Wednesday, December 20


Defeatist Democrats have been urging President Bush to send more American troops to Iraq for two years, despite claims from the Commanders in the field that more troops are unnecessary. Liberals didn't care about what the top Generals, the people fighting the war, wanted.

Now that Bush is considering a short term surge in troops, Liberals are suddenly concerned with what the Generals want.

How ironic.

We've been playing politics with Iraq for three years now. We've been more concerned with the safety of the civilian population than we have with winning the peace. We've forgotten that wars are about killing people and breaking things. We've second-guessed ourselves to death, we've allowed incompetents like John Kerry to go to Syria and waste time 'talking' to the regime of Bashar al Assad. It was Assad who promised Colin Powell Syria's cooperation with the US before invading Iraq, and look how that turned out.

We've also allowed this perception to take hold that Iraq is a failure. That it is a big mess. It isn't a mess. Read my post yesterday, 'Booming.' Iraq is now capitalism central. The reality is that most Iraqi's are optimistic about their future. Out of 18 Iraqi provinces, 15 are peaceful and safe. Only three provinces are having problems. Only in the eyes of the defeatist Left, or the Bush-hating MSM, could Iraq be considered a failure.

Democrats continue to advocate failed policies, failed ideologies and failed methodologies, leaving those of us on the other side of the aisle to conclude that they are fools. Talking only foments additional terror because it gives the appearance of weakness and every terrorist on the planet knows that Democrats are weak and ineffective when it comes to fighting terrorism. That's why the terrorists hate Bush. They fear him. They have no doubt of his commitment to defeating them because he's been consistent in his language for six years.

What's needed in Iraq is very similar to what's needed in America: The closing of borders. Sealing off Iraq from Iran to the east and Syria to the north would instantly make Iraq safer. Stemming the flow of fighters and weapons is the most logical first step to victory.


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