Saturday, October 28

very scary

What will Democrats do if they win Congress?

The "Patients Before Profits Act" would gut funding for the new Medicare Advantage plans that are proving so popular with seniors and they would replace it with the "Medicare for All Act," which would make all Americans, of any age, eligible for Medicare and pay for it with a new 1.7% payroll tax on workers and 7% on employers.


They will, in the words of Nancy Pelosi, "negotiate lower drug prices" -- or, in other words, "price controls" -- which would delay the introduction of new treatments for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and cancer.

Repeat after me: "Michael J. Fox is a sucker. Michael J. Fox is a sucker."

The Democrats will introduce "Employee Free Choice Act," which would force workplaces to become union shops without elections or secret ballots.

They'll do further damage to the economy by raising taxes and signing the Kyoto Treaty.

The Democrats will attempt to pass a "windfall" profits tax on oil companies. Any chance of utilizing domestic sources of oil would be gone, making the US more, not less, dependent on foreign sources of oil. And Democrats are sure to raise fuel-mileage mandates, which will more or less kill whatever is left of Big Auto.

Scary. Very scary. And Halloween is still three days away.


Blogger Lisa said... least no one can say that they don't have a plan. I can see why the Democrats have kept it secret for so long.

I blame FDR for this. He started this whole welfare state, and now Democrats want to finish the job. The government screws up what it touches now. Yet the Democrats want to give them even more control of our money. This just blows my mind.

If the Democrats win in a blowout, then yes, it will be bad news for the country. I'm not sure if they could do as much damage with small majorities in both houses. If they do most of these things you're talking about, they shouldn't expect a second term.

I highly doubt that the United States will ever sign on to Kyoto, no matter which party is in charge. It doesn't solve the problem, and it would kill the US economy. Besides, I think the President has to authorize that as well. I could be wrong about that.

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