Friday, November 17

john boehner

This poor health/bad social life really sucks...but it gives me time to tell you what I think about John Boehner (pronounced 'Bay-ner')becoming the new GOP House Minority Leader.

I think it sucks. And not because Boehner's not a nice guy or a good, decent, humble public servant. He very well may be all of those things. I won't piss and moan and complain about how the Republicans didn't choose a guy like Pence or Shadegg or Ryan. I don't care if it sends the wrong message to the base or to the electorate who spoke loudly last week about making changes. Nobody cares at this point. It doesn't matter.

No, I say it sucks because it shows a lack of imagination on the part of my Republicans. My guys got nothing and they lost the election last week (when they shouldn't have lost the election) precisely because of an imagination deficit disorder and not only did it kill us last week, but it will continue to kill the Republican party to the extent that Democrats will take their Majority and keep right on building it into a 40 year Majority the way they did last time.

Selecting a Pence or a Shadegg or a Ryan, I believe, would have changed the whole dynamic and really shaken things up. It would have shown that there was a new group of Republicans on Capitol Hill. Boehner? Roy Blunt, the new #2? Adam Putnam, the new Republican Conference Chairman? I wanted new. I wanted hungry. I wanted aggressive. Are these the right guys to get us back in the Majority? We'll see.

There. I said it. Move on.

Here's what the new Minority Leader had to say:

“I’ve pledged to them to do everything I could to bring our team together and to work hard so that we can earn our way back into the majority,” Boehner said at a news conference. “And to do that means that we need to fight for a smaller, less costly and more accountable federal government. I think the key operative word here is that we’re going to work as a team, and we are going to earn our way back into our majority.”

I totally agree. Let's go.


Blogger Plain Joe said...

I love watching you fascsists crumble... Music to my...eyes, I suppose.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Plain Joe said...

Long live the so-called imagination deficit disorder. Whatever it takes!

12:55 PM  

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