Wednesday, November 29

waging war

The Democrats have been waging war on Red State America -- and by extension, Wal Mart -- for five years. The persecution has gotten so bad that some cities around the country are even banning Wal Mart and other similiar retailers from doing business in their areas.

Last night the San Diego city council voted 5-3 last night to ban giant retail stores.

Mayor Jerry Sanders immediately promised to veto the ban, which seeks to prohibit stores of more than 90,000 square feet that use 10 percent of space to sell groceries and other merchandise that is not subject to sales tax. (Wal-Mart Supercenter stores average 185,000 square feet and sell groceries.)

I don't fault city governments for wanting every bit of tax revenue they can get their dirty little hands on. San Diego continues to be in a fiscal crisis due to years of haphazard management. I also get the fact that Democrats hate Wal Mart because of their anti-union stance. But let's be honest about it. If this extreme persecution of Wal Mart is about minimum wage workers, sales tax and union membership, admit it. Say so. Don't pretend to care about jobs, small business extinction and traffic flow.

I'd like to see Wal Mart build a bunch of these Supercenters around the outskirts of town just for spite.


Blogger Plain Joe said...

No surprise you kiss the ass of Fowl Mart too... is there anything retchid and blatantly wrong that you DON'T support?

If they could get you on their payroll, they'd expolit the hell out of you. They often take advantage of "special" people who work there, on the good faith that they'll keep their mouth shut.

That's a grand idea, Kent. You wussed out of Iraq, but you could easily, easily get a job at wal mart. Mentally handicapped are encouraged to apply. Let's see you walk your talk just once. Go work at Wal Mart.

9:23 PM  

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