Thursday, March 24

Aiding, Comforting The Enemy

Tom Friedman is upset that 26 prisoners of war have been killed in our custody in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2002.

Twenty six? Is that all? I think it's a shame that the number of terrorists killed in the last two and a half years isn't higher. Twenty six? I wish it was 260 or 2,600. The fact that only 26 prisoners have been killed in the process of TWO WARS only illustrates the extreme discipline and the precision of the American military.

Friedman and all the other brain dead idiots out there who stay up nights worrying about the rights of criminals are the same people who don't give two shits now about the rights of a sick, helpless and vulnerable Terri Shiavo.

Liberals are hypocrites inflicted with mental retardation. I wish we could perform euthanasia on the entire Democratic party. The nation and the world would be much better off without them.

Wednesday, March 23

Trading Up

Larry Kudlow writes a fantastic piece today on NRO speculating about the future of Vice President Cheney. It's true that there could not possibly be a better, more qualified candidate for President in 08. There is not a more articulate, intelligent person on the planet.

But then there's the pesky little matter of Cheney's consistent response to the question each and every time he's asked about a presidential candidacy: 'Hell no.'

Okay, so Cheney's not running and neither is Condi. It's only 05. There's still plenty of time for them to change their minds.

Wink, wink. Nod, nod.

Ugly Business

I can't wait to see the HBO film about 'Air America,' the ridiculous Left wing radio network.

According to the link below, the film portrays the entire enterprise as a fraud (which makes total sense since we're talking about mindless liberals) but I want to see it for myself.

Cruel And Unusual

Not only is Terri Schiavo being starved to death, which is completely barbaric, nurses aren't even allowed to swab her mouth with a wet Q-tip. They use dry swabs instead. This is insane. And you're not hearing facts about this woman on television or on the radio. You're not reading facts about her in your newspaper.

Why the hell aren't Terri's parents SCREAMING facts about their daughter, and the way she is being treated in her final moments, into the television cameras, the radio microphones and the print reporters' tape recorders?

The truth really would be a welcome respite from the misinformation the media is feeding us. All you hear from the lazy, inept mainstream press are myths advanced by Michael Schiavo's attorney. I keep hearing how Terri has been on life support for 15 years. Wrong. She is not, nor has she ever been, on life support. She has been and continues to breathe on her own without assistance.

Another lie is that Terri is in a vegetative state. Again, untrue. We've all seen the video of Terri looking over her head at a balloon. Notice how her head turns and moves, following the progression of the balloon's movement? If she were in a vegetative state she couldn't possibly do that.

We treat animals more humanely, with more dignity than this. If I refused to provide water to my dog, I would be charged with a crime and would likely even serve jail time.

If Terri is going to be forced to die, then why can't she be given every possible comfort in her final hours? Giving her water now doesn't seem unreasonable does it?

Since Terri is being forced to die, why can't she spend her final moments surrounded by the people that love her instead of being 'protected' by a cop with a gun? Cruel and unusual, indeed.

Am I crazy, or does this entire episode remind me of the Elian Gonzales affair, which also occurred in Florida?

I'm not crazy. What is crazy is that Michael Schiavo does this out of "love for his wife." He claims he is merely honoring her wishes. I think his behavior merits a criminal investigation.

Tuesday, March 22

Juvenile Decision Making, Part II

At least Jeff Weise, that deranged little 17 year old Nazi bastard who gunned down nine people at his Minnesota high school last night, had the good sense to kill himself. Turns out that he's more intelligent than five of the nine justices on the US Supreme Court.

"Is The Bitch Dead Yet?"

Since there was nothing else on television last night I learned a lot about Terri Schiavo, things I didn't know before.

It seems that Terri has received pretty sub-standard medical care these past 15 years, or perhaps a better way to say it is that her husband has PREVENTED Terri from receiving standard medical care.

Michael Schiavo has denied his wife physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, oral feedings, interaction with the outside world, even a PET scan, which would determine the extent, the severity, of her illness.

Three of Terri's nurses, former care providers, were all over CNN and Fox this morning, talking about the frequency with which Michael would quiz them about the condition his wife, asking "Is the bitch dead yet?" and "when is she going to die?"

Misinformation appears to be the operative word in this case. For years, I've taken it as the gospel truth that Terri was in a permanent vegetative state, but the truth is that she is responsive and alert to everyone she encounters. According to one of her former nurses, she was even speaking in 1996. I've also taken as fact the story Michael tells about how his wife became ill. Apparently she suffered from anorexia and that condition led to her having a heart attack.

But I learned last night that Terri didn't have a heart attack. According to Dr. Bill Hammesfahr, (a Nobel prize nominated physician) who has spent considerable time with her, Terri did not have a heart attack. He knows she didn't have a heart attack because no enzymes were present in her system. Apparently when a person has a heart attack, the heart releases enzymes into the rest of the body.

I wrote yesterday that I was undecided about what should happen to Terri Schiavo. What I did not write about yesterday was my disgust that the federal government and the President had injected themselves into this matter Sunday night. They called a vote and passed a law. Just like that. We've got border security problems in this country, we're at war with a guerrila enemy and three and a half years after 9/11 our elected officials are still dragging their feet in protecting the nation and her citizens. But they can pass a new law, in what, forty five minutes about Terri Shiavo? It all seemed like an intrusion on privacy and rather unnecessary.

That was yesterday. Today, after all the stuff I've heard (and continue to hear today) I've changed my opinion about this case. What is the harm in allowing this poor woman to continue living? Is she hurting anyone? Is she a danger to those around her? Is she preventing another person from receiving care? The answer is no. There is no reason to starve this woman to death. Her parents want to care for her. What's the harm in that?

President Bush, who signed this bill into law at 1.15 AM Monday in his underwear, said it best. "It is better to err on the side of life."

And of course this is political. What isn't? There are two sides and predictably, the sides are Democrat and Republican, blue and red.

Democrats in the House of Representatives were more vocal in their opposition, which makes sense when you consider the Democratic knee jerk position to abortion. In the Senate, where the bill passed on unaninimous consent 100-0, Democrats were at their passive, non-committal, core value-less best.

I believe that both sides are being consistent here. The Democrats, down the line, continue to choose and idealize a culture of death. The GOP continues to seek ways to craft and design a culture that encourages and fosters life.

Terri Schiavo has a constitutional right to life. It's time to put the tube back in and leave her alone.

Monday, March 21

Republican Skin-Trader Fired

Playgirl editor Michele Zipp came out as a Republican a few weeks ago. Now she's been fired.

Oh yeah, there's no media bias against Republicans.

What Would Terri Want?

It's all Terri Schiavo, all the time. What person in America hasn't heard of this woman, her ongoing case and the recent removal of her feeding tube?

I'll admit to being conflicted on this subject. On one hand, I believe that this woman has a very low quality of life. Her body is fed by a tube. She can't talk, she can't get out of bed. Who would want to live like that? But on the other hand, she is very much alive. She's not in a coma. She's not brain dead. She's a living, breathing human being and she deserves to live her life, her appointed time in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds, like the rest of us.

Terri's husband, Michael, it seems to me is the one person who knows his wife best. He is the one person best qualified to speak for Terri at this point, to be her voice as to what her express wishes were, and are, with regard to her life. Michael has spoken, time and again, about his belief that his wife would not want to continue living in her currrent state.

Terri's parents have fought and continue to fight to keep their daughter alive, arguing that know. See why I'm conflicted about this case?

Thursday, March 17

Paul Wolfowitz, World Banker

Finally, a person of integrity and intellect to head the World Bank. I mean, if we can't get Bono, it seems Paul Wolfowitz is a solid second choice.

The fact that the selection pisses off Europe doesn't suck either.

Wednesday, March 16


The big news in San Diego is the recent decision by our inept City Council to remove the cross that has stood on Mount Soledad to honor military veterans since 1954.

Let me remind you that the US Constitution doesn't give Americans the right not to be offended. But the document very clearly provides all Americans freedom of religious expression.

It's vitally important that intelligent people gather together and defeat the movement of removing God from our country while dishonoring the men and women who have given their lives to make America the greatest country in the history of the world.

Check out the link below for more information about how you can help San Diego save the Mount Soledad Memorial.


The US Senate voted today to allow drilling in Alaska. It's about time.

Wednesday, March 9

About Dan Time

Finally, we're partially getting rid of this partisan hack Dan Rather. I say partially because Dan's still going to be on 60 Minutes II. But nobody watches that either, so who cares?

I say partisan hack, when I should be saying partisan hack parading as an objective journalist. Yeah, right.

All credible claims to Rather's objectivity go out the window upon observing The Dan's eye-bulging, vein-popping reactions to all things Bush, both 41 and 43.

It's really funny hearing CBS stalwarts Hewitt, Wallace and Cronkite rip D.R. new one's in the press every week. They've worked with the bastard for thirty years and hate him as much as the rest of us do.

Hey Dan, if a frog wore lipstick, shaved his testicles and carried a gun, he'd still be have a bigger IQ than you.


A Milestone

I've been up all night, finishing my screenplay. I'm finally done. As I blog this, it's printing. Then I'll make copies, have them bound and covered @ Fed Ex/Kinko's, overnight them to my agent and a studio development exec. in LA and an A-list actor in New York.

Talk to you later. I'm headed for Starbucks.

Monday, March 7

My New Leather Couch

Time to talk about something truly important. Home furnishings. And yes, I am a proud metrosexual.

I bought a black leather sofa from Ethan Allen four months ago. Figure in time for shipping, etc. So I get the thing, and it looks amazing in my home theatre room, except for the fact that the stitching is uneven and the arm rests are all bent and used looking. After closer inspection, the entire sofa appeared used.

So I call the saleswoman, Aly. Nice Asian woman. I explain the problem to her and she says 'no problem.' She ordered me another sofa. Great.

Sofa # 2 was even worse than sofa #1. It's so bad, I don't accept it. And the delivery guys scratch my newly painted front door getting the thing inside.

I call Aly again, tell her what's what. No problem, my manager and I will come out, inspect the original sofa. Fine. I tell her I would be willing to keep sofa #1 if they'll give me half off.

Aly and the manager come to the house. They offer 20% off. I inquire about the floor model. The manager invites me to the showroom to inspect the floor model. I can take my pick, 20% off either couch, the one at my house or the showroom model, whichever I prefer.

Guess what happened? The showroom model was pretty damn close to perfect. All the seams were straight. There was no smashed down corners on the arm rests. It didn't look used at all.

As annoyed as I was at Ethan Allen, I must say that they made it right. They satisfied me. It just took some time to get it right. In the process, I learned a lot about their quality control.

Wednesday, March 2

Juvenile Decision Making

The US Supreme Court made a juvenile decision yesterday in more ways than one.

First, in a 5-4 decision, the court determined that criminals under the age of 18 are ineligible for the death penalty. Never mind the fact that there are a great many convicted criminals currently on death row that committed crimes when they were under the age of 18. What happens to these people now? Are they entitled to new trials now? New sentences? Or are we just going to release them immediately?

Second, it appears to me that Justice Kennedy, in writting his opinion for the majority, speaks of taking into consideration the opinion of the international community with regard to capital punishment for juveniles. How touching.

In other words, Anthony Kennedy, who frequently vacations in Europe is more concerned with the opinion of his Liberal European friends than he is about doing what is right for the United States, individual states' rights and our justice system.

Tony, what's next for you and your gang of pseudo-intellectuals on the Court? Repealing the Second Amendment?
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