Friday, April 29

Washington State Governor Illegitimate

We now know that 648 felons voted for Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Christine Gregoire. Since Gregoire's victory margin was only 129 votes over Republican Dino Rossi it seems a slam dunk that Rossi was the winner and should be declared Governor.

But wait! We must remember to try to think like a Democrat, which means we can't think logically or reasonably for the next few minutes. Just suspend all reality.

Republicans say that it really should be as simple as providing adequate documentation proving that voting rights have been restored to a felon. But Democrats argue that the absence of documentation doesn't necessarily prove that a felon has not had his or her voting rights restored.

Yeah, that's like asking what the definition of the word 'is' is. It's mumbo-jumbo. It's complete bullshit. And it's the foundation of all things Democrat and Liberal.

Republicans believe that they can prove Gregoire's victory came as a result of the illegal voting. And they point to the application of a statistical formula by subtracting the illegal votes from the candidates' totals in proportion to the percentage of the overall vote.

As I write this on a brilliant sunny Friday afternoon I will tell you that I have NO CONFIDENCE in the ability of Chelan County Superior Court Judge John Bridges to be able to pull his head out of his Democratic ass in order to make the correct ruling on this case. I have no idea what Bridges' political leanings are, but I'll bet a six pack of Red Hook ESB that he was appointed by a Democrat.

Everyone knows Gregoire cheated. That's the only way she could win.

Congratulations Governor-elect Rossi.

CNN Sucks, Part II

One of the biggest boneheads in the world of political journalism is a guy named Bill Schneider over at CNN.

Schneider is wrong more often than not and he just makes the dumbest, most obvious observations. He is a simpleton. The inept folks at CNN could put a monkey on in place of Schneider and the monkey...oh, nevermind.

I just caught Bill's column on where he gives "Play of the Week" honors (something I wasn't aware even existed) to the Congressional Democrats for their success at keeping the Tom DeLay controversy alive.

As John Kerry would say: "What the f---?"

Schneider writes:

"You might call the minority party in the House of Representatives the most oppressed minority in American politics. Unlike the Senate minority, which can bottle up legislation, the House minority has no power.

Except on the House Ethics Committee, where both parties have equal representation.

In January, Republicans changed the ethics committee's rules in an apparent move to protect beleaguered Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

Democrats were outraged."

And by direct extension so were the Democrats in the mainstream press. They were so outraged at the DeLay NON STORY that they hammered and hammered and hammered away some more at DeLay. They hammered so much that Americans actually started to BELIEVE that DeLay has done something WRONG.

Yes, the idiots who watch CNN now believe that Tom DeLay is THE ONLY POLITICIAN WHO TAKES EXTRAVAGANT TRIPS AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE AND WHO PAYS HIS FAMILY MEMBERS LOBBYING FEES even though DeLay's trip was not that extravagant and his wife and daughter were paid under half a million bucks for over three years' worth of work.

What hasn't been reported as that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (as noted here in this space on April 14) ensured that his son and son-in-law have made over $2 million in just ONE YEAR from lobbying fees. But, bloody hell! That doesn't count. It's DELAY, THAT EVIL REPUBLICAN that's the BIG CROOK. AND HE'S FROM TEXAS!!!

This is what journalism has become. Convict a Republican of wrongdoing even though there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO EVIDENCE OF DELAY DOING ANYTHING WRONG. It doesn't matter what the evidence is (or isn't) IT'S THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE CHARGE that counts.

Wrong. CNN sucks again. This is just the latest example. Shame on political hacks like Bill Schneider for their non-stop effort to dumb down America and the world with inaccurate, biased and slanted news reporting.

Go Fox News.


I really like Virginia Senator George Allen. And apparently a lot of you out there like Allen too, as this new poll indicates.

Liar, Moron

Al Franken said on his anemic radio program that Arbitron radio ratings aren't publicly available. What???

He and the rest of the boobs at Air America ONLY WISH that their ratings WEREN'T PUBLIC!!!

How embarrasing it is to be a Liberal these days. Their stupidity is FINALLY catching up with them for all the world to witness.

Good times.

'The Math Has Changed'

I cannot understand how anyone could have listened to Bush's news conference last night and think that the President of the United States is 'stupid.' And yet millions of Liberals around the globe think just that.

From my memory, I can't recall Bush ever looking more in command of the facts, more assured of his position, more comfortable in his own skin, than last night. He was great, hitting a bunch of home runs.

His commitment to reforming Social Security stood out, especially his acknowledgment of the fact that people are resistant to change. He talked about the challenge of asking people to do things they haven't done in twenty years. The Republican position on Social Security couldn't be more simple. More people are due to receive Social Security but fewer people are paying into the system. Any moron can see that the system is bound for disaster. Anyone who disagrees with Bush on Social Security reform is just an idiot, plain and simple. There's no other explanation.

Bush's remarks on energy policy resonated with me in a big way as well. And again, he talked of the lack of a coherent American energy policy over twenty some odd years and how resistant people are to change.

As Reagan did, Bush is trying to do big things and anytime a leader shakes things up, people are going to have reservations. And politicians are going to protect their turf.

Another profound moment in last night's presser was Bush talking about his dissapointment at the poison of partisanship. He lamented the idea that one party's reluctance to support an otherwise good policy for fear of giving the other party an advantage. I cheered when he mentioned how proud he was of 'his own party' for being 'the party of ideas and action.'

And I really enjoyed his support of John Bolton. Bush's insight into the fact that his UN Ambassador nominee has already been 'confirmed by the United States Senate four times,' ripped enormous holes into the credibility of the Democrats, I thought.

One thing I could not believe was the rudeness of two television reporters. NBC's David Gregory interupted the President, by my count, three times. At one point Gregory cut Bush off by saying 'what I asked you was...' Also rude, although less than Gregory, was CBS's John Roberts.

The cool thing about Bush is that he never lowers himself to the level of his enemies. He always takes the high ground, smiles, attempts to answer their questions as best he can and treats everyone with dignity and respect.

My money is on the fact that a bunch of good things happen for America over the next three and a half years primarily because of the attitude, the logic and enthusiasm of George W. Bush.

Thursday, April 28


I just caught about three seconds of the Al Franken Show on Air America. They were bidding adieu to their research director, who presumably has grown weary of force-feeding lies to Franken's tiny audience of retarded socialists.

Direct quote from Franken: "We pride ourselves on getting the stories right."

Look everybody! A comedy writer who is suddenly a hard hitting news journalist!

Anyway, the subject, not surprisingly, was the first anniversary of the Abu Ghraib prison 'scandal,' and an op-ed in yesterday's WSJ.

It's worth noting that this piece brilliantly and perfectly explains what Abu Ghraib was and wasn't. It wasn't, for instance, a big deal. It was completely overblown and exaggerated from day one by an exuberant press corp the world over.

Stupid Liberals left with nothing else to discuss or think about apparently just can't get enough of this non-scandal. Here's the salient point from WSJ.

"The independent inquiry headed by former Defense Secretary Jim Schlesinger--whose Cabinet career included a stint in the Carter Administration--likewise concluded last summer that the Abu Ghraib abuses weren't related to interrogations at all. That should have put the nail in the coffin of the theory that high-level Bush Administration discussions about techniques for handling al Qaeda detainees somehow resulted in the abuses in Iraq.

Yes, there were abuses in Iraq beyond what was pictured at Abu Ghraib, but abuses happen in war and in civilian prisons too. No evidence has been produced to support allegations that the abuses were "systematic" or that they were inspired or condoned by superiors up the chain of command. As Mr. Schlesinger also noted, by any statistical measure--such as the rate of reported abuse incidents per detainee--treatment of detainees in the overall war on terror has been exemplary. In short, the so-called "torture narrative" that was so hyped by the media last year was entirely false."

Read the entire piece here for the truth about what really happened.

Wednesday, April 27

Leftist Crap

Remember I told you about that HBO documentary about Air America and how I couldn't wait to see it? Well, I saw it last night.

Where to begin. First, this film reinforced everything I already knew about Liberals. That they are small minded, negative, mean, sad, miserable people. 'Left Of The Dial' reinforced my belief that Liberals are liars, completely unaware and ignorant of events happening around them and across the globe.

Liberals are also completely shameless. Absolutely no shame whatsoever and this film proves it. Running out of money? No problem.

Bounced checks? 'F---ing Republicans!'

Al Franken roams the halls yelling the F-word. His show, initially called 'The O'Franken Factor,' solely 'to annoy Bill O'Reilly,' has now been renamed 'The Al Franken Show.'


Janeane Garofalo, who I have met personally and like very much, clearly doesn't have a brain in her head when it comes to politics. One scene, she interviews her Bush-voting father. 'If you only knew what you're voting for, Dad, you'd vote for John Kerry.'

Great radio.

'F-word, F-word, F-word.'

We see drive time host Randi Rhodes' apartment. This is the woman who routinely threatens President Bush, the most recent time being this past Monday, which has prompted a Secret Service investigation. We see Rhodes, on her inaugural broadcast get into a shouting match with Ralph Nader who hangs up on her.

I have a new found admiration for Ralph.

'F-word, F-word, F-word.'

Morning show host Marc Maron openly admits what he talks about on the air is just him rambling. 'I don't have the slightest idea what I'm talking about,' he said. But then he goes on the air and pretends everything he says is the gospel truth.

'F bomb, F bomb, F bomb. F-Bush, F-Bush, F-Bush.'

This is highly intelligent talk.

'F-Cheney, F-Cheney, F-Cheney.'

Enjoy the below link to Brian Maloney's brilliant blog, 'The Radio Equalizer.' Air America's ratings are predictably in the crapper. Big surprise.

Tuesday, April 26

Bad Reporting

CNN's reporting is incredibly slow, lazy and known to be intellectually 'uncurious.'

According to the World's # 2 Terrorist, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was nearly caught by US troops on February 20.

A quote from the story: "al-Zarqawi was in a car chased by troops but he escaped before it could be stopped, the sources said, adding that material found in the car showed Zarqawi was in direct contact with Osama bin Laden."

Okay, Zarqawi was 'in a car' but the car 'escaped before it could be stopped.' How the hell does that happen? What kind of reporting is that?

Did the car turn into a pack of camels just before it vanished? Did the car invoke some type of Star Trek cloaking device and just become invisible? Did Zarqawi bail out of the car as it was speeding away? What the hell happened?

What shitty reporting! CNN sucks!!!

Unrepresenative Government

Radio talk show hosts from across the country, including LA's John and Ken (KFI AM 640) and San Diego's Roger Hedgecock (KOGO AM 600), are in Washington this week to hold a "Hold Their Feet To The Fire" tour, where each show brings listeners to canvass the hall of Congress and speak to elected officials about important issues.

This is the eleventh year the Hedgecock program has held the "Fire" tour.

I listened to both shows yesterday in drive time and was both inspired and disgusted by what I heard. Inspired because of the dedication of listeners to hold government leaders accountable for national security and border issues.

Many a listener told the hosts how they cornered or encountered a Senator in an elevator or a Congress person in their offices and got tape or video of the answers. Kerry, for one, expressed his commitment to sealing the American borders. True to form, Kerry flip-flopped on the immigration issue several times yesterday.

Other listeners laughed when describing their inability to meet with other leaders. Ironically, all were Democrats. Jane Harmon, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Marty Meehan, Joe Biden. All of these people were unavailable even though they had promised earlier to meet with the concerned citizens.

Some on the Left would seek to easily dismiss this is a blindly partisan approach, but I disagree. While a large percentage of Democratic lawmakers were unwilling or unavailable to meet with these groups of citizens a large percentage of Republicans kept their appointments, made themselves available and answered the tough questions, including John McCain, Rick Santorum, George Allen and Bill Frist.

That begins to explain why I'm disgusted. In large part I've come to believe that many of our elected leaders are less accountable to the people that elected them than ever before. Rather than being representative of their constituents back home, Congress people and Senators do whatever they can to remain in power as long as possible, in many cases ignoring the wishes of the people they purport to represent.

I experienced this firsthand about thirteen years ago. I was outraged to learn that Senator Boxer had planned to vote a certain way on a particular issue. I took the initiative to pay a visit to her San Diego office. By the way, in case you didn't know this is important. Every elected official in your state has an office in your city. Make sure that your represenatives hear from you when you disagree with them.

While my visit to Boxer's office didn't result in her voting the way I wanted her to, the point is that if enough citizens make their voices heard, the impact will be dramatic. Government by and for the people is what democracy is all about.

Do your part and hold Washington accountable. It's your job to make them do their job correctly. And it is very important to let our voices be heard collectively about the importance of national security and illegal immigration. There is nothing else as important.


I've exceeded my patience level on this filibuster controversy. For those of you who don't understand what's going on or think that the Republican Majority doesn't have the right to break the filbuster of the Democratic Minority, read carefully.

Remember the Republicans are in the Majority for a simple reason: They won elections. The Democrats are in the Minority because they lost elections. That's beyond dispute, right?

Okay, then since the Majority received more votes than the Minority, it's reasonable to say that the Majority represents more people than the Minority. In other words, the Majority has a mandate by the electorate to govern. The Minority can disagree all they want, but they don't have a mandate to claim, and as such, they don't speak for the majority of the country.

A Filibuster is a constitutional provision that gives the Minority the ability to discuss their opposition to the Majority. In the case of Bush's judicial nominees, Democrats have used the filibuster as a tool to prevent a vote on most of the President's nominees, so in effect, the Minority is subverting the will of the people by disallowing the Majority to carry out their mandate as expressed by a federal election.

This is outrageous and unconstitutional. I say break the filibuster. Republicans had better start acting like they are in the Majority and treat the Minority as they deserve to be treated.


I was shocked and saddened to learn this morning that my favorite radio talk show host, the ever fabulous Laura Ingraham, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Apparently she's got "an angry tumor," (her words) and had surgery this morning.

Love you Laura. You're an amazing talent and a gift to America for your wit, wisdom and insight into the world of politics.

Also equally shocking and saddening was learning that Laura is getting married. Laura, darling, how on earth can you possibly make such a decision without first meeting me? I just don't understand it.

I'll be praying for your full and complete recovery. Hope to hear you soon. At least my buddy JD Hayworth is filling in for you, so my mornings aren't just totally ruined.

Monday, April 25

Hillary Cheats

Also appearing in a federal courtroom on May 3...David Rosen, Hillary Clinton's National Finance Director for the 2000 Senatorial campaign.

Dick Morris breaks down exactly how Hillary cheats.

Oh, I caught 'Meet The Fockers' over the weekend. Yes, that's the movie featuring Clinton whore Barbara Streisand. At one point in the film there's a quick shot of a bumper sticker on a speeding vehicle that says 'I Heart Hillary.'

Don't you just love people who lie, cheat and steal? No! I don't!!! But how the hell else do you explain the Clinton's charm over half the population?

'Today' Sucks

Apparently a large number of morning television viewers have only recently discovered what I've known for thirteen years: Katie Couric is a BITCH.

What other possible reason could there be then for 'Today's' big ratings dip? Uh, maybe the show sucks? No. The show has always sucked and it's never changed. Lame skits, lame guests, lame news presentation, lame weather segment, lame banter between Matt and Katie, lame fans outside the studio making complete asses of themselves, lame, lame, lame.

Factor in Queen Katie with her 'my feces don't stink' attitude and you've got a product that nobody wants to wake up with anymore.

I'll never forget Couric interviewing then-President Bush during the 1992 campaign. Back then Katie was still somewhat new in the anchor chair. I actually thought she was cute and perky. Then I saw her rip into 41 with a zeal and an anger and a hatred that I had never seen before. She was just brutal, which even prompted Bush to say something like, 'hey, er, Katie. Are you mad at me or something? What did I do? Why are you so mean this morning?'

And then Katie mustered a smile, with her strange huge gums poking out of her mouth and told The Leader Of The Free World that she 'DIDN'T LIKE HIS POLICIES'!!!

Oh. Okay. That's good to know. Like I care what some annoying reporter thinks of the President?

And then there was Katie, woman of conscience, supporting Andrea Yates after she drowned her five kids in the bathtub. Remember that? Katie, objective journalist, went on NBC's air, demanding Andrea not get the death penalty and urging viewers to send donations to Yates' defense fund. Unbelievable.

Let's all just enjoy the fact that Diane Sawyer and GMA are doing better in the ratings. Get up early tomorrow morning and turn your sets to ABC, not NBC.

Stupidity & Dirty Pool

So much for that vaunted "Leadership with 20/20 vision." That was the campaign slogan back in 2000 when Dick Murphy, wearing enormous coke bottle glasses, first ran for Mayor of San Diego.

San Diego's detested Mayor, the inept, bumbling fool Murphy resigned today. And it just keeps getting better and better doesn't it? The Deputy Mayor, Michael Zucchet, is being investigated by the FBI on corruption charges and goes on trial May 3!

And you thought Florida was a banana republic?

Read a bit further down in the below link and you'll read about San Diego City Council woman Donna Frye, who intends to run for Mayor in November because she wants to end 'closed door politics' in the city. Will someone please take the time to ask Donna why she continues to play 'closed door politics' regarding where the majority of her financial backing came from when she ran for Mayor last year? She won't come clean and tell anyone. (Big secret: it's the labor unions)

I'd like to go downtown, walk into City Hall with a big ass hose, you know those monster firefighter hoses? Those things are so awesome. I'd walk into the lobby and just shoot a big stream of water and wash out all the creeps, criminals, lobbyists, consultants, everybody.

Then we'd start over.

Friday, April 22

Blogs Big In France

I'm surprised that France is the only European country that is digging on blogs. But, you know, they have all that free time since they're not working...perhaps it's a productive use of their time...Ah, stupid, French socialists! What the hell do they know about anything, anyway?

Powell Working To Sink Bolton

I COULDN'T BELIEVE THIS when I read about it earlier today. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is working behind the scenes to prevent John Bolton from becoming the next Ambassador to the United Nations.

Apparently Powell has been briefing Republican Senators about Bolton, calling him 'problematic.'

Great. Thanks for that General. You're a real team player.

Thursday, April 21

DeLay Tactics

Tom DeLay wants an independent investigation into his ethics so he can have the opportunity to clear his name. Democrats, the obstructionists, won't allow it because they don't want DeLay to clear his name. They want to continue to kick the crap out of him, to accuse him of terrible ethical lapses and to drag down the entire Republican leadership into the mud.

Sounds incredibly similiar to the tactics currently being used on another Republican, John Bolton. Delay, delay. Postpone voting to confirm Bolton as the next UN Ambassador and dig up dirt, anything, to make Bolton appear unqualified. He berates subordinates! He's mean! He hates the UN! He's a Republican so he must be evil!

I'm detecting a pattern here. Democrats also haven't voted up or down on a majority of Bush's judicial nominees. Only now, NOW, have they relented and agreed to vote on Janice Rogers Brown and Priscilla Owen. Eureka!

There's another pattern that I don't like and it's equally disturbing. The pussy footing around, the wimpiness by the GOP. They should be out fighting for their people. Bush should traverse the country, pounding the Presidential podium, telling the story of Democratic dirty pool, pumping up his nominees. The Republicans in Congress should be united in efforts to embarass the Minority, exposing their tactics.

Fight already. Fight. Act like the Majority.

Wednesday, April 20

Bush's Legacy

Second terms are historically very challenging. Typically nothing much happens because policy proposals get bogged down with partisan bickering. Most second term agendas aren't very ambitious.

Bush's second term agenda is very ambitious. So ambitious, in fact, that were he able to accomplish every item on his list not only would he go down in history as the greatest American President in history but the Republican Party would be the majority political party for the next 40 years.

Which is why proposal after proposal is meeting such resistance from the Left. Democrats refuse to bend on judicial nominees, are so fiercely against reforming Social Security, and just yesterday, refusing to vote on Bush's UN Ambassador choice, John Bolton because of new 'claims' that abused subordinates.

All of these realities and more have been taking a toll on Bush's popularity. In the "more" department factor in the incredible spike in gasoline prices and the border/illegal immigration problem. The gasoline prices concern me, but I'm still not convinced this is a long term problem. As I've blogged before, the faster we depend less on foreign sources of oil the better off the nation will become.

The immigration issue is a big problem for me and for many other conservatives. Let's keep in mind that America is indeed a land of immigrants, immigrants who became American citizens the correct way through the proper legal channels. I do not support illegal immigrants poring over America's borders, sucking the economy dry and becoming wards of the state(s).

I'm familiar with Bush's thinking on immigration. He's thinking economic reality first and foremost. Who else is going to clean houses, mow yards, pick fruit and so on. He also has a soft spot in his heart for the plight of those seeking to find a way to better provide for their families. But make no mistake. There's a poltical component to this thinking as well and it goes something like this: The Democrats have mined the Hispanic/Illegal immigrant voting bloc for decades. If the GOP can capitalize on a bigger percentage of the Hispanic vote and can consistently count on the group every two and four years, the Republicans will be the dominant party for the foreseeable future.

The problems I have with such an open door border policy is threefold. First, it makes a mockery of every immigrant that has followed the law and become naturalized citizens of our great country. Second, it's a huge drain on the country economically. Why the hell should non-citizens have any rights whatsoever in our country? Third, the matter of national security. Today we hear about a possible nuclear threat from al Qaeda. Think of how easy it is currently for terrorists to enter the United States from Mexico.

Bush's legacy is going to be extremely tarnished if he doesn't get serious about border control. He risks losing a huge amount of political capital for the sake of cozying up to Vicente Fox. Compassionate conservatism or not, America cannot continue to leverage its national security for the sake of politics or compassion.

Thursday, April 14

Shut Up And Lead

Bush is into his second term. The GOP controls both Houses of Congress. Good times for Republicans,right?

Not really, because Frist, DeLay and the Republican Leadership have allowed the down-and-out Democrats to get back into the game and control the agenda.

Remember ladies and gentlemen on the Right, we elected you to LEAD. Republican ideas and policies won the 02 and 04 elections. So now it is time, actually it is way past time, to put those ideas and policies into practice. So just shut up, stop being cowards, advance the agenda and trounce the Democrats.

Otherwise you won't be the Majority much longer.

Harry Reid, Money Bags

It would seem that the Senate Minority Leader has a license to print money. And there's a lot more evidence that he is guilty of wrongdoing, of violating Governmental Ethics Rules than Tom DeLay will ever be. DeLay looks like a damn choirboy next to money bags Reid.


As usual the Democrats are busy criticizing the behavior of Republicans that they themselves engage in. The Tom DeLay hubbub is just the latest example.

DeLay apparently paid family members a half million dollars over the past several years. Big deal? Not really when you consider the fact that in terms of sheer numbers Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid has secured over $2 million worth of lobbying contracts for his son and son-in-law.

In fact, it appears, from the below link from the LAT that Democrats employ and compensate family members for campaign work far more than their Republican counterparts.

Tom DeLay just happens to be an easy target because he's the highly effective Republican Majority Leader. I think the bilge being thrown out against DeLay is more indicative of the continuing obstructionist tactics of a frantic Democratic minority that is becoming more and more convinced of their increasing irrelevance.

Tuesday, April 12


And there's this, also from this morning's Bolton hearings.

John Kerry, that paragon of virtue and intelligence, in his questioning of Bolton, outed a CIA agent. So too did Richard Lugar, one of those blantantly phony, glad-handing politicians that I deplore with every fiber of my being.

From the NYT:

"We referred to this other analyst at the CIA, whom I'll try and call Mr. Smith here, I hope I can keep that straight,'' Bolton said at one point.

Committee Chairman Richard Lugar, R-Ind., and Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., both mentioned a name, Fulton Armstrong, that had not previously come up in public accounts of the intelligence flap.

It is not clear whether Armstrong is the undercover officer, but an exchange between Kerry and Bolton suggests that he may be.

In questioning Bolton, Kerry read from a transcript of closed-door interviews that committee staffers conducted with State Department officials prior to Monday's hearing.

"Did Otto Reich share his belief that Fulton Armstrong should be removed from his position? The answer is yes,'' Kerry said, characterizing one interview. "Did John Bolton share that view?'' Kerry said, and then said the answer again was yes.

"As I said, I had lost confidence in Mr. Smith, and I conveyed that,'' Bolton replied evenly. "I thought that was the honest thing to do.''

"Serial Abuser"

Bush's nominee for UN Ambassador, Josh Bolton, has been busy getting 'slimed' by the Democrats this week.

According to Joe Biden, the horse's ass Senator from Delaware, Bolton has a history of verbally abusing low level staffers at the State Department. According to Biden, anytime a senior official calls in a lower-level one "and reams him a new one, that's just not acceptable."

I think it would be highly instructive to know if Senator Biden ever called in a member of his own staff and 'reamed' him or her a 'new one.' I doubt Biden would think his reaming of anyone, including Bolton, could ever be considered unacceptable.


I've been out of the political loop lately (see yesterday's post) but Dick Morris' column reminded me of the ugly Sandy Berger affair where he recently pled guilty to stealing and destroying classified national security documents.

Imagine the outcry by the press and on the Left if Condi Rice had stuffed classified documents into her blouse or her purse and then chopped them up. It would be the biggest scandal since Watergate! But since Berger is a Democrat, hell, it's no big deal. He was just destroying copies, not originals. Besides, as Bill Clinton said 'Sandy's such a slob. It doesn't surprise me that he just absentmindedly walked out with documents. He's unorganized.'

Sandy Berger ought to go to jail for attempting to destroy documents related to the way that the Clinton Administration handled (or failed to handle) terrorism, for the non-existent foreign policy that weakened America and that led directly to 9/11 and for the worldwide outbreak of radical Islam. Instead he only pays a fine, gets a slap on the wrist and has his security clearance suspended for three years.

Three years? Wow, what a coincidence! That's just about the time he'll be ready to join the next Clinton Administration.

Monday, April 11

Have Your People Call My People

Greetings from Beverly Hills.

I've been here since Friday and I'm excited to tell you that I had my first audition on Sunday.

Okay. Actually, that's not completely true. What's true is that I came to town for an audition (and to see a special certain someone) but then I did the totally "I'm-too-cool-to-stand-my-ass-in-a-six-hour-cattle-call" thing and just didn't show up.

That old saying 'beggar's can't be choosers' should be applicable to me, but I don't care. With my attitude you'd think I was Tom Hanks. And the gig was for the TV Guide Channel. I didn't know they had a channel. A talk show host or something....

Friday, April 8

Back In Business

Hi there. I'm back after not having a computer for two weeks. Back about a month ago when I was in the throes of finishing my screenplay, my old Mac died. Just stopped working. Well, that's not really true. I had been noticing signs that it was dying for quite some time, I just did the ostrich routine and was praying the problems would go away.

As I was coming up against this really hard deadline, I was forced to buy a new Mac, a PowerBook G4, to finish my script. Fast forward to about a month later and I started having problems with the new computer. Specifically, I began hearing these STRANGE noises. Like, you know that sound a pair of dice makes when you toss them across a gaming table? Kind of a subtle thump, thump, thump as they roll around? Okay combine that sound with the sudden closing of a trap door and that's one of the strange sounds that was coming out of my computer. Not right.

Then I noticed this weird clicking sound when I would power up my computer. Then, and this was the kicker. I was listening to music on iTunes one day and over the music without any warning came this ear drum shattering, mood-altering, nasty SCCRRREEECCCHHH. That did it for me. I packed up the rat bastard and sent it right back to Apple.

I was told that they would need my computer for 7-10 business days. I was pretty cool with that. I mean, it's a long time to be without your only computer but it's important to fix these problems while the machine is still under warranty. But some time off sounded pretty damn good to me. So I took a week's vacation. Had tons of fun in LA, visited friends, drank Bloody Mary's, etc.

My expectation was that when I got back to the office Monday morning, my Mac would be there serviced and ready to go. It wasn't. Tuesday, same thing. So I called Apple and inquired about the status of my computer. I was told they didn't know when I should expect my computer.

Excuse me?

Yeah. I hung up and called American Express and reversed the charges on my Mac and then I called Apple back. Suddenly I was connected with a guy name Dan who told me that the service techs were unable to find anything wrong with my computer but just to be sure that I was 'happy' and because of 'their award winning service and tech support' they were replacing my logic board or some shit like that.

Uh huh.

Surprise, surprise. My Mac arrived yesterday. And guess what else? Yep, it's still making that damn dice/trap door sound. And it clicked at me when I powered it up too. Those bastards. Good thing Amex credited my account. Now I hold all the cards.

Let's talk about what's been going on since I've been offline.

Show of hands: Who's tired of hearing about the damn Pope?

This Presidential delegation controversy cracks me up. Did anyone really expect Bill Clinton NOT to make a complete ass of himself like he always does? He's kept a very public schedule this week in Rome and he's doing high profile television interviews. Meanwhile, the Bushes are keeping a LOW PROFILE, honoring the Pope's legacy. It's all about JP II, as it should be.

And then there's this Jimmy Carter bullshit. The initial news reports were that CARTER WAS SNUBBED BY THE WHITE HOUSE, who didn't want to include him in the delagation. But digging a little deeper (read the link below) we learn that Carter's people called the White House first inquiring about the possibility that the former President WOULD LEAD THE US DELEGATION if Bush and Cheney didn't want to go.


Apparently the Vatican thinks Carter is a big chickenshit too, thanks to his TERRIBLE record on human rights in places like Cuba, Libya and Venezuela. They didn't extend an invitation to him either.

I think it's time we get over this whole thing and let the Catholic church get back to doing the two things it does best: Making people feel guilty and sexually abusing little boys.

Anyone remember Terri Schiavo? I bet Florida freshman Senator Mel Martinez is going to remember her for a long time and not for a very good reason. His office, we now know, wrote that ghost talking points memo that talked about how Republicans could capitalize on the Schiavo tragedy by appealing to the pro-life movement. That's pretty disgusting. And this would be no big deal except for the fact that Martinez, the former HUD Secretary under W, lied about it first.
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