to think straight. Yes, President Bush has the Left so twisted and turned around in their animosity toward him that he's made them look and act like babies since 2000. Just listen to what Democrats claim to believe. They are anti-Bush everything and as a result the Democratic party is now the anti-American party, the anti-freedom party and anti-democracy party.

Believe me when I tell you that I'm rooting for the Republicans to continue to play their cards right. If they do, the Democrats will be frozen out of power for the next 20 years, which is the greatest possible thing that could happen to the United States and to the world.

Go Dr. Dean. Make my dreams come true. And do that scream again too, will you?

Thursday, February 10

Give 'Em Hell, Mike

I had a beer with Mike Aguirre, San Diego's City Attorney, the other night and let me tell you something. I wouldn't want this guy mad at me.

Change The Name Already

The Australian 80's rock group INXS is conducting an 'American Idol' type method of auditioning new singers.

One word: Tacky.

INXS, I'll admit, was one of my favorites back in the day and I was sad when their singer, Michael Hutchence, killed himself. I'm cool with the fact that the remaining members want to continue making music, but PLEASE CHANGE YOUR DAMN NAME.

The lead singer, for better or for worse, defines the group in my mind. The very name INXS conjures up images of Hutchence. There's nothing wrong with changing the name while changing lead singers and creating an entirely new identity.

I think it is incredibily It's stupid and lazy for any group to rest on laurels by playing it safe and keeping the old name, hoping that old fans will automatically flock to your latest record. Maybe I'm naive, but I think good music always find an audience.

So change your name once you settle on a new singer. The same goes for you, Van Halen, do hear me?

Assorted Thoughts For A Thursday

I read a great piece in WSJ this morning about Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen. I've never heard of this guy. He's a Democrat and everyone loves him. Even Republicans.

Bredesen sounds like he's a Bush clone because he runs his state like a business and he's a straight talker. People get the impression that he actually means what he says, a rare thing for any politician, but particularly in vogue in the era of W.

Someone else to keep an eye on is Minnesota's Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Lots of buzz around this guy. ABC News has a piece on him this morning, comparing him to Clinton in terms of extemporaneous speaking.

A Republican version of Bill Clinton? Yeah, that's just what we need!

I've been talking about Rice taking the national stage in 08 against Hillary but maybe I'm way off base. Perhaps we might see a Bredesen/Pawlenty matchup.

Shifting topics and changing continents...I really like Tony Blair. He's a hardcore Lefty and I don't agree with him on anything, but he's a common sense guy when it comes to the War On Terror and I have enormous respect for him based on that alone.

But then I read this morning about his praise for Kofi Annan and I almost puked. Tony, you're killing me with this stuff:

"It is been a tough time in the international community and it has been a very tough time for the United Nations Secretary-General," said Blair, launching a London seminar on UN reform which Annan addressed.

"I happen to think in that very tough time that he has handled himself with great distinction, with a lot of wisdom and in difficult circumstances has been a tremendous unifier.

"I know very it has not always been easy for him politically or personally but Kofi I wanted to say to you how pleased we are to have you here and how warmly we welcome you and how much we regard your Secretary-Generalship of the United Nations."

Tony, Tony, Tony. I am puzzled that you place such a great deal of stock in the United Nations. Apparently the British press hasn't been reporting on the myriad of scandals originating out of your buddy Kofi's office.

Maybe the next time I find myself in London we can grab a pint. I'll set you straight.

Kim Jong Il desperately needs a kick in the gonads...Because North Korea today finally admitted that it has nuclear weapons. Feels good to come clean, doesn't it? Iran...Do you guys have anything you'd like to tell us?

Idiot # 2: It is no understatment when I tell you that Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta is my least favorite Cabinet member. Did you hear about the report declassified today that the FAA had 52 warnings prior to 9/11. Fifty two!

Mineta is the guy who vehemently opposes what I would call the common sense approach of racially profiling muslim men at American airports. Genius.

Mr. President, please fire this moron immediately and reference this new report. I know you're incredibly loyal to your staff but please. Mineta is making you look bad and more important, he's not doing his job. It's way beyond time for Norm to go.

Wednesday, February 9

This Just In, Part II

Ball busting H-P CEO Carly Fiorina is out. Maybe it's safe to buy some H-P stock now.

This Just In

Actress Marcia Cross, one of the stars of Desperate Housewives, has declared she is not gay. I repeat, she is not gay.

Kurds! Kurds! Kurds!

The most American-friendly Iraqi tribe-the Kurds-have now moved into second place ahead of Prime Minister Allawi in the Iraqi election results. Very good news indeed.

And nowhere is this news mentioned on or What great news sources.

Another Day, Another UN Scandal

Newt Gingrich and George Mitchell are heading a UN Reform Task Force. Interesting.

Especially since Newt is on the record as saying he that he considers the UN's recent record on human rights to be a scandal.

(I realize you can't see me, but I'm applauding)

And, imagine this. Yesterday came the news that we have yet ANOTHER scandal involving UN officials skimming, extorting, stealing money. This time, it's a UN agency based in Geneva, the World Meteorological Organization. The wrong doer this time appears to be a Sudanese UN employee accused of pocketing $3 million over the last three years.

I detest the UN as many of you know. I detest the very idea of the UN. I detest the debating society that it is. I detest the anti-American cabal that the UN has become. I detest Kofi Annan.

But it occurred to me this morning that had Colin Powell not gone to the UN in 02 and 03 in the runup to the Iraq war, had Bush not relented to Tony Blair's request to get UN approval on the Iraqi invasion, had we not 'wasted' six months while the UN objected to the liberation of the Iraqi people, the chances are very high that the UN would not be unraveling at this very moment in time.

It also occurred to me that, in contrast to what I've written about the United Nations previously, perhaps it is better to have the UN in New York so that the American government can more easily keep tabs on the goings on at the UN.

Rather than expelling the organization to Europe, where it would be free to become ever more anti-American, more anti-democratic and where we would have no say in it's day to day operations, at least having the organization existing and functioning on American soil ensures us the right to demand some type of accountability.

It's funny how things turn out sometimes, isn't it?

What'd I Say?

Wow. Last week I opined about future President Condi Rice and whammo! Dick Morris has apparently been reading my stuff.

Way to go Dick.

Monday, February 7

Status Quo

What is with Democrats? They are such cowards, afraid to do anything bold. They do shameless very well, like stealing the Washington State gubernatorial election two months ago, but bold stuff, they can't do.

The latest example is Social Security. As Bush has been pointing out, the system is rapidly running out of money. In fact, the system takes in less and less every year. If left alone, by the time I get to 65, Social Security will be a distant memory.

Change, although uncertain, is good. As a younger American (I'm 38) I am completely in favor of investing some of my retirement in the stock market. Why? Because historically stock market investing yields positive returns. Invest in the stock market and you will make money, no doubt about it.

But hell no, say the Democrats. There's nothing wrong with Social Security. We can't touch it, we won't change it and we will never consider fixing it until it is too late to do anything constructive.

More to the point, what drives Democrats is the goal of blocking anything and everything that could possibly make the President look good, both short term and long term.

If Bush fixes Social Security, if he is successful in placing black, hispanic and female justices on the Supreme Court, if he truly eradicates terror around the globe, if Bush can improve the lives of Senior citizens, if he revamps the American educational system, the Democrats will lose votes, constituents and power.

And Bush will have created the greatest legacy of any American president in history.

Over the Democrats' dead bodies!!! (Wishfull thinking)

As a result, modern Democrats worship at the altar of the status quo, too concerned with offending their constituents and oblivious to the fact that they are allowing and causing the ship to sink.

Paralyzed by inaction and obstructionism and blinded by hatred of a successful Republican party, Democrats have become domestic terrorists, willingly damaging our country while attempting to score political points.

Masters of the status quo.

'Throw The Ball'

I knew that the Patriots would win yesterday's game, but I was still pulling for the underdog Eagles. America loves underdogs.

Chance after frustrating chance, Philly threw the game away. Actually, the fact that Philly DIDN'T throw the ball more was a big reason they lost the game. Bad play calling in the second half just killed them.

'Throw the ball! Throw the ball!' we were yelling. T.O. was open all day long. 'Throw him the ball! Throw him the ball!' I think Owens caught 9 balls for 105 yards. He could have caught 18 for 210 and the Eagles would have won.

Credit New England. They played smarter and they are the champs. Again.

Friday, February 4

Madame President?

Much has been made of the fact that Dick Cheney has no political aspirations beyond serving as Vice President until January 2009. The Democrats, in particular, seem to view this as a vulnerability: Bush has no incumbent Veep to succeed him, as is usually the case for a two term President.

As we know, Bush is a different type of President, a unique brand of leader and I think he's already chosen his successor. Remember, you heard it here first: Condi Rice is going to be the first woman to be elected President of the United States.

Many people are already talking about a Rice/Clinton presidential matchup in 08, which very well might occur. But in terms of substance, Hillary is a lightweight next to Condi. It's no contest. Hillary is a very smart woman but her resume as the Junior Senator from New York can never compete with the current Secretary of State.

These next four years, Condi essentially will be auditioning for the job of Commander In Chief as she galavants across the globe. And I think leaders around the world will come to admire and respect her intelligence and her candor.

I watched Condi's news conference this morning. She was on her world tour across Europe. I caught her in Berlin standing next to Gerhard Schroeder. And as I watched Dr. Rice I felt enormous pride.

I'm proud that such a brilliant, qualified person is representing America. I'm proud that the Secretary of State is a black woman. That's barrier-shattering and exciting.

For all you skeptics out there, Condi Rice isn't Secretary of State so that Republicans can get a larger percentage of the black vote. I know the cynics find that hard to believe. Condi Rice is Secretary of State because President Bush believes that she's the best person for the job.

The same couldn't be said when Bill Clinton nominated Madeline Albright as Secretary of State or Janet Reno as Attorney General. Both women, Albright (baffled and clueless about the world then and now) and Reno (inept and corrupt) were put into their positions because of political gamemanship and partisan payoffs, nothing more. And these facts make Rice look even more substantial.

Keep an eye on Condi these next four years. Watch what she does and listen to what she says. I think she's here on the global stage to stay, now as America's top diplomat. Perhaps as our 44th President, four years from now.

Thursday, February 3

'Seriously Undermined'

I read a piece in the latest issue of Wired Magazine by Thomas Barnett. Barnett is calling for the US to join together with other countries to develop international standards for holding enemy combatants, like the thugs we have in custody @ Gitmo. Barnett writes, 'At some point, we've got to make the UN happy.'

What intelligent person, in the wake of the UN's Oil For Food scandal--the biggest scandal in the history of the world--would still claim that the United Nations is a legitimate organization worthy of respect?

If you took all the American corporate scandals over the past five years and put them together, just added up the numbers of Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing, Tyco, among others, the total dollar amount of these scandals doesn't come close to the amount of money involved in Oil For Food.

But that's just the tip of iceberg. Which brings me to Paul Volcker's report which has concluded that Benon Sevan, the guy who was in charge of running Oil For Food 'conclusively' took over $1 million worth of oil vouchers (or bribes) from Saddam Hussein.

'Where's smoke, there's fire' is beyond cliche, but past activity by the UN suggests to me that the organization is mismanaged and unorganized, slow to respond to events around the globe, and stands as nothing more than a roadblock to humanitarian progress virtually everywhere. I wrote here in this space on 12.2.04 about the need to disband the UN. (check my archives)

The UN, in Volcker's words, is 'seriously undermined' by corruption. I already knew that. I've been saying the same thing for a long time now. I'm just glad that someone else is finally saying it for the record.


Although final results aren't expected for another week, a majority of the votes have already been counted in Iraq. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani leads Interim Prime Minisiter Ayad Allawi by a substantial margin, 75%-25%.

Shiites will hold power in six of 18 Iraqi provinces.

Slam Dunk, Home Run, Touchdown

State of the Union speeches are usually really boring. They run too long, they sag in the middle, they amount to pie in the sky, long on hyperbole, short on specifics.

President Bush has delivered some memorable SOTU's. The one most people remember was in 02 in the aftermath of 9/11 where he laid out his vision for protecting America in the then new war on terror.

Last night was # 5 for Dubya and as I sat there watching and listening, I was not bored, the speech didn't sag in the middle and there was no pie in the sky. As I watched I was struck by two thoughts. One that this speech, delivered with confidence and flair, was Bush's greatest ever. And two, that I was watching a man that will go down in world history as one of the greatest leaders ever.

The highlight:

"The United States has no right, no desire, and no intention to impose our form of government on anyone else. That is one of the main differences between us and our enemies. They seek to impose and expand an empire of oppression, in which a tiny group of brutal, self-appointed rulers control every aspect of every life. Our aim is to build and preserve a community of free and independent nations, with governments that answer to their citizens, and reflect their own cultures. And because democracies respect their own people and their neighbors, the advance of freedom will lead to peace.

That advance has great momentum in our time — shown by women voting in Afghanistan, and Palestinians choosing a new direction, and the people of Ukraine asserting their democratic rights and electing a president. We are witnessing landmark events in the history of liberty. And in the coming years, we will add to that story."

Wednesday, February 2

Blue In The Face

I've enjoyed listening to all the Left wing crazies, both at home and abroad, as they begin to lecture President Bush about exit strategies for US troops. These stupid people just crack me up.

Democrats, so full of self importance, actually think they are relevant in the discussion. That confounds me. They have zero credibility on the subject because they vehemently opposed removing Saddam from power.

The comedy is rich. We've got Ted Kennedy demanding that the troops come home immediately, (a week before the election) John Kerry suggesting that the results of the election shouldn't be over-hyped and Barbara Boxer admitting that she doesn't understand how America's freedom depends on democracy elsewhere around the globe.

I can only conclude that these people are dumb. These statements are more than mere opinions. These are ignorant, hateful, uninformed people. And because of their hatred for Bush they are openly rooting for the worst possible things to happen in Iraq. The Democrats wanted to postpone the elections to make Bush look bad. They call for troop withdrawals and highlight equipment shortages hoping to make Bush look bad. They talk about low military pay (even though they, the Democrats, vote against military pay increases) hoping to make Bush look bad.

France, Germany, Russia, China and the United Nations are late to the party as well. To them, Iraq was nothing more than a cash cow. Screw the humanitarian aspect. Out of hatred for Bush and jealousy of America, they attempted to protect Hussein and keep him in power.

And then there's the press, which has been misreporting the Iraq situation since 2002. Rather and Jennings, reporting from Baghdad, drench their commentary with sarcasm. Columnists from coast to coast, after a brief respite on Sunday, are writing stupid things about Sunday's election, about the effect of US troops on the ground while continuing to over-report the intelligence, the dexterity and the organization of the terrorists in the field. Meanwhile, the media has always consistently under-reported Saddam's genocidal regime, rarely mentioning the ways he inflicted pain and suffering on his people.

Yep, they all are pretty blue in the face, because it has become apparent to everyone that George Bush has been right all along. He was right and continues to be right, which makes the Left hate him all the more. Meantime, Democrats are about to elect the slighty unbalanced Howard Dean to be their next party chairman. Talk about comedic material.

To Bush's credit, he salutes the Iraqi people for having the courage to vote. And it was courageous. The Democrats bitch and moan about how unfair it is for Americans to have to wait in LONG LINES TO VOTE!!! Imagine risking your life to cast a vote?

Remember that none of this would have happened without George W. Bush. He's the person that made Iraq free. Bush is the person that enabled the Iraqi people to cast their votes this past Sunday. Bush is the reason Saddam Hussein sits in a jail cell. Bush is the reason that the Middle East is on the cusp of a radical transformation to democracy.

The idiots, both home and abroad, are easy to spot. They're the ones blue in the face.
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