Tuesday, November 7

election day

Already we're hearing about problems. We're hearing about massive contingents of Dem lawyers in places like Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New Mexico Colorado, Indiana and Missouri, vowing to sue to keep polls open later.

As of 7AM in New Mexico's heavily Republican District 1, there were only 150 printed ballots available for over 2000 registered voters.

The Dems are already disseminating the "voting irregularities" talking points.

Be prepared for the exit polling data to "heavily favor Democrats," vis a vis 2004. Don't pay attention to the lies of the Liberal press. They've inflated the polls all year in favor of the Dems. They will continue to do so this afternoon and this evening.

Remain confident. It continues to be, as Ken Mehlman said this morning in a conference call, " a very tough environment for the party. Turnout is going to keep the House and the Senate in safe Republican hands, so get every Republican and Independent to the polls today.

To the ground troops today I say: Do not accept failure. Do not accept losing. Embrace victory.

Interestingly, the Feds have decided to send 850 poll watchers to 22 states. They had better look alive.

There is some potentially exciting news in both Michigan and Montana. In Montana, Conrad Burns is surging. It appears that Liberal Jon Tester hasn't quite sealed the deal with Montana voters.

And in Michigan, two things are happening. One, the gubernatorial race is locked in a dead heat between incumbent Granholm and challenger Dick DeVos. Two, the Senate contest between the nation's worst incumbent Senator Debbie Stabinow and challenger Mike Bouchard is tied. Bouchard has deep roots in Michigan, was a state senator and chief of police in vote rich Oakland County. He's extremely popular and is now the odds-on favorite to win.

I just noticed that Bouchard's website has been hacked this morning. Those tolerant Liberals. They can't win without playing dirty tricks, cheating and threatening legal action.

Stay tuned...


Blogger Matt P. said...

I work at a polling place. Ballots come in packets of 100 each. So, I doubt if your statement of 150 is correct.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

From the Associated Press:

"As of 7AM in New Mexico's heavily Republican District 1, there were only 150 printed ballots available for over 2000 registered voters."

11:46 AM  

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