Monday, November 6


Things were going so well...

Friday night I hung out with my dear friend Cheryl. She and I met @ Fresno State. I was a Lambda Chi; she was a Theta. She was (and very much remains) beautiful. She would never go out with me, I was 'too much of a party boy' for her taste.

Anyway, now she's a boozer and we got hammered on red wine, I mean, we were wasted! And Saturday morning we woke up with hangovers -- mine was one of the worst I've had in years.

Saturday night my bud Vickers and I went downtown. We hung out with his ex wife and met her friends. (Those of you who know me well know and understand that here's nothing I like better than meeting new people) I met the founders and creative directors of Bad Kitty lingerie. Now I'm on the guest list for their fashion shows and parties. How's that for a belated birthday gift?

We went to this new mexican place, Candelas. I didn't eat but the lounge sure was cool. I danced and drank Pacifico. We hit Tivoli, the coolest dive bar ever and then wound back around to 5th to The Bitter End. I met Heidi, a cute girl who promised to hook me up with her friend, The Literary Agent. Maybe I can finally sell 'Four Foot Six.'

Late night. Fun night. I got home @ 4.30 and slept a couple of hours. When I got up and splahed water my face, I noticed my face was swollen. And when I looked down I saw that my ankles were swollen, too.

Some of you will recall that in August I had some pretty scary medical problems. I had pneumonia and there was some serious concern that it was heart-related. Thankfully, the pneumonia went away with medication and the heart 'problem' was dismissed as a misdiagnosis. I thought we were done with this whole scenario.

Maybe not. My face is still swollen this morning and I've already got a call into the cardiologist. At least my fantasy football team is 8-1.

Stay tuned...


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