Wednesday, October 11

small plane hits nyc building; yankee pitcher dead

New York Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle and a passenger were killed today as the small passenger jet he was piloting crashed into a building on the Upper East side of Manhattan.


Blogger Matt P. said...

This small plane crash reminded me of 9/11.
Here are some interesting comments in that regards about 9/11. But, not about this small plane.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Earth Rooster said...

This accident was exactly what the Dems did not want. That is, something to refocus the American public to the possibility of another 9/11.
I feel for the families of Lidel and Tyler Stager. But on a positive note (from my prospective), if it throws a wrench into the Democratic Agenda, then I am appreciative of their sacrifice.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

Sad stuff. Whenever anyone dies its tragic.

5:09 PM  

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