Tuesday, December 19


Joy Behar comparing Don Rumsfeld to Adolf Hitler? It's not as offensive as it is ridiculous. Where is the outrage?

If a Conservative compared a Liberal to a genocidal dictator the condemnation would be universal. Said Conservative would most likely lose their job, the New York Times would do 74 expose stories about the 'controversy,' their reputation forever sullied to the point of a cautionary tale and the entire episode would be endlessly parodied on SNL and YouTube.

These double standards are striking. 'Tolerant Liberals' can say anything they want, no matter how insulting, or untrue. They can -- and do, regularly -- slime anyone with whom they disagree and they are never held responsible.

We can't say anything we want. There's no such thing as free speech for Republicans. It doesn't exist. But we are held to an impossibly high standard. The standard is so high, in fact, that points of view are now being censored. Yes, I said censored.

Many Republicans, myself included, don't speak our minds sometimes because we are concerned about how it might play out. Who in their right mind wants to be crucified for holding a particular point of view? Who wants to be told they are 'no better than a child molester'? A woman at a bar told me that recently. My crime? I pointed out to her that Mark Foley was not going to be charged with a crime.

Look what happens when Tom Tancredo talks about illegal immigration. He's branded a 'racist' because he wants to stem the flow of Mexicans flowing into the country. Look what happens when President Bush opposes gay marriage -- he's labeled a 'bigot,' and 'anti-gay.' Trent Lott was labeled a 'racist' when he praised Strom Thurmond a few years ago, saying that he believed Thurmond 'would have been a good President.' Somehow, that statement was twisted into racially insensitive language.

Meanwhile, it's never been widely reported that Robert Byrd, a Democrat from West Virginia, was a card carrying member of the KKK. It's never been widely reported that Ted Kennedy is a murderer. It's never been widely reported that Speaker-of-the-House Nancy Pelosi refuses to hire union workers at her hotels, restaurants and vineyards across Northern California.

The overwhelming hypocrisy of the Left is never widely reported.


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