Monday, October 23

prop. 87

The stupidity. Raising taxes on California gasoline to get Californians to use less oil from Saudi Arabia? As the WSJ writes this morning: "Brilliant."

Both Bill Clinton and Al Gore back Proposition 87, presumably because it allegedly 'will increase energy independence,' with domestic energy sources like biofuels, wind and solar.

But the question is how? Those are nascent industries. Like it or not, we NEED fuel. The economy depends on it.

'Feeling good' about the environment, "making the air clean for the children," as Clinton says, doesn't matter nearly as much as a healthy economy. So what's a better trade off? Having clean air for your kid or being able to feed that kid? correctly claims that America is "dangerously dependent on foreign oil," but why is that exactly?

It is because of people like Clinton and Gore and the rabid environmentalists.

A 'Yes' vote on 87 means MORE dependence on foreign oil, not less. It means an additional $4 billion in taxes a year. It means a new state bureacracy of 50 political appointees in charge of spending that money -- with no accountability to taxpayers and no requirement they produce any results.

A 'Yes' vote on 87 also means less money for schools, public safety, health care, local government and transportation needs.


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