Monday, April 30


German Chancellor, and Bush buddy, Angela Merkel in the Rose Garden today, with President Bush and European Union President Jose Manuel Barroso.

The President is optimistic about 'compromise legislation' for Iraq but still promises a veto if Democrats insist on a withdrawal timetable.

Later asked about Iran and the coming negotiations, Bush said: "Should the foreign minister of Iran bump into Condi Rice, Condi won't be rude. She's not a rude person. I'm sure she'll be polite."

'something better'

George Tenet's new book, "At The Center of the Storm," asserts that Al Qaeda was planning a cyanide gas attack on the New York City subway system in 2003 but Ayman al-Zawahiri canceled the operation and recalled the agents, already staged in Manhattan, because ‘because we have something better in mind.’

But how much credibility does Tenet really have? He also writes -- incorrectly, as it turns out -- about having a face-to-face convo with Richard Perle on Sept. 12, 2001. It didn't happen because Perle happened to be in France.

Bottom line, Tenet was/is just another Clinton hack and keeping him on was a mistake by President Bush.

now playing


Holy crap! How many times have I been on that stretch of freeway(s)?


Al Gore thinks the Canadian plan to combat climate change is 'a fraud.'

The former Veep should find a mirror and take a good, hard look at himself.

Friday, April 27


Debate? Bush sucks, Clinton, Edwards, Obama, Ricardson, Kucinich, Biden, Dodd, and even former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel all agree. Raise the white flag in Iraq? Agree. Some never wanted to depose Hussein in the first place.

Transportation? The environment be damned. All flew private planes to South Carolina. They will do the same thing today as they come my way to San Diego for the California State 'Democratic' Convention.

Meanwhile, Hillary thinks the phony southern twang she adopts for black voters is a 'virtue.'

Those Democrats. Such brave, principled leaders.

'weakening resolve'

John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister gets it.

From the Associated Press:

"I think it (Wednesday's House vote) is wrong, and I don't think it is doing anything other than giving great comfort and encouragement to Al-Qaeda and the insurgency in Iraq," Howard said.

"They are looking at all this, they read newspapers, they see it on television and they say, 'The American domestic resolve is weakening, therefore we should maintain our resolve.'

"If there is a perception of an America defeat in Iraq, that will leave the whole of the Middle East in great turmoil and will be an enormous victory for terrorism."

Wednesday, April 25

open-ended entitlement

Have you heard of SCHIP, the State Children's Health Insurance Program? It was created in 1997 by Bill Clinton, the Democrats and the Republicans, who cooperated so they could get Clinton's signature on the balanced budget amendment.

From the WSJ: (subscription required)
In February 2007, the Government Accountability Office found that 14 states were using SCHIP to cover adults: pregnant women, parents of Medicaid or SCHIP kids -- and even childless adults. Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin cover more adults than children. In 2005 Minnesota spent 92% of its grant insuring adults, and Arizona spent two-thirds the same way.

"And no wonder: The SCHIP funding structure provides incentives for running over budget. In three-year periods, all unspent SCHIP allocations across the 50 states are tallied up and redistributed. A state that exceeds its allotment gets more money from a state that didn't. In the 14 states that went over budget in 2005, 55% of SCHIP recipients were adults."

There are 8.3 million poor kids without health insurance. So much for 'helping the children.'

But wait, it gets better. SCHIP expires this September, which is why Hillary Clinton and John Dingell have introduced new legislation to index SCHIP outlays to health care spending nationwide tied to the growth in child population. Expanding SCHIP is the latest attempt to give America government-run health care.

reality politics

Democrats don't do reality. Down the line, every policy, every proposal, every plank is unreasonable pie-in-the-sky fantasy designed to stir emotions in hopes of reaching a fictional Utopia.

Choosing to ignore economic realities, geopolitical events and world history, the Democrats are merely thoughtless advocates of the status quo, fearful of offending their already teetering constituencies. With this approach, truth becomes a casualty. Candor is anathema to the Left.

Reality is owned by the Republicans, as evidenced by the prosecution of the War on Terror, America's national security, booming economies, social responsibility and personal accountability.

We were attacked after eight long years of an inactive, feckless, passive foreign policy. We decided to take an aggressive approach to combating terrorism and as a result we haven't been attacked again.

How much more realistic could it get?

Tax cuts = strong economies.

How much more realistic could it get?

The government isn't responsible for sending you to college or teaching you a skill or giving you clean needles or baby sitting your kids. You, as an American, are required to take responsibility for your actions and your decisions. You are accountable to yourself how you live your life. The government is not accountable to you for the way you choose to live your life.

How much more realistic could it get?

Do I believe that America would become more vulnerable to a massive terrorist attack if a Clinton or an Edwards or an Obama occupied the White House? Absolutely. One only needs to know that former Presidents Carter and Clinton are the singular reasons that Islamic terror exists today. It fell to President Reagan and two Presidents Bush to clean up various messes from the Left.

Rudy Giuliani advises the country to 'remain on offense.' I agree.


The economy sucks.

Tuesday, April 24

d is for disingenuous

The Vice President was right today when he called Harry Reid a 'defeatist.'

From The Hill:
"“Some Democratic leaders seem to believe that blind opposition to the new strategy in Iraq is good politics,” Cheney said in a rare public comment on Capitol Hill. “Senator Reid himself has said that the war in Iraq will bring his party more seats in the next election.”

"It is cynical to declare that the war is lost because you believe it gives you political advantage. Leaders should make decisions based on the security interests of our country, not on the interests of their political party.”
Oh look! John Kerry stuck his foot in his mouth again:
"Dick Cheney’s attacks on Harry Reid are as disturbing as they are disingenuous,” Kerry said. “He is the American Idol of outlandish claims. No one has been more wrong about Iraq from day one than Vice President Cheney."
'Disingenuous' about Iraq? Who voted for the war before they voted against it? Which politicians supported the invasion of Iraq but then later claimed they were 'misled'? The people with the capital D's next to their names. The Democrats are the very definition of disingenuous.

emphasis, added

The nearly-always astute Dick Morris emailed me a sneak of his new column which will be published in tomorrow's edition of The Hill.
"Polls suggest that the leading attribute attracting voters to Hillary’s presidential candidacy is her “experience,” a virtue which contrasts, presumably, with the lack of it in Senator Barack Obama, her chief rival. But a close examination of her record as first lady and as New York Senator suggests that her experience is largely in the avoidance of death by scandal. Were it to be captured in a television series, it would certainly not rise to the level of “Commander In Chief” and probably not even to that of “West Wing.” It would find its televised metaphor in the reality series ”Survivor.”

"Consider what her experience has been. She burst forth on the national stage with two tasks in her husband’s administratio n: The selection of the nation’s first female Attorney General and the design and adoption of a comprehensive program of health care reform. Her efforts to designate an Attorney General hamstrung the new Administration for months as two nominees, in succession, had to withdraw their names from consideration. Finally, at the eleventh hour, she urged her husband to appoint Florida’s Janet Reno, a selection Bill Clinton would come to describe as “my worst mistake.” In the bargain, she suggested the appointment of Lani Guanier as head of the civil rights division, a job she was shortly forced to relinquish when her radical views became known, another embarrassment for the new Administration. Her other selections for the Justice Department, the White House staff and the Treasury were her three law partners: Web Hubbell, Vince Foster, and William Kennedy, appointments which culminated in one imprisonment, one suicide, and one forced resignation.

"Her other assignment, health care reform, collapsed in such a debacle that it cost her party control of both houses of Congress, a fate from which it took twelve years to recover.

"Beyond these initial tasks, her main focus in the Administration was scandal defense. From Jennifer Flowers to Whitewater to the FBI file affair to the travel office firings to her Commodities Market winnings to the missing Rose Law Firm billing records to the Paula Jones scandal, she orchestrated the Administration’s defense against scandal allegations. In the process, she almost got herself indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice.

"And her advice in handling these matters was uniformly bad. It was Hillary who counseled Bill not to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit even when the plaintiffs called for neither an apology nor payment and she who stonewalled the release of Whitewater documents even when it led to the appointment of a special prosecutor. When the prosecutor w hose appointment she had caused heard about the depositions in the Paula Jones case she had refused to settle, the Monica Lewinsky scandal eventuated.

"During the period of 1995-1997, the period of the Clinton Administration’s greatest achievements, she was nowhere to be seen, focusing instead on writing It Takes A Village, and on dodging criminal inquiry. She did not participate in the formulation of a balanced budget, nor in welfare reform legislation, nor in the reduction of crime that stemmed from the 1994 anti-crime bill.

"Her experience continued when her race for the Senate and its aftermath became, in turn, mired in scandal. The pardon of the FALN terrorists to get Latino support in New York, that of the New Square Hassidim to get Hillary Jewish support, and the clemency shown toward Hillary’s brothers’ clients to get them financial support caused her ratings to plunge to their lowest level in March of 2001 as she took her Senate sea t. The theft of White House gifts, almost $200,000 of which had to be returned, did nothing to endear her to the electorate.

"Since then, Hillary has done nothing of note in the Senate except to vote for the Iraq War, a position she has since disavowed, and to win the applause of her colleagues for not being partisan and obstinate. Her main efforts have been directed at raising massive sums of money for herself and her colleagues and making a lot writing and selling her memoirs. Her efforts on behalf of New York after 9-11 have been exposed as largely derivative of those of her colleague, the more effective Chuck Schumer.

"She has passed no important legislation, except for twenty bills renaming post offices and courthouses and congratulating Alexander Hamilton, Shirley Chisolm, Harriet Tubman, the American Republic, and the Syracuse men’s and women’s Lacrosse team on their respective accomplishments.

"Is this the experience upon which her candidacy is based? Did I leave anything out?"

Monday, April 23

'two america's'

That John Edwards really relates to poor people. Given the stresses of the campaign and his wife's illness, you can't fault him for taking a spa day.

Which 'America' is the 'Pink Sapphire' located, I wonder? I need a manicure.

Maureen Dowd took 'The Breck Girl' to task on Sunday.
"All the haircuts in the world may not save John Edwards from a blowout."

autour de deux

The first round of Presidential elections in France yesterday finished as predicted. The May 6 runoff will be between Socialist Segolene Royal and Center Right Nicolas Sarkozy.

Did you hear that the French press has wisely dubbed the candidates 'Sego' and 'Sarko.' Makes sense if you think about it. Who has the time, during those brisk 30 hour work weeks, to write 'Segolene' and 'Nicolas'?


Sheryl Crow is way more than just a pretty face. She's also a brilliant, forward-thinking clothing designer. Imagine a shirt with detachable sleeves. The sleeves can replace dinner napkins, which Crow believes, harm the environment.

Freaking genius.


I agree with Marine Corporal Tyler Rock. Harry Reid is a 'douche' bag.

Friday, April 20

'friday, the 20th'

Full disclosure: I think Alec Baldwin is America's best actor. Hands down, he's the best. He's an amazing leading man, he's a great character actor and he's a tremendous comedic talent, as well, which is no easy task. Watch '30 Rock' Thursday nights on NBC. Baldwin is genius.

Of course, I've long detested his hard Left politics, but I respect his opinion. Yes, he's a blowhard. Yes, his ego has long been way out of control. Yes, he's the poster boy for the intolerant Liberal hater I'm constantly railing against here in this very space.

But, like I said, full disclosure. So I get up this morning after one of those horrible tossing and turning, sleepless nights. I woke up around 3.30am and I was well aware of the arrival time of the newspapers, somewhere around 4.45. When the alarm went off at 7, I hit the snooze button.

Ten minutes later, I got up, I had a big gulp of Starbucks' Kenya blend and I was jolted awake by THE VOICE MAIL MESSAGE, courtesy of Laura Ingraham.

My thoughts:

(1) I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

(2) I found it offensive.

(3) I found it hilariously funny.

The part about his daughter being a 'thoughtless pig' was a bit harsh at first blush. But what were you like a age 11 or 12? I was pretty thoughtless. 'Brains,' or 'decency'? Not much was going on between my ears back then. 'I'm gonna straighten you out --' 'I'm gonna get ON A PLANE,' shit, I'm laughing my ass off right now as I type this.

What I find most disturbing about this is how Mr. Holier Than Everybody Else, Sean Hannity, has seized on this non-story. Of course, Hannity and Baldwin have a feud going. But c'mon. Hannity's radio show was embarrassing today and the Fox News Channel, already tabloid city since well before the Anna Nicole death, has just completely gone off the cliff. So much so, I don't even watch anymore.

Also disturbing to me is that Kim Basinger leaked this answering machine message to the press through her attorney. Undermining the father is never healthy or good for the child. Shame on her -- and pity for the daughter, who more than likely really is a 'thoughtless pig' -- for this pointless media frenzy.

Thursday, April 19

we cannot afford to 'lose'

Courtesy of 'The Study of Revenge.'


Politics is a rough and tumble business, to be sure. Harry Reid's words today go far beyond politics and border on hate speech.

The United States is dishonored by such rhetoric and our enemies are emboldened.
"It's disturbing that some on Capitol Hill believe they know more than the commanders on the ground, said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino.

Wednesday, April 18

mitt's moolah, part ii

Mitt Romney has really done his homework. With an estimated personal fortune of about $500 million, he is in the cat-bird seat when it comes to being able to personally finance his presidential campaign.

He's already contributed $2 million of his wealth to the effort and if he chooses to gift himself further he'll have a distinct advantage over GOP rivals McCain and Giuliani because of something called the "Millionaire's Amendment."

A provision of the McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, the Amendment allows congressional candidates to accept contributions in excess of usual federal limits when facing an extraordinarily wealthy candidate. Unfortunately for Giuliani and McCain, the co-author of this legislation, presidential contests are excluded.

McCain clearly didn't do his homework. Rather, he legislated himself out of Presidential contention.

pop the cork

America's real newspaper of record, the Wall Street Journal, won two Pulitzer Prizes, one for reporting on China and the other on the American backdating stock scandals.



A new Gallup poll has support for Hillary Clinton falling dramatically. Now 'Magic Negro' only trails her by five percent.


A 5-4 decision from the Supreme Court today upholds a ban on partial birth abortion.

killing shiites

Four al Qaeda bombs killed 178 people today in Iraq.

The cowardly Democrats want to give Iraq over to these terrorists.


The more I learn about Barack Obama, the less I like him. He's a boring speaker, too.

brave, principled leaders

John Kerry and I finally agree on something: Don Imus shouldn't have been fired. But where was Kerry last week during the controversy? I don't recall the Senator entering the fray when it actually counted.

And where in the world is Al Gore? We haven't seen him or heard from him in weeks. I find his silence quite remarkable, given that his global warming hysteria has been badly discredited lately as the nation has been paralyzed by unusually severe and prolonged winter storms.


Why am I continually surprised by the fatuousness of the Left?

From Matt Stoller @ MyDD:
"I just paid my taxes, and I have to say, I always take pride when I do so. I don't like having less money to spend, of course, and the complexity of the process is really upsetting. But I am proud to pay for democracy, and I feel when I do send money to the DC Treasurer and the US Treasury that that is what I am doing. The right-wing likes to pretend as if taxes are a burden instead of the price of democracy. And I suppose, if you hate democracy, as the right-wing does, then taxes are the price for paying for something you really don't want. Personally, I find banking fees, high cable and internet charges, health care costs, and credit card hidden charges much more abrasive than taxes, because with those I'm just being ripped off to pay for someone's summer home."
Stoller thinks those of us who advocate lower taxes are 'spoiled children,' and that 'our tax code is the DNA of our nation's moral compass.'

Matty contradicts himself here while playing the class warfare card. On one hand, he's on record as hating big business. He resents summer home-owning corporate executives making the big bucks, even though they are partially responsible for the American economy being as vibrant and powerful as it is. On the other hand, he wants to penalize all hard-working Americans for their economic productivity by taxing them into submission.

Nobody is 'pretending' that taxes are a burden. Taxes are a burden and anyone who would claim otherwise isn't paying their fair share.

Certainly we pay the necessary taxes that finance American infrastructure, roads, national defense and the military. Above and beyond that taxes become burdensome when they are unnecessarily high.

I don't support the glut of Lefty social programs and I don't support the federal government confiscating my money to pay for them.

Tuesday, April 17

new all-time high

All time high on the Dow today, 12,790.02.

Yeah, the Bush economy sucks.

now playing

"Year Zero," the new disc from Nine Inch Nails. Politics aside, it's awesome.


Here's some illuminating reading: The press release from the Hip Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) 'differentiating between Don Imus and Hip Hop.'
Here's the 'obvious difference' between the two:
"Don Imus is not a hip-hop artist or a poet. Hip-hop artists rap about what they see, hear and feel around them, their experience of the world. Like the artists throughout history, their messages are a mirror of what is right and wrong with society. Sometimes their observations or the way in which they choose to express their art may be uncomfortable for some to hear, but our job is not to silence or censor that expression."
Thank God somebody finally spelled it out for us. I'm just glad it didn't have anything to do with race.

Monday, April 16


Why do we do this to ourselves every election cycle? GOP presidential candidates trot out and try to prove that they are more Conservative than the next guy. Because they think that's what the base wants. Bashing the Moderate Republicans has always been a GOP sport.

I know. I know because I used to bash Moderates. That's one of the reasons I've never liked John McCain. But I think I've become a Moderate Republican these past seven years.

My dogma hasn't changed. I think I'm just more of a realist now. I've realized that there will never be 'the perfect candidate.' You won't find one and, sadly, we can't create an ideal politician to meet specific criteria. This isn't 'Weird Science.'

These days I see the forest through the trees. I focus on the electability of my candidate. They must be electable and they must believe in keeping a strong national defense, implementing an aggressive foreign policy and lowering taxes. If I get all of that, I'm happy.

Yet many Republicans still wait for that Perfect Candidate. They keep waiting for another Ronald Reagan. That's why many Democrats are so excited about Barack Obama. His rhetoric reminds them of RFK and his skin color reminds them of MLK.

Some Republicans claim they won't vote for Rudy Giuliani because he supports gun control and partial birth abortion. Some Republicans won't vote for McCain because of his signature legislation on campaign finance reform or because he voted against the Bush tax cuts. Others won't vote for Mitt Romney because of his Mormon faith or because of his support for gay marriage in Massachusetts.

Sheer stupidity.

Here's a disgusting piece from the NYT about a Republican 'unity dinner.' Last Saturday night's annual GOP Lincoln Day dinner in Des Moines was anything but unified.

Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore talked about 'Rudy McRomney.' I'm glad the audience started booing. Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee noting that he has always opposed abortion, a clear knock on Giuliani and Romney.

Here's my personal message to all of the unelectable Republican presidential candidates: Good for you. You guys are died-in-the-wool Conservatives. Give yourself pats on the back. But you can't win. And you know in your heart you can't win. You've got no chance of beating Clinton or Obama, which is the point here. Your egos are both out of control. You are doing harm to your party's chances of retaining the White House in 08.

All you guys, Tommy Thompson, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, Huckabee, Gilmore, do your party a favor. Do your country a favor. Get out. Get the hell out of the race. Be men about it and realize that you can't win. Check your ego and support the electable candidates.

I say we narrow the field down to Giuliani, McCain and Romney -- the electable three -- plus Fred Thompson. That would be a solid field of four from which to choose the 08 ticket.

'clean governance'

The NY Times writes a ridiculously dishonest op-ed about Paul Wolfowitz today, claiming he should resign as World Bank President not because of 'Iraq, or his last job as No. 2 in Donald Rumsfeld’s Pentagon, or even his clashes with the bank’s directors and staff. He should resign because he made clean governance his main cause at the bank and has fallen far short of his own standards.'

We don't fire people from their current job because of perceived differences we might have had with them on their previous jobs? Really? That's news to me. As for 'clean governance,' that's just an all-t00 convenient smear. As if the dysfunctional bureaucracy was conducting 'clean governance' before Wolfowitz's arrival.

The Left's opposition to Wolfowitz isn't difficult to understand. Intense hatred for George W. Bush. We saw the same thing with John Bolton.

I find it equally amusing to hear the words 'credibility' and 'World Bank' used in the same sentence. The World Bank, along with its sister organization, the International Monetary Fund, are just as ineffective and weak as the UN. Unfortunately none of these organizations are doing what they were created to do which is to solve problems and relieve suffering around the world.


Imagine leaving town for a vacation without completing important projects at work. How irresponsible would that be?

Imagine not paying your electricity bill, or your phone bill, or your rent. How irresponsible would that be?

The Democrats went on spring vacation without providing the necessary money to enable American troops in Iraq to do their jobs. How irresponsible is that?

President Bush, earlier today:
"We must give our men and women in uniform the tools and resources they need to prevail. Providing these resources is the responsibility of the United States Congress. And that is why, 70 days ago, I sent Congress an emergency war spending bill that would provide the vital funds our troops urgently need. But instead of approving this funding, Democrats in Congress have spent the past 70 days pushing legislation that would undercut our troops. They passed bills in the House and the Senate that would impose restrictions on our military commanders. They set an arbitrary date for withdrawal from Iraq. And they spend billions of dollars on domestic projects that have nothing to do with the war. After passing these unacceptable bills, House and Senate leaders then chose to leave town for spring recess, without resolving their differences or sending any legislation to my desk."
I could not possibly hold the Congressional Democrats in lower regard.

va tech

A stalking gunman murdered 31 people at Virginia Tech University this morning. That number is sure to climb. I wonder if Marcus Vick had anything to do with it?

Friday, April 13


The World Bank is ripe with corruption. It should come as no surprise then that reform-minded President Paul Wolfowitz is coming under 'ethics' charges for allegedly promoting and increasing the salary of his girlfriend, a fellow World Bank employee.

Since taking the job in 2005, Wolfowitz has tried to bring an era of accountability to the Bank, which is no easy task given the graft that has been going on for decades.

From the WSJ:

"Mr. Wolfowitz has tried to institute more accountability, especially on corruption. Who could be against fighting corruption? Well, for starters, a global poverty industry that thinks "governance" is a distraction from the only real measure of development, which is how much money "rich" nations choose to redistribute to poor ones. Never mind that many of these countries stay poor year after year precisely because they squander or steal foreign aid. "Governance" ought to be a crucial lending criterion, but in trying to make it so Mr. Wolfowitz is bucking decades of old thinking.

"His opponents tried to rein in his corruption initiative by demanding a probe of the integrity department that was formed under previous bank President James Wolfensohn. But that effort failed when Mr. Wolfowitz won a fight in the board and put Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve Chairman, in charge of the probe. Mr. Volcker is if anything more of an anti-corruption crusader than Mr. Wolfowitz.

"So now his enemies have turned to "ethics," specifically Mr. Wolfowitz's allegedly improper assistance to his girlfriend, Shaha Riza, who already worked at the bank when he became President. The notion of any "cover-up" here is preposterous since Mr. Wolfowitz disclosed his relationship with Ms. Riza while negotiating his employment contract."


"Keep in mind that Ms. Riza's job at the time was acting manager for external affairs in the Middle East department of the bank. She reported to a deputy vice president, who reported to a vice president, who reported to a managing director, who in turn reported to Mr. Wolfowitz. That's one very long chain of command for a "conflict of interest," especially in the modern workplace where romantic relationships are common.

"But the ethics committee advised Mr. Wolfowitz that Ms. Riza had to find some other job, and that he had to be the one to see that it got done. The allegation is that Mr. Wolfowitz proceeded to get her a job affiliated with the State Department and pad her pay. But the reality is that the "conflict of interest" judgment by the board effectively ended her World Bank career, and as such she would likely have been entitled to a substantial lump sum payment as a settlement. She might very well have had cause to sue the bank, because the "conflict of interest" was hardly her creation.

"The raise in pay was intended as an alternative to compensate Ms. Riza for her lost future earnings and prospects at the bank, and to do so without giving her cause for suing the bank for wrongful dismissal. And, by the way, her current job is not some make-work exercise but is a serious project promoting democracy in the Middle East."

Read more from the Financial Times of London:

Thursday, April 12


This got my attention. Time Magazine is asking "Should Incest Be Legal?"

Are we really discussing this? The world really is going crazy. First Imus, now this.

the road to damascus

Liz Cheney writes an interesting piece about Syria in the WaPo.

straw poll

The tolerant Liberals at took a poll based on the following question: Who would be the best candidate to lead the country out of Iraq?

Obama 27.87%
Edwards 24.84%
Kucinich 17.18%
Richardson 12.26%
Clinton 10.7%


Senate Majority leader Harry Reid called President Bush 'a loser' a few years ago. Today the Politico is reporting that Reid is comparing the President to Richard Nixon. Reid believes that Bush 'is isolated' by the war in Iraq, that he's as isolated as Nixon was during the Watergate scandal.

Apples and oranges, anyone? One has nothing to do with the other. The only similarity Bush and Nixon share is the Presidency.

Reid, like Pelosi, is just lashing out. Neither one of them has anything positive to talk about so they hurl insults. They both make me feel like hurling.

Watergate was a burglary. Some political operatives broke into the Democrats' campaign office and did some snooping. Big deal.

Now I'm not a moral relativist. I won't say that two wrongs make a right. But let's be honest here. Today the Democrats steal elections. Case in point: The Washington State gubernatorial election was illegitimate. Dino Rossi should be the Governor of Washington State, not Christine Gregoire.

Who would I compare Harry Reid to? I wouldn't. You know why? Because I'm busy focusing on policy. I don't throw gratuitous insults.


Global warming? That Gore guy is really onto something.


Terrorists blew up a bridge in Baghdad today and a suicide bomber killed 23 in a cafe inside the Iraqi parliament.

I hope we never lose our resolve to kill these bastards. And I hope that we ramp up our tactics quickly and decisively without hesitation, fear or political correctness. Mr. President, unleash the full power of the American military on the terrorists in Iraq.

Let's correctly finish this war. Let's secure Iraq, leave it in better condition than it was under Hussein and then, and only then, will we bring our troops home. For now, it's longer tours.

the final word

Imus wants to know when Sharpton's going to apologize to the innocent Duke lacrosse players.

I want to know when Sharpton and Jackson and all the other so-called 'civil rights leaders' are going to apologize to the entire black community for continuing to keep them down.

Sharpton, Jackson and their ilk spend their time -- and profit mightily from -- playing the race card. These so-called 'civil rights leaders' spend their time continuously placing enormous chips on the shoulders of black people, making them enormously sensitive -- hyper sensitive -- to the subject of race.

Without these charlatans race wouldn't even be an issue in America today.

The idea that what someone says about you somehow scars you for life, shatters your self esteem or ruins a successful season is utterly absurd.

If you allow someone's words -- a person you've never even met -- to scar you, to lower your confidence, 'to steal your moment,' or to spoil or affect even a moment of your time, then that's your problem, not theirs.

Wednesday, April 11

shadow government

Blinded by arrogance and stupidity, Speaker Pelosi is considering another foreign policy trip, to another terrorist state, Iran.

If she does, she should at least be removed as Speaker and severely censured. I would even consider charges of treason against her.

the adults and the kids

I initially respected Barack Obama's reaction to the Don Imus story on Monday. I liked the fact that 'some blacks' were concerned at 'his silence' on the matter, although I'd never call his statement 'silent.'
"The comments of Don Imus were divisive, hurtful, and offensive to Americans of all backgrounds," said Obama.
No preening, no knee jerk reaction, no pandering to the likes of Jackson and Sharpton. Just a very blanket statement. I thought it sounded very presidential.

That was so yesterday. Now the 'Magic Negro' sounds like a knee jerk reactionary.
"I understand MSNBC has suspended Mr. Imus," Obama told ABC News, "but I would also say that there's nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made a comment like that about anybody of any ethnic group. And I would hope that NBC ends up having that same attitude.

"He didn't just cross the line," Obama said. "He fed into some of the worst stereotypes that my two young daughters are having to deal with today in America. The notions that as young African-American women — who I hope will be athletes — that that somehow makes them less beautiful or less important. It was a degrading comment. It's one that I'm not interested in supporting."
Hillary Clinton? She's got reason to hate the I-Man. He's been insulting her for years, calling her 'Satan,' and 'buck-tooth witch.'

Now she's speaking out:

"This year the Rutgers women's basketball team defied the odds and lived up to their dreams, providing inspiration to every little boy and girl beginning to pick up a ball or open a book . . .

"Don Imus' comments about them were nothing more than small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism. They showed a disregard for basic decency and were disrespectful and degrading to African-Americans and women everywhere"

That's what the children are saying. What are the adults saying?

Rudy Giuliani:
"He understands that he made a very, very big mistake. I take Don at his word that he understands the gravity of what he said. He seems sincerely sorry about it and seems like someone who will endeavor not to do that again and I take him at his word."
John McCain:
"He has apologized. He said that he is deeply sorry. I'm a great believer in redemption."
James Carville, Jeff Greenfield and Bill Maher continue to support Imus.


Katie Couric and CBS News plagiarized a piece written by Jeffrey Zaslow for the Wall Street Journal. And they admit to doing it. And they fired an unnamed producer. How funny is that?

'Experience CBS News.'

'hi, i'm flying a big jumbo jet carrying 300 passengers and i've just entered your airspace...'

Israel is claiming that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) came 'the closest ever in its history of intercepting and destroying an American civilian airliner.'

The Continental Airlines flight, from New York, only contacted Ben-Gurion Air Traffic Control once as it was approaching from 200 miles outside Israel.

When no additional contact was made, two F-15's and two F-16's were scrambled and intercepted the plane once it was inside Israeli airspace.


Fred Thompson has lymphoma. But he's in remission and he says it shouldn't affect 'his life expectancy.'


Dana Milbank, on the new Gingrich and Kerry love-fest, notes that 'Gingrich conceded that global warming is real.'

That's assuming global warming is 'real,' but nobody agrees.

Camille Paglia certainly doesn't agree with the current hysteria. She blasts Gore for his Congressional testimony that there is 'universal consensus' about climate change.

Rightfully, she says 'cooling and warming will go on forever.' And 'man is too weak to permanently affect nature, which includes infinitely more than this tiny globe.'

I wholeheartedly agree.

Tuesday, April 10


I'm bummed out about Heidi getting fired on 'The Apprentice.' Do you think she was really tired of looking at Trump's ghastly wig?

Gorgeous and smart. Heidi. She's the international sales manager for a Southern California aerospace company. International sales manager. And she's only 26.

Give me a call, Sweetheart. I'll make you forget all about it.

take me out to the ballg-

Yes, the snow in Cleveland forced the cancellation of the Indians four game series against the Seattle Mariners, but how about that global warming, everybody?

More proof that Al Gore is an idiot: This month, April, so far is the coldest April in 113 years, 'a dramatic change from April '06, the warmest on record.'

Yes, God has a sense of humor.


Mitt Romney spoke today at the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, TX, where he 'embraced' the courage of the current President Bush.

On the ridiculous, incompetent Nancy Pelosi.
"The Speaker of the House helped dignify a state sponsor of terror. At this time of war, her action stands as one of the most partisan, divisive and ill-considered of any national leader in this decade.”
On Iraq:
“Running away from Iraq now would embolden our enemies, giving them the sanctuary they need to plan more devastating attacks against our country. In this difficult time, some in Congress are trying to deny our troops the resources they need. This is a grave error. We need to rally behind the effort, and support our men and women in uniform in this time of war."

newt greengrich

What in the world could possibly be more boring than listening to John Kerry talking about global warming?

I can't think of anything.

Good thing that intellectual heavyweight Newt is never boring, whether you agree with him or not. I usually agree with the former Speaker, but he's totally lost me on his belief that human beings are causing the warming of our planet. (See 'Take me out to the ballg-' above.)

I'd like to ask Newt a question: Were human beings responsible for the predicted global cooling the idiot scientists were predicting 30 years ago? And why, today, are baseball games being canceled by huge spring snowstorms? In April?

And HOW TYPICAL of the intellectual lightweight Kerry to thank and praise the United Nations for their 'help' in crafting American environmental laws. What a leader!


Jonah Goldberg thinks that conservatives who won't consider voting for John McCain 'have some growing up to do.'


The controversy can be summed up with one word: Payback.

Don Imus is a jerk, on-air and off. Anyone that has ever met him or appeared on his show will tell you the bastard he is and always has been.

Hence, the revelry of a delighted press corps.

But that doesn't account for the delighted Al Sharpton and the delighted Jesse Jackson, both of whom have nothing to do except manufacture 'racism.'

I'm wondering what ever happened to the First Amendment. If Imus can't say 'nappy haired 'ho's' on the radio, then why can ________ (Name your favorite rapper) record songs with lyrics featuring 'bitches and 'ho's'?

If NBC Universal is so 'outraged' about Imus, shouldn't they also suspend or discontinue the employee contracts of half of the artists signed to their Interscope Records?

Bottom line this whole PC thing has gotten out of control. Whatever happened to 'sticks and stones'?

Monday, April 9

clinton or bush?

Let's settle it once and for all. Which President had the better economy, Clinton or W?

Clinton can claim that poverty fell during his presidency and he can take credit for the huge numbers of short-lived technology and internet jobs that were created. But he also must accept responsibility for unemployment being high, at 5.5%.

Bush can rightfully point to real wages rising substantially higher since he became President. In fact, since 2001, productivity growth has averaged 2.8%, a number far superior to Clinton. And Bush's unemployment rate is at four percent, a full point lower than Clinton.

The low Bush unemployment rate even forced former Clinton economic advisor Gene Sperling to concede that 'the (Bush) unemployment rate is certainly sound.'

The Clinton economy added about 3 1/2 times more jobs than Bush, but that was during a time of relative peace. Bush's presidency has been consumed by terrorism and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, yet since 2003, the economy has added 7.8 million new jobs, because of the Bush tax cuts. By that measure alone, I would argue that the Bush economy is fundamentally stronger.

And we haven't even started talking about the deficit yet, have we? Neither is the MSM.

Friday, April 6


Fred Thompson is said to be 'assembling the nucleus of a campaign.'

Thursday, April 5

like peas and carrots...

Jimma Carter believes the Speaker of the House -- not the Secretary of State -- should be conducting American foreign policy overseas? Oh well, then I have absolutely no problem with it.


Ahead of her trip to Syria, Chief Foreign Policy Expert and Lead Negotiator Nancy Pelosi met on Sunday with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Olmert told Pelosi that he believed it would be 'a mistake' for her to go to Damascus. During that conversation Pelosi reportedly asked Olmert if she could convey a message for Assad from Israel, to which Olmert replied that Syria should 'stop supporting terrorism and "act like a normal country," and only then would Israel be willing to hold discussions.'

Pelosi went to Syria and told Assad that Israel 'was ready' for peace talks.

Did I not say here yesterday in this space that Pelosi is 'out of her depth.' I also said that she is doing great harm in the region. Here is proof that she is doing exactly that.

Even the WaPo agrees with me.

The Democrats are reckless and irresponsible and cannot be trusted. I'll just have to keep telling you about it until you finally get it.

Wednesday, April 4

cash, moolah, wampum, dead presidents

ABC News is reporting that Obama has outraised Clinton in the race for primary money.

That's some big time news. It shows he can really compete. But the junior senator from Illinois advocates complete withdrawal from Iraq in 26 days. That's a completely uncompetitive position.

tacky and crazy

Two amazing things from Mary Ann Akers's "The Sleuth" blog on

The predictably tacky: If you send Elizabeth Edwards a 'get well' wish from, you automatically receive a donation solicitation.

The insanely unbelievable: Two days before her wedding to former Congressman Max Sandlin (D-TX) last weekend Stephanie Herseth (D-SD) sent out an email solicitation claiming that Karl Rove was going to 'target her.' What pandering.

The email reads:
"Investigators looking into potentially illegal activity by Karl Rove's office have discovered a startling plot to target Stephanie Herseth. Stephanie needs your help to stand up to Karl Rove's attack machine."
Is Rove really 'targeting' Herseth and her wedding? Hell no. Is she on a list of vulnerable incumbents? Yes.

The Edwards campaign? Using his wife's terminal cancer as a fundraising tool sets a new standard in politcally deviant behavior. Callous.

Congresswoman Herseth? Unable to raise money by pointing to her own achievements in Congress, instead she resorts to sliming the Democrats' mythical boogeyman. Disingenuous.

What brave, principled leadership.

'catch phrases'

Big surprise here. I have a low opinion of Democrats and I have a severe distaste for the leadership. I find Reid and Pelosi to be narcissistic, pc obsessive, intellectually dishonest cowards unwilling to confront reality.

The latest case in point: The House Armed Services Committee will strike the phrase 'the global war on terror' from the 2008 defense budget.

Feckless, irresponsible Democrats, in their convoluted reality, who believe that Muslim extremists are NOT planning to attack America and that Iraq is NOT the front in a worldwide war, now are spending valuable time altering and parsing the language used to describe America's ongoing global military operations.

The phrase 'long war' has also been banned. Does any reasonable, well informed person believe that our struggle against radical Islamic terrorists will last just a short time? Of course not.

According to the Military Times, a 'memo for the committee staff, circulated March 27, says the 2008 bill and its accompanying explanatory report that will set defense policy should be specific about military operations and “avoid using colloquialisms.”'

Brave or principled, the Democrats certainly are not.

Tuesday, April 3

pablo rules

I just pullled these Picasso images off my cell phone. I snapped these last summer at the Weinstein Gallery on Geary Street in San Francisco.


'...Nothing has changed in Syria's behavior over the years when high-ranking U.S. officials go to see them. We sent Secretary Powell early on; the behavior doesn't change. Syria uses these opportunities to flaunt photo opportunities around its country and around the region and around the world, to say that they aren't isolated, that they don't need to change their behavior, and it alleviates the pressure that we are trying to put on them to change their behavior.'
Perino is being too kind with these comments. What should be stated for the record is that Nancy Pelosi is interfering with established American foreign policy and in the process is prolonging turmoil, violence and unrest across the entire Middle East.

The arrogance of Pelosi. She's a member of Congress. She is not the President of the United States, therefore she does not have this much of a say in American foreign policy.

What is the goal of this trip? Is it to somehow negotiate the end of Syrian meddling in Lebanon? Is it to end the Syrian supplying of the insurgents in Iraq?

Does Pelosi even know what the hell she's doing there, besides giving the middle finger to the President?

Monday, April 2


I realize that the President must get his point-of-view out into the ether each morning, so that's the purpose of the daily gaggle. But what a colossal waste of time.

Yesterday morning I caught about 120 seconds of deputy press secretary Dana Perino trying to explain what she meant by referring to Matthew Dowd's 'personal journey.'

To me that's an astute description of Dowd's recent fortunes. He's lost a child, divorced a wife and is now concerned about his Army son being sent to Iraq.

Perino's good. And she's hot.
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