Tuesday, October 10

davis & hastert

Why did this chickenshit hold a press conference this morning apologizing AGAIN for Mark Foley?

The Foley non-scandal is off the front page...but fat ass Hastert is still talking about it. Great politics.

The Republicans are so media savvy, aren't they? Idiots!

Why is Tom Davis talking about the possibility of Republicans losing 30 House seats? You never see the Democrats talk about 'losing,' do you? They are always 'optimistic about their chances.'

Is conceding the midterm elections in October some new fangled political strategy I've never heard about? WTF?

Whenever Republicans talk about issues WE WIN. All the Democrats have to talk about are irrelevant GOP stumblings. All they can do is gripe about Mark Foley or how Bush hasn't done enough about terrorism. But he's still doing more than the Democrats.

Notice how the Left can't herald their plans for national security or fighting terrorism or finishing the job in Iraq? If they had plans for these things they'd most certainly be talking about them.

GOP leaders should be talking about North Korea. GOP leaders should be talking about what the Democrats would do if elected to the Majority. GOP leaders should be reminding voters about the failed policies of the Democrats regarding terror and national security. GOP leaders should be reminding Americans that the Democrats will raise taxes if they become the Majority.

Why aren't GOP leaders talking about REAL issues? Issues that affect the lives of you and me and everyone we know? And after all of that if Hastert and others STILL want to invoke the name of Foley, they should mention at the same time that Nancy Pelosi associates with pedophiles every year @ the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco.


Blogger Douglas V. Gibbs said...

have you read the list of the top ten democratic sex scandals in congress?

7:51 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

Please send them to me and be sure to cite the source.

Thanks Doug.

11:13 AM  

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