Friday, November 10

parting shot

On his way out the door lame duck Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee is refusing to drop his objections to UN Ambassador John Bolton.

There remains a possibility that Bolton will be confirmed in the lame duck session of Congress, which begins next week, before Democrats take over as the Majority in January, but I won't hold my breath.


Blogger Minor Ripper said...

What a slap in the face joke his nomination was in the first place. Shortly after winning the election with a commanding 51-49% mandate, w nominates this walrus/neanderthal to the most sensitive diplomatic post we've got. That panzy Chafee wouldn't vote for Bush Jr. in 2004 (he bizarrely wrote in George Sr.) but he would vote for Bolton at the UN? Moron--no wonder he lost on Tuesday. See ya Bolton, and good riddance, you and the rest of the Neocons are officially relegated into the dustbin of history.

12:16 PM  

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