Thursday, May 31

where am i?

I haven't been posting. Why?

An out of town visitor absorbed my time last week.

My screenwriting class in L.A.

I moved out of my office.

A sinus infection and general malaise.

I'll be back.

smile and wave

Google Earth is a total invasion of privacy. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Wednesday, May 23

straight talk

I like what Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner said about the immigration bill.

sensible democrats

Certainly they are few and far between, but former Senator Bob Kerrey is a sensible Democrat.

Tuesday, May 22

stopping the madness

Approved by the FDA today is Lybrel, a new birth control pill that indefinitely eliminates menstrual periods and prevents pregnancies.

Let's hope Lybrel is mood altering, too.

hey baby

There's hope for me.

According to the UK Sun, women prefer nice, ugly men over self-absorbed, handsome men.

brass balls

John Edwards received $55K to deliver a speech about poverty to students at the University of California, Davis in January 2006.

Yes, that was before he declared his second candidacy for President, but it was certainly well into his long running narrative "Two America's."

How long before the Edwards campaign puts out a press release claiming that money was donated to charity?

Monday, May 21

police state

A Hillary Clinton staffer told New York magazine that if the Ice Queen wins the presidency in '08 'there will be 'total retribution (against the hedge fund and private equity billionaires who are supporting Obama) if the opportunity presents itself.'

From the Weekly Standard:
"Should Senator Clinton make it back to the White House, these "freshly minted" billionaires might find the tax code changing in ways so unpleasant that they will have to say goodbye to Greenwich, Connecticut, and hello to some Caribbean island, London, or another of the offshore locations now being studied by their lawyers."


I thought this guy was an environmentalist? Look at all the dead trees.

Al Gore's office is a trash dump. He flies around the world on private jets. He's an electricity abuser, consuming more than the average American. He's a lying hypocrite.

He's not green so much as he's brown, as in full of crap.


The 'lame duck' President Bush keeps reminding the Democrats that they didn't win a mandate last November.

The latest example? Today the Democrats announced ("grudgingly," as reported by the AP) that they will draft an Iraq war funding bill without a timeline for troop withdrawal.

Sunday, May 20

horse's ass

Is there a bigger fool than Jimmy Carter? The Bush Administration, according to Carter, is 'the worst in history.' Really?

Let's take a stroll back down memory lane, shall we?

Which President was responsible for 21% interest rates? Which President was responsible for long gas lines across America? Which President was responsible for an economic malaise not seen in this country since the Great Depression?

Jimmy Carter, Democrat.

Which President was responsible for a feckless foreign policy? Which President, with caution, cowardice and indecisiveness, failed to support the friendly government of the former Shah of Iran, which led to the overthrow of that once pro-American country? Which President was responsible for American hostages being held by Islamic radicals for 444 days?

Jimmy Carter, Democrat. The man was so disrespected, so widely considered a joke around the world, that Iran released the hostages the second Reagan became President.

Which President has prevented numerous terrorist attacks from occurring on American soil post-9/11? Which President has cut taxes three times, which has resulted in a booming economy? Which President has promoted freedom and democracy across the Middle East, by liberating 50+ millions Muslims from brutal terrorist dictatorial regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq? Under which President is African American home ownership at record levels?

George W. Bush, Republican. The American President that everyone knows will be well regarded in the history books.

The fact is, the bitter, pathetic Carter knows very well that he is going to be remembered as the worst American President in history. History will reflect his many failures. His unacceptable and unbecoming comments stands in stark contrast with the classy behavior of former Presidents, which only proves that he -- Carter -- was unfit to hold the office to which he was elected in 1976.


From the New Zealand Timaru Herald:

"Climate change will be considered a joke in five years time, meteorologist Augie Auer told the annual meeting of Mid Canterbury Federated Farmers in Ashburton this week.

"Man's contribution to the greenhouse gases was so small we couldn't change the climate if we tried, he maintained.

"We're all going to survive this. It's all going to be a joke in five years," he said.

"A combination of misinterpreted and misguided science, media hype, and political spin had created the current hysteria and it was time to put a stop to it.

"It is time to attack the myth of global warming," he said."

Earth to Al Gore: Greenhouse gases aren't harmful. They are vital to keeping the planet warm. Hello?
"If we didn't have the greenhouse effect the planet would be at minus 18 deg C but because we do have the greenhouse effect it is plus 15 deg C, all the time," said Auer.

Friday, May 18


The corrupt John Murtha (D-PA) is making an ass out of himself. Again. And he's violating House rules.

Read about it here.


The House voted 220-208 yesterday to 'demand' the Administration close down the terror war jail at Guantanamo Bay.

I'd like to know that if Bush closed Gitmo tomorrow, what next? How and where would the Democrats suggest we house these terrorists? On American soil? Would they advocate moving them to jails inside the United States? That would invite terrorism inside America. Obviously. The suicide bombings would begin.

Would the Democrats advocate giving Islamic terrorists access to the American judicial system? Do they want to give non-citizens court-provided attorneys?

Boneheads. Sorry, but what other possible conclusion can we draw than simply to say that what the Democrats have been doing, and continue to do (undermining the Administration at each and every turn) is wrong and counter-productive. The terrorists regurgitate Democratic talking points on Al Jazeera every night.

Hello? How stupid can the Left possibly be? Rooting for American failure. Yeah, that's great politics.


Newt doesn't like the immigration deal. Fred Thompson doesn't like it. Tom Tancredo hates it, as does Hugh Hewitt. The bill doesn't go far enough for Pelosi and Reid.

Some Mexicans don't even like it, because it forces them to choose between maintaining their lives in Mexico and permanently moving to America. (You'd think they'd welcome the choice.)

I'm not sure what I think of it yet. But the combination of Ted Kennedy, John McCain (two ego maniacal dinosaurs that I don't respect) and the racist organization La Raza, which helped write this proposed bill, is just more than I can stand.

deal with it

Massachusetts has gone all to hell.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:
"Ellen Frankel stands just 4-foot-8 inches tall, a size that allowed larger co-workers to playfully scoop her up at the office and make remarks about her height. Some even patted her on the head.

"Lawmakers are considering complaints such as hers as they review a bill that would make Massachusetts just the second state to bar discrimination based on height or weight.

''People in authority will very easily make comments about height that they wouldn't make about race or gender,'' said Frankel.

Jeanne Toombs understands the frustration. She says overweight people routinely are discriminated against because of their size.

''It's not fair. No matter what you think of fat people, they deserve to be treated like human beings,'' said Toombs, 59, a piano teacher who weighs 300 pounds.

"But Republican analyst Todd Domke is concerned that lawmakers will scare off businesses if they expand protection to include short and overweight workers.

''We might as well add colorblind, left-handed, allergic-to-cashews, and get it over with,'' Domke said."

No mention of the other anti-height/weight discrimination state.

Thursday, May 17


And Mitt Romney is, as always, on the right side of this immigration proposal.
"I strongly oppose today's bill going through the Senate. It is the wrong approach. Any legislation that allows illegal immigrants to stay in the country indefinitely, as the new 'Z-Visa' does, is a form of amnesty. That is unfair to the millions of people who have applied to legally immigrate to the U.S.

"Today's Senate agreement falls short of the actions needed to both solve our country's illegal immigration problem and also strengthen our legal immigration system. Border security and a reliable employment verification system must be our first priority."


green means go

John Bolton: attack Iran now.
"Iran has clearly mastered the enrichment technology now...they're not stopping, they're making progress and our time is limited."


Paul Wolfowitz is leaving the presidency of the World Bank, effective June 30.

What a travesty this is. The reason he's leaving? He gave his girlfriend a promotion and a raise. But he first requested that he be relieved of the duty of promoting her, of having oversight over his girlfriend.

But the Board of Directors refused. So essentially Wolfowitz is being fired for doing what the Board of Directors ordered him to do. Which tells you that he was a marked man from day one.

Horribly dishonest reporting here from "Wolfowitz Guilty of Breaking World Bank Rules."


And check out the sub-headline: "Iraq War 'Architect' Leaves Bank Amid Controversy Over Girlfriend's Raise."

It's all about Bush hatred. Quoting the Queens of the Stone Age: 'It's sick, sick, sick.'


It is well worth reading Thomas Sowell's 'The Anger of the Left.'

dried paint

Al Gore is bringing his bullcrap dog-and-pony pack of myths, half truths and exaggerations slide show to the University of California, San Diego next Monday.

Can't wait!

Notice that the tickets are free.

amnesty & the z visa

An agreement has been reached between the Senate and the White House on a new immigration bill that would legalize illegals already in country.

Under terms of the proposal, illegals would be able to obtain a "Z visa" which—after paying a $5,000 fine and other fees—would put them on a track to permanent residency, within eight to 13 years.

The President is happy. He's finally gotten the amnesty deal he wanted. Bush gets most of what he wants legislatively. Some lame duck he turned out to be.

BTW, McCain's fingerprints are all over this. His presidential bid is over. And Dean agrees with me. Little 'ol me.


I can't wait to see this.

bad medicine

Forget about contributing to a charity called 'Doctors Without Borders.' A member of the group, a Palestinian, was plotting to whack Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Wednesday, May 16

iraq & al qaeda

I guarantee that very few people know about this.

And isn't that a damning indictment on the quality, the professionalism of journalism?

The American media is far too busy bashing, knowingly misleading and misinforming, ignoring, or in some cases, hiding information that doesn't fit neatly into and conform perfectly to their agenda.

Iraq is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

later, dude

Amazing picture. Two good friends. One last time, in a professional, public capacity.

Farewell Mr. Prime Minister.

fox news

GOP debate production sidebar: What a contrast. Brit Hume reminded me of just how buffoonish, classless and petty Chris Matthews was as the moderator of the first GOP debate.

Matthews asked the Republican candidates questions about Bill Clinton. Last night the Fox News team of Hume, Wendell Goler and Chris Wallace asked important, tough, thought provoking questions about substantive issues.

Always a gentleman, never taking an opportunity to draw attention away from the subject, Hume is America's premier television news broadcaster.

south carolina

I caught some of the GOP debate on TiVo and then pieced the rest of it together with the transcript. There were a couple of magic moments for me.

One, when Mitt Romney declared 'we ought to double Guantanamo.' Genius! I agree.

Two, when Rudy Giuliani rebuked Texas Congressman Ron Paul's stupid 'blame America first' rationale for 9/11.

Said Rudy: 'I've heard some pretty absurd explanations for September 11th.'

Thankfully, these guys get terrorism. They get the fact that America really does have enemies, radicals that can't be changed, or turned, or reasoned with. Rudy and Mitt get it. The Hillary Clinton's, the Barack Obama's of the world, don't.

nappy headed ho's

XM has suspended Opie & Anthony with pay for 30 days. It turns out the boys didn't show proper remorse for last week's Bush/Rice rape comments.

However, the duo will continue to be on CBS, which shows you just how tin the ears of Imus' former bosses really are.

3 stars

Such bad reporting on Bush's search for a 'war czar.'

That search is now concluded. It will be Army Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute.


Bernard Lewis asks an important question: Was Osama right?

Is America a paper tiger? Are we too weak to stay in the fight on the war on terror?

Some of us are. Certainly the Democrats are doing whatever they can to hand Al Qaeda a victory in Iraq.

tone deaf

The bonehead Democrats can't get legislation moved through Congress so Pelosi announced today that she is going to (surprise, surprise) change the rules to stiffle House debate.

Minority Republicans will lose procedural abilities in place in the House of Representatives since 1822.

pulling out

Today the Senate rejected legislation, by a 67-29 margin, that would have cut of funding for combat operations in Iraq by March '08. Both Clinton and Obama voted to cut off funding, knowing that the measure would fail, a win-win for them politically.

Symbolism over substance
? What brave, principled leadership!

That's some 'mandate' the Democrats won last November.

Tuesday, May 15

jerry falwell

Falwell seemed to me to be a kind, decent guy. I didn't always agree with his opinions but I respected them.


I will never understand why the firing of 8 US Attorneys has become a 'scandal' because it isn't and could never be.

Relieving these people of their duties is totally Constitutional.

Yet, Paul McNulty, the Deputy Attorney General has announced his resignation. Why?

Monday, May 14


According to the IAEA, Iran is 'enriching uranium on a far larger scale than before.'

I wonder what the discussion was immediately following 9/11 regarding Iran.

Certainly, all terrorists are connected in some way. We've seen that in Iraq. The radicals have all come to fight America there. And we know that Iran is financing terror around the globe.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall...

Sunday, May 13

haditha civilians, er, terrorists

It turns out that eight of the so-called 'civilians' US Marines killed in Haditha, Iraq were, actually, terrorists.

And, of course, it gets no coverage.

hot air

From ABC News:

"House Democrats are suddenly balking at the tough lobbying reforms they touted to voters last fall as a reason for putting them in charge of Congress.

"Now that they are running things, many Democrats want to keep the big campaign donations and lavish parties that lobbyists put together for them. They're also having second thoughts about having to wait an extra year before they can become high-paid lobbyists themselves should they retire or be defeated at the polls.

"The growing resistance to several proposed reforms now threatens passage of a bill that once seemed on track to fulfill Democrats' campaign promise of cleaner fundraising and lobbying practices."

You can't see me, but I'm smiling.

pump pain

The past 40 years the Democrats have blocked (and they continue to block) every effort to utilize our own natural energy resources. China and Cuba even drill in the Gulf of Mexico. But not us!

How fitting is it then that gas now costs $4.33 in so-called 'progressive' and 'liberal' San Francisco?

mom's rule

Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 11


This post is for all of you who think there is no such thing as media bias.

CNN International had this chyron on air for about 12 seconds.


Newsflash: Rudy Giuliani is pro-choice. Can we please move on now?

Let us now assume the Mayor is now ready for prime time.

P.S. Dick Morris thinks the thwarted Fort Dix attack benefits Rudy.

Thursday, May 10

the pot and the kettle

While Russian President Vladimir Putin is busy comparing US foreign policy to that of the Third Reich, he and his government are actively engaged in behavior strikingly similar to the Third Reich.

*hate radio

Opie and Anthony (CBS Radio/XM Satellite Radio) joked on air about raping Laura Bush and Condi Rice. That's a bit worse than calling women 'ho's,' don't you think?

Think they'll get fired for it? No way.

But CBS Radio's JV and Elvis did get the axe from NYC's 92.3 Free FM after daring to utter 'Asian stereotypes,' on air.

*Warning: Graphic content.

27 june

British Prime Minister Tony Blair will 'stand down' on June 27.

President Bush said today that he will "miss" Blair.

"He is a political figure who is capable of thinking over the horizon. He's a long-term thinker," said Mr Bush.

"I have found him to be a man who's kept his word which is sometimes rare in the political circles I run in."

Certainly he is no Chirac or Schroeder. Blair recognized the threat of radical Islamic terror faster than most of his European counterparts. He's been at America's side and has been one of our staunchest allies since 9/11, and in the effort to liberate Iraq.

Over the years I've laughed whenever Blair has been described as being 'Bush's poodle,' especially since he and Gordon Brown modeled the Labour Party and their own political candidacies after Bill Clinton. They even hired James Carville.

No doubt in my mind that pre-9/11 Tony Blair would have been the British Bubba, 'Third Way' ideology and all. Of course I think Blair is a morally decent man. From all I know he doesn't cheat on his wife and until very recently he hasn't been tainted with scandal.

Blair will be remembered as a world leader who understood the threat of terrorism, a strong economy and better public services.

Said Prime Minister-in-waiting Brown about Blair:
"(People will recall) how he led the country after 7 July, how he responded for the world after 11 September in America, how he responded to the tragic death of Princess Diana".

"Britain's reputation in the world is stronger than ever before. At all times he tried to do the right thing."

And that is exactly the point about Blair and will be true of Bush on 1/19/09. Whether you agree with them or disagree with them, only the lunatic fringe would believe that either one of these guys has governed with sinister intent. Both of these remarkable leaders did whatever they did because they believed they were doing the right thing.


Successful counter-insurgency strategy, as noted by General David Petraeus and by Tony Blankley here, takes years, not months.

It is therefore quite a shame then that politics -- combined with cowardice on both sides of the aisle -- will determine the success or failure of the grand democratic experiment in Iraq.

Leaving prematurely will give al Qaeda three victories; Strategic, geographic and psychological.

doom and gloom

The Dems have always been the doom and gloom party. They are the party of 'No.' Now with their anti-American, anti-war, anti-prosperity platform, they are running the risk of dooming their chances to take back the White House.

Larry Kudlow agrees with me.

Wednesday, May 9


The thwarted Fort Dix attack is yet more evidence that the Bush Administration has done, and continues to do, a brilliant job with national security.


But not so fast...Ron Brownstein of the LAT says the GOP '08 field indeed sucks ass.


Many Republicans have been deceived into believing the MSM spin: That the GOP presidential candidates suck. They don't.

David Frum, President Bush's former speechwriter believes that Giuliani, McCain, Romney, Tommy Thompson, Gilmore, Brownback, Tancredo, Huckabee and Hunter are 'the most impressive array of candidates since ... well maybe since ever.'

"The mayor who transformed New York from failed state into surging financial capital;

"A hero of Vietnam who became a leader of the Senate, sponsor of some of the most important legislation of the past decade;

"One of the nation's most successful businessmen who brought universal private-sector health care after winning election as a Republican in the most Democratic state in the nation;

"The governor who pioneered welfare reform and school vouchers in Wisconsin;

"A former RNC chairman and popular governor of the must-win state of Virginia;

"The Senate's leading advocate of the pro-life and pro-marriage cause;

"Congress's leading immigration reformer;

"A former governor of the state of Arkansas who is ideally positioned to challenge the bona fides of the Democratic front-runner;

"And a former chairman of the House Armed Services committee running for president at a time when many Americans worry that the U.S military has not adequately prepared for the warfare of the 21st century."

fuzzy math

I had no idea 10,000 people died in the Kansas tornado. Did you know that? If it came out of the mouth of the Magic Negro it simply must be true!

A verbal gaffe? Ah, who cares? 12 dead? 10,000 dead? What's the difference? It's no big deal.


Look what, or rather, who, is behind the phony Wolfowitz 'scandal' at the World Bank...

'Oil for Food,' anyone?

Tuesday, May 8

all good

We know that the Dems always overplay their hand and in the end they almost always have egg on their faces, which is as it should be with such a pathetic, pitiful once great political party.

Far from the dire news that is reported to describe President Bush and the Republicans, I see many, many examples of positive news both here and overseas.

Conservative leaders are being elected in country after country around the world, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Poland. Gordon Brown, Tony Blair's successor in Britain is a big America fan, as is Sarkozy in France.

So much for the world hating America and Bush. That's another myth from the Left.

And when you read this op-ed from Mike Barone you'll understand why I'm feeling good about the future for the GOP.

Monday, May 7


Nothing shocks me about Democrats anymore.

Disgusting. The worst thing I can say about someone is that they are a Democrat.


London's Daily Mail reports that Sarko's election victory was marred by protests. Excuse me, they stated it this way.

Protests that were incited by Sunday's election loser Segolene Royal. Remember Royal urged a vote for her on Friday to avoid riots.

Sunday, May 6

law & order

Huge turnout today for the French presidential election -- 85%. Only 37% of Americans bothered to vote in 2004.

Good for France, good for Europe, good for the United States. Congratulations to America's friend, the new French President-elect Sarkozy.

kill me now

The NYT believes that the Second Amendment has only in the last 20 years come to mean that individual Americans can own guns.


magic negro

This is quite a stretch. 'Republicans defecting to Obama?'

If that were true he really would be Magic.

Saturday, May 5

mile-and-a half

I'm so glad I don't live in 'Tornado Alley' anymore.

Check out this mile-and-a half wide twister in Kansas. Holy crap.

Must be global warming. And, of course, it's Bush's fault, 'cause he's the worst President, ever.

now playing

On one hand we bitch and moan about all the illegal aliens in this country, but on the other hand we enthusiastically celebrate one of their holidays.

Happy Cinco de Mayo. Tequila!

P.S. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club tomorrow night @ House of Blues. Can't wait.

Thursday, May 3

discussion, part ii

What a contrast to the Democrats. Any one of these GOP candidates is more qualified to be President than Hillary or Obama.

Romney, Guiliani were clearly the class of this group, but Huckabee and Brownback really exceeded my expectations. They belong on the stage and I hope they stay.

McCain put in the worst performance tonight. He just looks old, tired, sick and desperate. He should get out, along with Hunter, Paul, Thompson, Gilmore and Tancredo.

Unfortunately, NBC's Chris Matthews and Politico's John Harris and Jim VanderHei (who picked 'interactive questions' from really screwed up the proceedings with ridiculous questions, like: "Would it be good for America to have Bill Clinton back in the White House?" and "What do you dislike most about America?"

The "dislike" question was posed online to Romney, who answered by saying, "Gosh, I love America."

VanderHei also asked Giuliani if "there's anything you learned, or regret, during your time as Mayor in your dealings with the African-American community?

To Huckabee: "Thousands of reputable scientists have concluded, with almost certainty, that human activity is responsible for the warming of the Earth. Do you believe global warming exists?

To Tancredo: "Will you work to protect women's rights, as in fair wages and reproductive choice?

Hard to imagine that the RNC couldn't have found a decent moderator for this debate.


Finally, California is more involved in Presidential politics.

Tonight's GOP debate at the Reagan Library should be interesting. Real candidates, real ideas, real policies. A real discussion.


The Magic Negro got a Secret Service detail today, the earliest ever for a presidential candidate.

They are claiming otherwise, but you know the guy gets a ton of threats from stupid racists in places like Alabama and Arkansas.


People seem to be offended today that Time left President Bush off their most influential list. Why? Can we trust a Liberal news magazine that regularly prints lies, distortions and misguided opinions to accurately present the obvious?

Omitting Bush only makes the magazine look ridiculous. Everybody knows who the most influential person in the world is. It's in the very nature of the job, after all.

This type of tripe is exactly why so many Americans are woefully ignorant of world events. The MSM constantly serves up non-news as news, and, as a result America, and the world, has been successfully dumbed down.

Wednesday, May 2

now playing

france's 'reagan'?

Another example of the enduring greatness of Ronald Reagan: That French presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy is drawing comparisons to the former American President.

Of course, this piece from the UK Guardian is meant to be insulting, full of Liberal myths and inaccuracies about 'Republican spin,' and American workplace inequities, but it is still a fascinating read.

It would seem that if Sarkozy, or any French politician for that matter, were perceived as being 'too American,' or if his policies were seen as being 'too similar to the Bush Administration' as this article suggests, it would be the political kiss of death. Apparently not, since Sarkozy is widely expected to win Sunday's second round of elections.

And hey, check out this from the IHT about tonight's Sarkozy/Royal debate.

'moment of truth'

Dick Morris writes about 'the Magic Negro' today, postulating that if Obama votes against the Iraq compromise, he forces John Edwards out of the race.

Dick, I got news for you buddy. Edwards isn't far from being out of the race now, regardless of what Obama does.

Why do so many people give Edwards this much credit? Edwards is a terrible candidate. Only the smoke-and-mirror Democrats could give credibility to this supposedly "anti-war candidate," a laughable candidate who voted for the war back when it was politically popular.


Check out this 'dust storm,' known as a 'Haboob' in Africa. Pictured here over Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

h for hypocrite

I don't accept the claims of climate change but Hillary Clinton does and says so in speeches across the country.

She's concerned about the environment, but apparently she's even more concerned with her own personal comfort as evidenced by her use of three different private jets, one of which she 'grounded' last week because 'she didn't like the configuration of the cabin.'

capital g

Think environmentalism isn't a religion? Think again.


As promised.
"I am confident that with goodwill on both sides that we can move beyond political statements and agree on a bill that gives our troops the funds and flexibility to do the job that we asked them to do." -- President Bush


Super chunk Britney Spears played my local House of Blues last night? Damn. I missed it.

Nice photo, too. Louisiana thunder thighs AND a muffin top.
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