Sunday, November 26

jon chait

The easily dismissible Jonanthan Chait writes in today's Los Angeles Times that restoring Saddam Hussein to power 'may give Iraqis the jolt of authority they need.'

Wow. That's some deep, inspired progressive thinking, isn't it? Re-installing the guy we removed from power.

This from the guy who thinks George W. is the dumbest man on the planet.

Of course, Chait is wrong, as usual. Quelling the sectarian violence currently underway in Iraq will 'give the Iraqis the jolt of authority they need.'

More to the point. The terrorists seem to have finally realized President Bush means what he says. The United States is not leaving. So now they are intent upon toppling the fragile Iraqi government. The evidenced by the uptick in violence the past few days ahead of Bush's summit with Prime Minister Maliki next week in Jordan.

Nevertheless, the hand wringing over the unsettling sectarian violence back home fails to take into account that we are playing ourselves right into the hands of the terrorists. They want the US to leave and if we do it will be an enormous victory for bin Laden.

The Left has been talking about Iraq (and Afghanistan before it) being the new Vietnam since 2003. We 'lost' the public relations war because we fought it the wrong way and because we left before the mission was complete.

Now Liberals want history to repeat the stupidity by leaving Iraq in a blaze of humiliation. That would do nothing but embolden terrorists worldwide. It would throw the Middle East further into chaos and it would make America and her allies more vulnerable than ever before.

No wonder the LAT has reached its lowest circulation numbers in history.


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