Thursday, December 14

another layer

Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi is recommending the creation of a new House oversight committee to closely examine US spy agencies' actions and spending.

The Select Intelligence Oversight Panel would be a part of the powerful Appropriations Committee and would draw its membership from that spending committee and the Select Committee on Intelligence.

It would hold hearings to examine the president's intelligence budget, it would prepare the classified details to the annual defense spending bill and conduct oversight of the use of appropriated funds by intelligence agencies.

"It will protect the American people with the best possible intelligence, recognizing the role that Congress plays in all of this," said Pelosi.

No, it is an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy that will slow the Federal Government's reaction to real time threats. It just gives Liberals more of an opportunity to talk and debate and examine the various nuances in everything. This is a big waste of time. In the age of global terror this slowdown could be deadly. That's not 'protecting the American people.'

In arguing for oversight, members of Congress have complained that only Appropriations is fully briefed on particular issues because they hold the purse strings. Members of other committees, because they have no budget oversight, sometimes feel less informed on particular issues.

I don't have a problem with oversight, as long as it is serious and laser focused. I have huge problems with ceaseless hearings and games-playing Democrats obstructing national security programs as a way to bash Bush.


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