Wednesday, May 25

International Stupidity

The 'Gulag' of our time? According to Amnesty International, the radical human rights group, the United States' detention of terrorists at Guantanamo Bay is a 'failure,' and 'the gulag of our time.'

A sizeable portion of the world's Liberals, radicals and America haters have been extremely critical of Gitmo since '01. They somehow find reason to champion the rights of terrorists while simultaneously ignoring the threat the terrorists pose to free democratic nations around the globe. Deep thinkers? Not really.

This is really not a difficult concept to master: There are a number of religious zealots who believe that killing civilians will yield them honors and rewards in the afterlife so they kill and terrorize with abandon.

Smart nations crack down on these criminals. Smart governments, like the Bush Administration, identify the threat and formulate an action plan to protect their countries and their citizens from the enemy. It would be foolish not to do so.

It would be nice if everyone followed the rules. Law abiding citizens follow the rules of society, criminals DON'T which is why they are a threat to the rest of us. Treating terrorists with dignity and respect doesn't make them hate us less. In fact, it only makes them hate us more. In the eyes of crazy people, normal people seem strange.

Amnesty International, based in Great Britain, wasn't attacked on 9/11/01 and yet they have just released a 308 page report taking us to task for the way we treat our enemies. The United States was attacked on 9/11/01. We are in the midst of responding to that attack and there is much in the way of good news to report on the war on terror.

So be careful that you don't piss off my President. He might decide to invade your country next.


Anonymous Hyman Bacher said...

Not assured.

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