Friday, December 1

silvestre reyes

Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) is Nancy Pelosi's choice to become the new Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Reyes, a former Border Patrol agent, is a Purple Heart winner who was drafted into the Army and served during 1966-68 as a helicopter crew chief and gunner. Reyes also served 13 months in Vietnam.

In November, Reyes said that as Chairman he would insist on 'more information' about the Bush Administration's 'most classified programs and how they are working. The Republicans, Reyes said, 'have made a habit of rubber-stamping these programs.

"We haven't required or haven't had the administration give us the details, evaluation or plan of how these classic programs are functioning," he said.

Obviously the programs are 'functioning' pretty well. Five years, zero domestic terrorist attacks.

It sounds like the Democrats are still more focused on waging war on George Bush than they are with doing everything they can do to protect America's national security.


Blogger Lisa said...

Sounds like you're trying to tweak the loyal opposition again. I'm going to surprise you and sort of disagree with this post.

Pelosi could have done much worse than ending up with Reyes and Hoyer. If she keeps bending to popular opinion, she's not nearly as scary as we all made her out to be. Has she ended up with the best people for each job? I don't know. But like I said, it could have been worse for her and for the country if she had gotten her original picks. The Dems saved her from herself.

I'm tired of the Democrats accusing the administration of anything and everything they can. I'm tired of hearing the allegations that laws were broken and that the Bush administration is guilty of criminal conduct. Frankly, I want the Dems to do their investigations, find nothing incriminating, and settle this question once and for all.

On the other hand, we still need to be careful when discussing classified information because somehow it ends up in the press.

It could end up being a positive if the Democrats were interested in making improvements in these programs, but like you, I don't see that as one of their objectives here.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

I'm not saying Reyes and Hoyer are the worst choices. They actually are among the best choices Pelosi could have made from her caucus. The scary part of it is the decisions that she first WANTED to make. You are correct when you say that her party saved her from herself.

My point here is that Reyes seems far too concerned with investigating the past, instead of actively looking down the road into the future. They are more concerned about nailing Bush to the stake and burning his Administration down than they are with killing terrorists and making Iraq a success.

The Majority only has two short years to continue to kick President Bush's can around. After that, they are actually going to have to present an actionable plan.

I doubt they can do it. But, as the midterm election showed us, with a lazy and uniformed electorate in charge, Pelosi and Reid don't necessarily need a plan to win votes.

11:30 PM  
Blogger Plain Joe said...

Investigating the past is a bad thing? You are so unAmerican it sickens me. If you don't believe that past ills should be addressed and crimes punished, you are more a nazi loyalist shit than I thought.

If a democrat made half the mistakes of your bimbo god Bush, would you still want to just "look ahead?"

I don't know what short bus or group home you were at during the Clinton years, but a hunch tells me you wanted accountability for his unforgiveable transgression of... lying about sex. Goes both ways, ya fool.

9:18 PM  

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