Monday, October 30


A week away from the '06 midterm elections, I've been thinking a lot about politics and where we currently find ourselves as Americans. We've been at war for five years, but politically speaking, we've been at war much longer than that. Let's be clear and honest, it was the 'War Room' mentality of the Clinton/Gore team that started this war between Democrats and Republicans, which culminated during the phony Florida recount story that, even today, wages on. And it promises to get hotter, more virulent, more vitrolic.

You know me. I don't pull punches. I say what I believe, what I think. The Democrats in 2000, led by Al Gore, cheated nationwide. They cheated in Florida, they cheated in Iowa, they cheated in New Mexico and in California, Oregon and Washington State. It was just the Florida vote that received all the attention.

We've been hearing about how many close races there are this year, over 50 competitive House races, and some six Senate seats that will be up for grabs. And with the closeness of these races comes the added responsibility of taking measures to protect these votes.

In states like Ohio, Missouri and Pennsylvania efforts have already been made to safeguard the voting process, by requiring voters to present valid personal identification to prove they are who they puport to be. These measures have been struck down in all three of those states by Liberal, activist judges.

Eight days before the election and some Floridians are already hard @ work, trying to disrupt direct Democracy.

The Miami Herald reports today that 'several' early voters have complained that the voting choices they made on electronic voting screens did not end up on the final review screen -- the last step before casting one's vote.

"Broward Supervisor of Elections spokeswoman Mary Cooney said it's not uncommon for screens on heavily used machines to slip out of sync, making votes register incorrectly. Poll workers are trained to recalibrate them on the spot -- essentially, to realign the video screen with the electronics inside. The 15-step process is outlined in the poll-workers manual.

''It is resolved right there at the early-voting site,'' Cooney said."

How hard can it be to create a fail safe, idiot-proof confusion-less way for Americans to vote? Why is it this hard? We need one standard system, not 20 different voting methods. The cheaters depend on confusion when they cry wolf.

Election volunteers and workers are good people, with good intentions. But you can't convince me that a week from tomorrow, these volunteers will be able to counter the full court press of a bunch of sleazy so-called 'Democratic' political operatives and attorneys won't be on the spot in Miami and thousands of other locations nationwide causing widespread confusion and panic while claiming disenfranchisement and that 'every vote must be counted.'

I predict that the battle for Congress is going to be decided in the courts much the way of Bush V. Gore.

Saturday, October 28

very scary

What will Democrats do if they win Congress?

The "Patients Before Profits Act" would gut funding for the new Medicare Advantage plans that are proving so popular with seniors and they would replace it with the "Medicare for All Act," which would make all Americans, of any age, eligible for Medicare and pay for it with a new 1.7% payroll tax on workers and 7% on employers.


They will, in the words of Nancy Pelosi, "negotiate lower drug prices" -- or, in other words, "price controls" -- which would delay the introduction of new treatments for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and cancer.

Repeat after me: "Michael J. Fox is a sucker. Michael J. Fox is a sucker."

The Democrats will introduce "Employee Free Choice Act," which would force workplaces to become union shops without elections or secret ballots.

They'll do further damage to the economy by raising taxes and signing the Kyoto Treaty.

The Democrats will attempt to pass a "windfall" profits tax on oil companies. Any chance of utilizing domestic sources of oil would be gone, making the US more, not less, dependent on foreign sources of oil. And Democrats are sure to raise fuel-mileage mandates, which will more or less kill whatever is left of Big Auto.

Scary. Very scary. And Halloween is still three days away.

more steele

There's a television spot currently running in Maryland featuring the actor Michael J. Fox. In the ad, Fox supports Democratic incumbent Ben Cardin in part for Cardin's support for stem cell research.

Fox's Missouri ad slammed Senator Jim Talent and in the Maryland ad he blasts Michael Steele as being opposed to stem cell research.

Lies. Both Talent and Steele support stem cell research. And in the case of Steele, Dr. Monica Turner, his sister, (pictured above) has Multiple Sclerosis.

Watch the ad by clicking on the 'More Steele' headline above.


Maryland's Lt. Governor Michael Steele, the highest ranking African-American elected official in Maryland state history, had to crash the NAACP Candidates Forum today in Baltimore because he wasn't invited.

Yes, you read that correctly. The NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Black People, FAILED TO INVITE A BLACK MAN RUNNING FOR CONGRESS to their Candidates Forum. All of the other candidates were there, including Ben Cardin, a white Jew. Even third party candidate Kevin Zeese was invited!

Steele, of course, is a Republican. Four years ago Steele spoke to this same group. He was running for Lieutenant Governor at the time and during his address he was pelted with Oreo cookies. Isn't that lovely? (it seems that black Liberals are just as intolerant and narrow minded as white Liberals)

Good for you, Mike. Good for exposing the hypocrisy of this selectively racist organization.

Friday, October 27

family fun

Former Navy Secretary and current Democratic Virginia Senate candidate James Webb writes about some strange topics.

From 'Lost Soldiers':

"A shirtless man walked toward them along a mud pathway. His muscles were young and hard, but his face was devastated with wrinkles. His eyes were so red that they appeared to be burned by fire. A naked boy ran happily toward him from a little plot of dirt. The man grabbed his young son in his arms, turned him upside down, and put the boy’s penis in his mouth."

(Completely disgusted)


"In a news release and list of quotes posted Friday on the Drudge Report Web site, Virginia Sen. George Allen accused his opponent, Webb, of "demeaning women" and "dehumanizing women, men and even children" through his fiction writings. At least two of the listed passages include children in sexual situations."

And Webb is calling the revelation of this passage in one of his books as 'a smear'? How can it be a smear when Webb himself wrote the above passage? And how can it be a smear when, as Webb himself claimed this morning on Washington Post radio that the above incident is true and he witnessed it?

"Let me explain what that was," he said. "I actually saw this happen in a slum of Bangkok and when I was there as a journalist. A man placing his lips on his son's private parts. ... And the duty of a writer is to illuminate the surroundings.

"There is nothing that's been in any of my novels that, in my view, hasn't been either illuminating surroundings or defining a character or moving a plot," Webb said."

Thanks for clearing that up, Jimbo.

Tuesday, October 24

gop in freakcentral

Did you know that one of the largest groups at the uber Liberal University of California, Berkeley is the Young Republicans?

amendment 2

I hear from Democrats that there is a sense that Claire McCaskill is going to pick up Jim Talent's Missouri Senate seat because of Amendment 2, the proposed stem cell research state ballot measure.

Like Drudge reported yesterday, Michael J. Fox cut a commercial for McCaskill. Now, he's also doing one for Maryland's Ben Cardin. Tomorrow night actor Jim Caviezel and St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jeff Suppan will air an ad response to the Fox commercial in Missouri.

Some say that Amendment 2 is about stem cell research, while others say that Amendment 2 has to do only with cloning. Who to believe? The Democrats or the Republicans?

wtc bones

More human remains have been found at the World Trade Center site.


Former California Governor and current Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown is running for California Attorney General against Republican Chuck Poochigian.

Jerry Brown has long been a Liberal freak and now he wants to be California's top cop. He's opposed to the death penalty. And he's ineligible to even run for the office because he hasn't practiced law in five years.

Isn't that just like a Democrat not to follow the law? Not to read the fine print?

From the Sacramento Bee:

"Government Code Section 12503 declares that no person is eligible to be attorney general unless "he shall have been admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the state for a period of at least five years immediately preceding his or her election to the office."

Meanwhile, Fresno's Chuck Poochigian IS qualified to be Attorney General, believing the first duty of the A.G. is to protect citizens from crime. Poochigian also places a high priority on protecting families from sex offenders and arresting online sex predators. He wants to combat gang violence and lock up felons with firearms.

I don't have kids, but if I did, Poochigian would be my choice for Attorney General.

go bears!

One of the biggest student organizations @ Cal-Berkeley is the Young Republicans.

"I gave an interview to a British newspaper recently, and the journalist asked me about Berkeley's liberalism," said UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau to the group. "I had to tell him that the largest student political group on campus is Republican. You should've seen him: He was so disappointed."

barack obama

Back in April I had a beer with my good buddy Chris, a Democratic campaign consultant. He told me then, and it is coming true today, that the time for his former boss, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, to run for President was in 2008.

"What about Hillary Clinton?" I asked.

"She's not electable, but Obama is," he said. "He's a rockstar. Everywhere he goes, people go crazy. He will be President one day and he might very well be the NEXT President," Chris said.

What we're in the midst of seeing is the Obama coming-out-party. This type of media attention (salivation, really) is rarely bestowed upon politicians.

The reason Senator Obama must run now (in the minds of people like Chris) is that Senators are rarely elected President because of their lengthy voting records. Senators cast thousands of votes over the course of a six year term and this can become problematic for their candidacies. If I'm wrong I know you will tell me about it, but I believe on 15 Senators have been elected President in our nation's history. I know the last four have been Truman, JFK, LBJ and Nixon.

And Obama's very brief Senate career is sure to ruffle some Reagan Democrats. He voted to roll back the Bush tax cuts. Voted against elements of the Patriot Act. Voted against Bush Supreme picks Alito and Roberts. (Obama's reasoning about why he voted against Roberts, whom he called 'well qualified' is Clintonian.) This guy's a big time Liberal.

And he's also a shoe-in to be the 44th President.

Monday, October 23

nike + original run

Nike has commissioned two RFL favorite recording artists, LCD Soundsystem and Crystal Method, to compose original works to be sold on iTunes and used in conjunction with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit.

'toss ups'

Pollster Scott Rasmussen says five Senate seats Tennessee, Montana, Missouri, Virginia and New Jersey are "toss ups."

In Tennessee, desperate Senatorial candidate Harold Ford crashed the news conference of Republican candidate Bob Corker. Ford looked childish and irresponsible, while Corker seemed in command, told Ford he was going to conduct his event and walked away.

In Montana, incumbent Conrad Burns has begun hitting back against the ridiculous Jon Tester, he of the big beer belly and the flatop haircut. I've long believed that when election day grew closer that voters would take a good, hard look at the two candidates and determine that Burns has done a lot for Montana.

In Missouri, I believe that incumbent Republican Jim Talent will defeat State auditor Claire McCasskill.

The Virgnia race has been dominating local news over the stupid non-story of Senator George Allen calling a videotape weilding operative of the Jim Webb campaign 'a machaca.' Isn't that a type of burrito?

In New Jersey, Tom Kean, Jr. is going to defeat incumbent Sentor Bob Menendez.


Our annual trip to San Francisco was a blast...all nine guys had a great time chasing girls and drink copious amounts of beer at The Bus Stop. And the Chargers killed the 49ers 48-19.

One night we were drinking at SF Mayor Gavin Newsom's bar, the Balboa Cafe, and I met a gorgeous girl, Maria, who just happens to be a costume designer in San Diego!

Which is great because group of us are going down to Mexico this next Saturday night for an invitation-only Halloween party and I need a costume.

prop. 87

The stupidity. Raising taxes on California gasoline to get Californians to use less oil from Saudi Arabia? As the WSJ writes this morning: "Brilliant."

Both Bill Clinton and Al Gore back Proposition 87, presumably because it allegedly 'will increase energy independence,' with domestic energy sources like biofuels, wind and solar.

But the question is how? Those are nascent industries. Like it or not, we NEED fuel. The economy depends on it.

'Feeling good' about the environment, "making the air clean for the children," as Clinton says, doesn't matter nearly as much as a healthy economy. So what's a better trade off? Having clean air for your kid or being able to feed that kid? correctly claims that America is "dangerously dependent on foreign oil," but why is that exactly?

It is because of people like Clinton and Gore and the rabid environmentalists.

A 'Yes' vote on 87 means MORE dependence on foreign oil, not less. It means an additional $4 billion in taxes a year. It means a new state bureacracy of 50 political appointees in charge of spending that money -- with no accountability to taxpayers and no requirement they produce any results.

A 'Yes' vote on 87 also means less money for schools, public safety, health care, local government and transportation needs.


Have you heard about "Bully," the latest videogame release from those trouble makers at Rockstar Games?

It tells the story of a 15 year old high school kid who tries to avoid the bullies at his school. He's rewarded for good behavior: If he goes to class and pays attention, he's more popular with the girls. And he's punished for bad behavior: If he stays up too late, he goes to sleep.

"Bully" sounds like quite the opposite of the "Grand Theft Auto" series which continues to land Rockstar in legal hot water for its mix of blood, gore, drugs, sex and mayhem.


The Senatorial debate deul between Hillary Clinton and former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer was on Friday night. Of course, the MSM constantly plays up the performance of the Democrat and its no exception here. The softball coverage would lead anyone to believe that Spencer is a buffoon and Clinton the master of all domains. Clinton and her 'far greater celebrity' versus the GOP's latest sacrificial lamb.

The truth, as usual, is something completely different. Spencer came off as the much better prepared candidate. He had some unique insights into the world and into New York. Clinton sounded monotone, passive and unpersuasive, always returning to bash Bush regardless of the subject.

At one point when she was railing against Don Rumsfeld, Spencer correctly pointed out that it was the President of the United States that determines the fate of the Secretary of Defense, not a junior Senator. Then he said, "You're not the President, yet."

If we needed another reminder that Clinton is a congenital liar (as famously stated by William Safire) she provided the fodder. Asked about whether or not she is going to run for President in '08 Clinton said that she hasn't given it serious thought, or as the NYT described it, she "firmly maintained that she was focused on her work in Congress and had made no decisions about running for president."

A laughable comment, but had she left it there, okay. But she went further to explain herself, as congenital liars do, and said that she 'is not actively engaged in preparations' to run for President.

Really? (wild laughter) That was almost as funny as the NY1 logo that covered much of Spencers face and torso. Think that was planned?

Friday, October 20

al sadr

It was a terrible mistake not killing this guy two years ago. Now his militia is causing a bunch of trouble.

If we continue to fight this war in the politically correct manner we've been fighting it, we might very well lose, which is just what the Democrats have been hoping for.

Wednesday, October 18

dow 12,000

News Flash: The Democrats have been caught in another election year lie: If the economy is as 'bad' as they say, how come the stock market hit an all new high today?

If for no other reason the Dems continue to illustrate that they aren't worthy of your trust and they certainly don't deserve your vote based on their patent, chronic dishonesty.


I saw Bob Novak the other night on television talking about politicians benefiting from legislation. The most recent public example is Senate Minority leader Harry Reid, who profited to the tune of $1.1 million on a recent land deal.

There was a time, Novak said, when politicians made a career choice and some chose politics as their profession. Today, that line has been not only blurred but crossed. Politicians today, on both sides, are businesspeople actively engaged in doing business.

I doubt very much that this is what the Founders intended.

rick santorum

I've been a Santorum fan for a long time. He's outspoken and passionate -- just what an effective politician should be.

His opponent in Pennsylvania -- Bob Casey -- does one or two campaign events a week, runs a bunch of negative ads, never answers a tough question, yet leads in just about every opinion poll by an average of 9%.

Go figure.

If the GOP loses the Senate, it will not be because of people like Santorum. He's one of the few who has chosen not to rest on his laurels.

If you believe in Rick as I do, please visit his website by clicking on 'Rick Santorum' above.

double standards

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland calling Maryland Senatorial candidate Michael Steele 'slavish' to the Republican party? Steele is black. Imagine if a Republican had said something similar to this. The Left would have been outraged. They would have demanded apologies and resignations and investigations. The MSM would have gone into full scandal mode.

But when a Democrat says a black man has been a slave to the Republican Party, nothing. No reaction, no controversy. This one incident alone proves that there is media bias and that there is a double standard for America's two major political parties.

There are examples of these double standards all over the place.

More racism: Trent Lott praised the late Strom Thurmond and immediately came under fire for making 'racist' comments. He resigned his position as Senate Majority Leader. Do you think Hoyer will resign his leadership position?

When it comes to inappropriate sexual behavior the Republicans have Mark Foley, but the Democrats have Gerry Studds, Mel Reynolds, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, among others. Foley had the temerity to resign even though the charges against him amounted to little more than some suggestive email messages with a minor. The above Liberals refused to exit the stage even though they were guilty of sexual intercourse with a male minor, sexual intercourse with a female minor, running a gay brothel out of his apartment and reckless homicide, respectively.

One of the biggest double standards in politics is truth telling and the way the press covers perceived honesty and dishonesty. The MSM is quick to point out 'lies' when it comes to the GOP, even though usually it could be more aptly described as 'policy disagreements.' The press hates the policies of the Bush Administration. But when it comes to holding the Democrats to the same stringent standards, the MSM looks the other way.

In the '90's lying didn't seem to be a big deal. America has never had a more dishonest President than Bill Clinton. But the MSM loved Clinton. He lied about stuff that he didn't even have to lie about and the press just ate it all up. They couldn't get enough of his phony Presidency. Lying is just a big part of who Clinton is. At the core he's a dishonest guy.

George W. Bush came into office widely perceived as a truth teller. In the minds of the electorate his honesty was his most valuable characteristic. That was before the Democrats and the press decided to slime him. I don't think its a coincidence that since 2003 there has been a never-ending cavalcade of stories about how 'Bush Lied,' about this and 'lied' about that.

How many stories have we read about how the Bush Administration is 'the most secretive Administration' in history? How many stories about Bush's supposed inferior intellect? About his 'uncurious' mind? How many stories about 'misleading' the country into war? How many stories about Iraq being an 'imminent threat'?

The Democrats have perfected the art of 'the pot calling the kettle black.' They accuse Republicans of engaging in the very behavior they themselves are actively involved in. Talk about a double standard!

The Democrats have shown us repeatedly that they don't stand for anything. It is from this political posture that they must seek to have 'it' both ways. That is, they can vote for something -- the Iraq war, for example -- but then when the polls begin to show that their position has suddenly become politically disadvantageous, they must then have the ability to seamlessly swerve into the opposite position. The MSM makes this possible for the Left because Democrats are never forced to answer tough questions.

The Republicans rarely switch their positions exactly because they have core principles that drives everything they do. It's a good thing too, because they are not allowed by the MSM to switch positions.

There is simply no denying that Republicans are held to a higher standard than are Democrats.

Look at the demagoguery of the Left on the economy.

The American economy is firing on all cylinders. Corporations are making money. They are hiring at record levels. Unemployment is low -- 4.6% -- the stock market hit another all time high yesterday. But what do the Democrats say about the economy every chance they get? 'It's the worst economy since...'

Since 2004? John Kerry and John Edwards spent the better part of that entire year talking down the economy. When voters began to pay attention they listened to what the Democrats said and then took a look into their own pocketbooks and decided that the Democrats were full of crap. I think they'll do the same this year.

Of course, opinion polls are showing that the Democrats are going to seize control of Congress in 19 days. But here's a question. When was the last time that you saw a trustworthy poll? These same polls had Kerry winning the Presidency two years ago and Bush won the election by 3 million votes.

And why do you think that is exactly? Could it be that voters actually can tell the difference between political candidates that actually stand for something versus those who don't? Could it be that voters vote on substance rather than grievances?

Take a look today at what the Democrats are doing versus what the Republicans are doing. The Democrats continue to be pessimistic while doing nothing of consequence. The Republicans, by sharp contrast, are passing legislation like the new rules on prisoner interrogation and detainee tribunals. The Republicans are doing stuff that matters and the Democrats continue to be left behind.

What's the MSM doing today? Besides obscuring and distoring the truth, they find themselves caught up in full 'Blue Wave' mode, with story after story breathlessly reporting that the Democrats are poised to take control of Congress. Of course, Karl Rove, Ken Mehlman and President Bush are saying the opposite.

Wow, what a choice. Whom to believe?

In this election year only one thing matters -- only one thing should matter to serious voters -- national security. And when the issue is national security Democrats are the losers. Nothing else matters nearly as much as this issue. The Democrats prove my point because they never talk about protecting America. Instead they talk about fringe issues, smokescreening, hoping to strike chords in uninformed voters. If a nuclear bomb is detonated in an American city, Social Security, prescription drugs and AIDS will be the last thing on people's minds.

Wednesday, October 11


More good news for the GOP.

In Tennessee Senate candidate Bob Corker is leading Harold Ford, 48%-46%, which is a five point turnaround for Corker.


I see that incumbent PA Senator Rick Santorum and Democratic lightweight challenger Bob Casey are 'neck and neck' according to a new Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll.

Casey had been leading by as much as 18% just a few weeks ago...

small plane hits nyc building; yankee pitcher dead

New York Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle and a passenger were killed today as the small passenger jet he was piloting crashed into a building on the Upper East side of Manhattan.

corrupt harry reid

From the Associated Press:

"Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn't personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show.

"In the process, Reid did not disclose to Congress an earlier sale in which he transferred his land to a company created by a friend and took a financial stake in that company, according to records and interviews.

"Reid hung up the phone when questioned about the deal during an AP interview last week."

chris shays

I've never particularly cared for Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT). He's one of those squishy moderates. I often wonder/question his loyalty. He's not as squishy as Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee, but still...

Last week, Ted Kennedy came to Connecticut last week to campaign for Shays' opponent, Diane Farrell. Kennedy, like many other Democrats, in the words of the Hartford Courant, saw 'a chance to lambaste Republican leadership,' calling on Speaker Denny Hastert to resign and criticizing the GOP leadership.

The hypocrisy on the Left has been on full display in the wake of the Foley scandal. Democrats are quick to rip 'lapses in Republican judgement' while completely glossing over any and all examples of Liberal corruption.

Or murder.

Kennedy killed one of his own campaign staffers, Mary Jo Kopechne, in a 1969 car accident, and he actually has the unmitigated gall to attempt to disparage the leadership of the entire Republican Party over the sexually suggestive email communication of a former Congressman?

"I know the speaker didn't go over a bridge and leave a young person in the water, and then have a press conference the next day," said Shays, referring to the 1969 incident in which the Massachusetts Democrat drove a car that plunged into the water and a young campaign worker died.

"Dennis Hastert didn't kill anybody," he added.

I love it when the Republicans fight back. It doesn't happen nearly enough in my opinion.

Tuesday, October 10

now playing

Interesting marketing/packaging for this disc. Not only is the audio CD enclosed, but also a DVD featuring a slew of weird Beck videos.

And there's no cover art...the package includes an assortment of stickers and geometry paper so you can create your own art.

davis & hastert

Why did this chickenshit hold a press conference this morning apologizing AGAIN for Mark Foley?

The Foley non-scandal is off the front page...but fat ass Hastert is still talking about it. Great politics.

The Republicans are so media savvy, aren't they? Idiots!

Why is Tom Davis talking about the possibility of Republicans losing 30 House seats? You never see the Democrats talk about 'losing,' do you? They are always 'optimistic about their chances.'

Is conceding the midterm elections in October some new fangled political strategy I've never heard about? WTF?

Whenever Republicans talk about issues WE WIN. All the Democrats have to talk about are irrelevant GOP stumblings. All they can do is gripe about Mark Foley or how Bush hasn't done enough about terrorism. But he's still doing more than the Democrats.

Notice how the Left can't herald their plans for national security or fighting terrorism or finishing the job in Iraq? If they had plans for these things they'd most certainly be talking about them.

GOP leaders should be talking about North Korea. GOP leaders should be talking about what the Democrats would do if elected to the Majority. GOP leaders should be reminding voters about the failed policies of the Democrats regarding terror and national security. GOP leaders should be reminding Americans that the Democrats will raise taxes if they become the Majority.

Why aren't GOP leaders talking about REAL issues? Issues that affect the lives of you and me and everyone we know? And after all of that if Hastert and others STILL want to invoke the name of Foley, they should mention at the same time that Nancy Pelosi associates with pedophiles every year @ the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco.


Hollywood producer David Zucker ("Airplane," "The Naked Gun") has created a midterm election ad for the GOP that has been deemed as "too hot" by Republican strategists in Washington DC.

That's a shame because the spot humorously tells the truth about how the Left 'plays games' with America's national security.

In the ad, an actress portraying Madeline Albright, paints the walls of Osama bin Laden's cave, changes the flat tire of a terrorist, and cheers North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il as he plays basketball.

Good stuff. Click 'Nonfiction' above to see the video.

Monday, October 9

senate 'firewall'?

Word is the GOP is now targeting three Senate races as we close the gap down to November 7.

In what is being described as a 'firewall strategy,' the Republican National Committee is heavily investing in television advertising for the Senate races in Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee.

Drip, drip, drip goes the negative election news. Supposedly it is going to be all bad for all Republicans in November. That's the refrain being hammered into us by the always honest, objective MSM.

Yet I don't see the big Democratic wave out here in Blue state California. Our Republican Governor is cruising to re-election against a tax hiking Democrat.

I don't see the big Democratic wave in Blue state Maryland. Two statewide Republicans -- Bob Erhlich and Mike Steele --are within striking distance.

I don't see the big Democratic wave in Pennsylvania, where Republican Senator Rick Santorum has crawled back from a 18% behind Bob Casey. Some polls have Santorum only down 5%.

I don't see the big Democratic wave in New Jersey, a deeply Blue state. Tom Kean Jr. is going to defeat incumbent Bob Menendez.

I don't see the big Democratic wave in Red state Ohio. Mike DeWine trails hard Lefty Sherrod Brown by 3%.

I don't see the big Democratic wave in Red state Missouri. Jim Talent is tied with the shameless liar Claire McCaskill.

I don't see the big Democratic wave in Red state Tennessee. Bob Corker trails Harold Ford by 2%. (Sorry Chris.)

I don't see the big Democratic wave in Red state Montana. Conrad Burns trails Jon Tester by 6%.

The bottom line is that August and September were good months for Republicans. The Democrats were going to down (again) to defeat so they pulled an October Surprise of their own and dropped the Mark Foley bomb. But as usual they overplayed their hand. Nobody is going to care about Foley in four weeks.

The fact that Republicans are competitive in nearly every race in the country doesn't bode very well for the Left.

strong, swift

What are we going to do about North Korea?

Sanctions? Sure. But the UN is so ineffectual. It's quite a sad state of affairs when the morning cable shows express shock and awe, effusively congratulating the dysfunctional UN on actually being able to issue a Security Council statement condemning the nuclear test in a speedy 30 minutes. Like that's a BIG achievement!

Military action? Maybe.

Regime change? Perhaps. Kim Jong Il is every bit as much of a tyrant as Hussein was.

I'll tell you though that whatever the White House does, it had better be strong and swift, because rogue state numero uno Iran is watching.

The Democrats are busy bashing W. But thinking logically, how much could Bush really have done about North Korea up to this point? Clinton made that famous deal with Kim Jong Il (The fact that Clinton actually EXPECTED this fruitcake to honor the terms of said agreement speaks volumes about the judgment of Democrats when it comes to foreign policy.)

I don't actually believe North Korea is going to fire off missiles. This is saber rattling and nothing more, a walking advertisement for selling weapons on the black market.

Thursday, October 5


I perused the new releases on Sunday.

I toyed with buying the Woodward book. I was going to buy 'The Looming Tower,' but they were sold out. I bought 'Marley and Me.'

And then I thumbed through the John Ashcroft book. This guy is the type of humble public servant the Founders intended to serve at the highest levels of American government. There are many reasons why I have great admiration for Ashcroft -- Calling the 9/11 Commission what it and pony show, is just one.

Ashcroft famously told the truth about Jamie Gorelick, and the wall she created between the CIA and FBI. Ashcroft was 100% correct in his assessment that this wall was "the greatest structural cause for Sept. 11."

The truth is so refreshing.

Wednesday, October 4


What ever happened to Mary Murphy, the former CIA agent fired earlier this year for leaking national security documents?

I guess if you happen to be a Liberal Democrat who contributed to the Kerry/Edwards campaign in '04, you are above scrutiny, and above the law.

and more foley

I think I've been proven correct in my initial analysis on Mark Foley.

He's a dirtbag, I hope he gets help. I don't care whether he was molested or had a tough childhood. Kill the violins.

The Democrats are using this dirt, hoping against hope to achieve some type of political advantage. If the Republicans could capitalize during an election year on a perv Dem, would they? Probably. But not to this extent. The Dems (again) are overplaying their hand. They never know when to quit.

I said from the outset that the timing of this entire scandal seemed extremely questionable and I still believe it. I've been hearing talk about Left wing blogs having intimate knowledge of the sexually suggestive IM's as far back as a year ago. And George Soros has a fiduciary relationship with CREW, a far Left organization.

Do serious people really believe that the sworn enemies of George W. Bush will not, if given the chance, seek to inflict as much damage as possible on the GOP in an election year?

Come on, you're not that gullible, are you?


An Appeals Court in Cincinnati ruled today that the Federal Government can continue to use the warrantless domestic wiretap program pending the Justice Department's appeal of a federal judge's ruling which sought to outlaw the program.

So THAT'S what common sense looks like.

Tuesday, October 3

the economy sucks

The Dow Jones Industrials finished the day at an all-time high, permanantly embarrassing and humiliating the Democrats who are constantly talking down the economy.

Today's high, 11,727.34 wiped out the previous record of 11,722.98.

That Bush is the worst President ever, isn't he?

'a critical test'

It appears that outh Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki Moon is going to become to next Secretary-General of the United Nations after Monday's straw poll of the five veto-wielding Security Council members -- the U.S., France, Britain, China and Russia -- all voted to support Mr. Ban's candidacy, which the South Korean government actively promoted, over rivals from India, Jordan, Thailand, Latvia and Afghanistan.

Officials expect Ban to be less of a higher profile figure than the departing Kofi Annan.

In the past Ban has described the U.N. as "overstretched and fatigued" and argued that it should focus more on "delivering results in the hundreds of pressing items already on its agenda" and not "identifying new frontiers to conquer."

From the WSJ:

"Mr. Ban has said he believes the U.N. is facing a critical test to keep multilateralism relevant. A sluggish bureaucracy and scandals over contracting have hurt the organization's reputation. Mr. Ban said he may apply lessons learned while heading South Korea's foreign ministry, where he implemented performance-based criteria for jobs and promotions to replace a tenure-based system."

The official vote is expected later this month.

brian ross and abc news

Brian Ross of ABC News was in possession of the Mark Foley sex IM's and he was 'too busy with Katrina,' to report on them?

SO, since he was BUSY reporting on Katrina, he saved the Foley IM's until five weeks before an election? Apparently the IM's must not have been that important back then?

It turns out that the St. Petersburg Times, the Miami Herald and Fox News all had the Foley IM's and deemed them unimportant, too.

"Our decision at the time was ... that because the language was not sexually explicit and was subject to interpretation, from innocuous to 'sick,' as the page characterized it, to be cautious," said Tom Fiedler, executive editor of the Herald. "Given the potentially devastating impact that a false suggestion of pedophilia could have on anyone, not to mention a congressman known to be gay, and lacking any corroborating information, we chose not to do a story."

Like I said yesterday, what about the children?

Monday, October 2


The Democrats are using the Mark Foley scandal for their own political gain. So much for them 'caring for the children.'

Here's the DNC playbook, courtesy of Hotline:

"1. Pay no heed to the distinction between the e-mails and IMs. There's no evidence (yet) that any Republican leaders knew about Foley's cybersex IMs. There's plenty of evidence that they knew how uncomfortable the "overly friendly" e-mails made at least one page. So the Dems will press the GOP on what they knew about the former and will constantly, in their press releases, refer to the "GOP's knowledge of the sexually explicit e-mails."

2. Enlarge the wedge between House leaders. The tension this weekend between Speaker Dennis Hastert and NRCC chair Tom Reynolds was thick. Dems want it to suffocate the party and throw the Republicans even further off their game.

3. Be aggressive about how Dems will -- and are -- protecting children. Dems want to keep the issue poisonous in a way that's clear and direct to middle America. (In other words: this ain't earmarks.)

4. Choose unimpeachable spokespeople to be their public face. The DCCC has enlisted Patty Wetterling, its candidate for MN 06, to call for "a thorough investigation" of the House leadership over Foley. Wetterling's son, Jacob, was kidnapped in 1989.

5. Deride the Republicans for incompetence. How can you possibly trust them with national security if you can't trust them with your own children?

6. Bring up Terri Schiavo's case and compare the heated GOP attention back then to their allegedly lax attention to the welfare of their pages.

7. Compare what the GOP leadership says about Foley with what Republicans said about Jack Abramoff.

8. Use the Foley cash. Already, the DSCC wonders why George Allen didn't immediately return the Foley. The quotable Phil Singer: “It is more than a little disturbing that Allen apparently sees nothing wrong with holding on to contributions he got from an adult who has been caught sending sexually explicit email to children." Allen and Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM) will return the cash. But the NRCC already spent the $550K and won't."

Apparently, the Dems believe they have us over a barrel. Their objectives:

"1. Republicans will flinch before they try and use "values" as a cudgel. Can this NRCC ad against Brad Ellsworth be run in this environment?

2. Democrats now have a new way to respond to the Republicans when they go negative: "They're just trying to distract you from the scandal."

3. GOP candidates will be thrown on the defensive, generally.

4. Link House candidates -- and not just Reynolds -- to the sense that that the GOP was hesitant to investigate or even poke around into Foley's life because they didn't want to jeopardize their majority. That is, they craved power to the point where they ignored or suppressed warnings."

smoke screen

The Democrats haven't been able to get much traction with their hypocritical 'Culture of Corruption' campaign against Republicans in this election year. But some recent events -- all bad news for the GOP -- are they all just coincidental?

Mark Foley -- trading sexually suggestive emails and instant messages with a minor. Disgusting? Yes. Physical relationship? No. At least he had the decency to resign. Democrats, when faced with explosive allegations dig in and fight. They have no decency. In fact, the Left routinely celebrates bad behavior.

Look at Gerry Studds (D-MA). Studds had SEX with an underage boy and he kept his seat. He was censured by the House and then went on to serve five additional terms!

This absurd non-story about Senator George Allen -- harmlessly uttering the indian slur 'macaca,' which turns into a national scandal -- yet Allen's campaign opponent James Webb receives absolutely no criticism for uttering racial epithets.

Details of Westchester New York D.A. Jeanne Pirro's nasty divorce being leaked -- Could this be an attempt by Democrats to find dirt on Rudy Giuliani ahead of '08?

The leak (and hysteria surrounding) the National Intelligence Estimate -- a document written five months ago -- which stated the obvious in Iraq, yet the good news arising from the report went unreported by the MSM.

This Bob Woodward book? Anyone who knows Bush routinely cite his organizational skill, yet Woodward claims the White House is chaotic and unorganized. It doesn't ring true -- even Woodward admits that he was more interested in getting the book out before the midterm elections than he was in the accuracy of his claims -- It's a hit piece.

Meanwhile...ask yourself who benefits from this constant drumbeat of negative stories about Republicans. The Democrats cannot stand to lose another election. They are pulling out all the stops, and there are more likely 'scandals' to be uncovered the closer we get to November 7.

I won't go so far as claiming this is all part of 'a vast left wing conspiracy,' but it certainly does smack of 'the Clinton War Room,' which shows the desperation of the Left. They throw dirt and they vote against aggressive interrogation techniques.

The War On Terror is still the most important issue of the day. Voters know and recognize that Republicans remain the stronger of the two parties, with or without a Democratic smoke screen.
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