Monday, October 23


The Senatorial debate deul between Hillary Clinton and former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer was on Friday night. Of course, the MSM constantly plays up the performance of the Democrat and its no exception here. The softball coverage would lead anyone to believe that Spencer is a buffoon and Clinton the master of all domains. Clinton and her 'far greater celebrity' versus the GOP's latest sacrificial lamb.

The truth, as usual, is something completely different. Spencer came off as the much better prepared candidate. He had some unique insights into the world and into New York. Clinton sounded monotone, passive and unpersuasive, always returning to bash Bush regardless of the subject.

At one point when she was railing against Don Rumsfeld, Spencer correctly pointed out that it was the President of the United States that determines the fate of the Secretary of Defense, not a junior Senator. Then he said, "You're not the President, yet."

If we needed another reminder that Clinton is a congenital liar (as famously stated by William Safire) she provided the fodder. Asked about whether or not she is going to run for President in '08 Clinton said that she hasn't given it serious thought, or as the NYT described it, she "firmly maintained that she was focused on her work in Congress and had made no decisions about running for president."

A laughable comment, but had she left it there, okay. But she went further to explain herself, as congenital liars do, and said that she 'is not actively engaged in preparations' to run for President.

Really? (wild laughter) That was almost as funny as the NY1 logo that covered much of Spencers face and torso. Think that was planned?


Blogger Lisa said...

Good line by Spencer. He looks like a more formidable candidate than Rick Lazio, but I'm not sure that will be enough to beat the Hillary monster. Don't think that the Democrats are excited by a potential Hillary candidacy in '08. That's hardly the case. While Hillary may have the Senate seat locked up, she is hardly the preferred choice of the Democrats for their presidential nomination.

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