Thursday, November 16

s is for steny

It's official: Nancy Pelosi in as Speaker and the corrupt, grumpy bastard (and unindicted co-conspirator in the Abscam scandal) John Murtha out as Majority leader.

I'm tired of hearing about how 'united' the Democrats are. This little intra-party squabble proves they are anything but. The mere fact that Steny Hoyer is now the Majority Leader after Nancy commanded a vote for the other guy? What a huge vote of absolutely no confidence in Pelosi by her colleagues. What a colossal embarrassment.

Even Tony Coehlo, the former Democrat whip in the House who ran Gore's 2000 campaign, acknowledged Pelosi's horrible start.

"It was just an awful first week," he said.

Programming note: Watch for Steny Hoyer, pictured above, to become a regular fodder on Late Night TV, especially Letterman.


Blogger Plain Joe said...

How dare you rip on Murtha, a decorated vet? Have YOU ever served, you yellow-bellied munchkin bastard?

Who is more respectable? A decorated vet who is carrying out the will of the people or some piss n vinegar Wizard of OZ reject who parrots every bit of nonsense he hears on Rush Limbaugh and Fox "news"?


12:40 PM  

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