Thursday, January 31

unfair, unbalanced

You'd think that with CNN hosting both the Republican and the Democratic debates on successive evenings that the format would be the same. Wouldn't you?

Last night, the GOP debate was pretty straightforward. Romney, McCain, Paul and Huckabee came onstage, sat down and waited for the first question.

Tonight, Barack and Hillary each got to address the audience for a somewhat unlimited amount of time.

That's not fair.

It especially seems unfair and unbalanced when you consider the enormous oratory skills of Mitt Romney and how he could have benefited from such a platform in last night's debate.

Additionally, last night's GOP debate ran three hours. The debate itself was 90 minutes, and as I posted previously, there was post-debate commentary from Anderson Cooper, Bill Bennett and others, that was almost completely focused on the Democrats!

The post Republican debate analysis and they talked almost exclusively about the Clinton and Obama.


So, I expected, rather naively, that tonight's Democratic debate would also run three hours and that the post-debate portion of the program would be devoted to the Republicans. Wrong. Not to be.

Yes, more political bias from CNN: Immediately following Tonight's programming runs (which only lasts for two hours) and then will be followed by a CNN special program, "Health Care -- Critical Condition," about the American health care crisis!

Need I remind journalists everywhere that their job is to objectively report the news, not to voice their opinions?

speeding up

Mitt Romney is not slowing down. He's making significant ad buys here in California and in Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota and Missouri ahead of Super Tuesday.

Go Mitt!

'slow down'

Bill Clinton said yesterday in Colorado that "we just have to slow down our economy and cut back our Greenhouse gas emissions 'cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren."

Uh, Bill. Human beings need carbon dioxide (the most common Greenhouse gas) to survive. And if we 'slow our economy down' people won't be able to feed their families. And, yes, Bill. Children might even go hungry.

Can you believe there are really idiots out there who believe this stuff?

Wednesday, January 30

go mitt

Romney kicked McCain's butt tonight at the Republican debate at the Reagan Library.

And, post debate, CNN being CNN, talked for nearly 90 minutes about the Democrats, not the Republicans.

the general

Morris says McCain can win the general election, but Romney can't.


John Edwards was running for President? Why didn't somebody tell me?

the better gop choice

I support Mitt Romney.


I remain convinced that, as a party, we can do much better.

Tuesday, January 29

one delegate

Now that he's officially out of the race, I am about to be extremely critical of Rudy Giuliani.

The idea that he could forgo Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and South Carolina and still win the GOP nomination was always a fantasy. It's just that Giuliani supporters (like me) were hoping against hope that the "Risky Strategy," as it became to be known, would work.

It didn't f-----g work.

The idea that Rudy, a bona fide celebrity, could parachute into a town and then make an appearance at a diner, wave, shake hands, wave some more, pose for photographs, leave four minutes later, and actually connect with voters was always a fantasy. It's just that Giuliani supporters (like me) were hoping it would work.

It didn't work.

The idea that you allow your competitors -- McCain, Romney, Huckabee, Paul, etc. -- to become part of the story where they really never were part of the story before wasn't going to work.

The idea that you allow your competitors to accrue delegates -- to get into the race -- while you get a grand total of one delegate. ONE DELEGATE? Was that ever going to work?


The news that your own daughter was supporting Barack Obama was embarrassing. And it showed that your campaign lacked discipline.


You based your ENTIRE candidacy on 9/11?


You had plenty of stuff to talk about pre-9/11 that I heard you talk about, but not nearly effectively as you could/should have. You had a great tax package, for example -- the biggest in American history -- but you didn't publicize it until it was much too late.

Also, stupid.

You know that you are behind the final weekend before the primary that you've staked your entire candidacy on, the future of the country on -- and you lie and you say that "your campaign isn't conducting internal polling..."

You "Promise" your supporters a victory in Florida 72 hours ago, only to finish in third place.

Your campaign took five weeks to send me a "Rudy" bumper sticker. That should have been a clue that things weren't going very well.


The California Republican Party called yesterday wanting money and I told them they were boneheads because they won't allow Independents to cross over and vote in our primary next Tuesday, Feb. 5.
"It's pretty hard to build a big tent if you don't let anybody else in," said Dan Schnur, a veteran Republican political consultant. "It doesn't make sense for a party that wants to and needs to broaden its base to throw this kind of obstacle in the path of an independent voter who wants to hang out with us."
Unaffiliated voters are comprise 19.3% of the electorate, along with 42.7% registered Democrats and 33.6% registered Republicans. So, doing the math, that means 62% of registered California voters will be eligible to vote in the Democratic primary double the number of eligible Republicans.

Who are the idiots responsible for this decision? Senate Republican leader Dick Ackerman of Tustin and Assembly Republican leader Mike Villines of Clovis. Why are we afraid of competing? Our ideas versus their ideas. We usually win.
"Republicans have made the serious, perhaps fatal, error of shutting independent voters out of their primary," said Garry South, who was a top advisor to former Democratic Gov. Gray Davis. "The thing we know about independents is, when they choose to vote in a primary, they tend to stay with that party" in the general election."


Just another beautiful day in sunny Florida.


Somehow McCain likes Chief Justice John Roberts, but he accuses Justice Sam Alito of "wearing his conservatism on his sleeve"?


When the government cuts taxes, they take in more revenue. That's just how it works.

Since the Bush tax cuts, the last four years, revenue collections have risen 152%. Uncle Sam is rich.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) now estimates that the capital gains tax will collect some $127 billion in 2007, up from $49 billion in 2002, a major reason for the decline in the budget deficit in recent years.

Democrats don't get this. They want to raise the tax rate to 28% from the current 15%. And they want to raise taxes, which means that the government will take in less revenue.


Even in an election year, the Dems are playing politics with national security.

The Protect America Act, expires Friday, even though the Senate has had six months to renew it.

Monday, January 28

d.o.a. in florida?

Byron York writes Rudy's obit.

If true, it ain't where I thought we'd be. But I'm still not sure I believe the polls. Look at the crowds Giuliani gets everywhere he goes!?!?

Oh well, I've been right the last eight years. My luck was bound to run out sometime, wasn't it?

'when the whip comes down'

How long before (the worst President in American history) Jimmy Carter endorses Obama?

How long before (the world's biggest fraud) Al Gore endorses Obama?

Clinton backlash, baby. That 'politics of personal destruction' thing.

When (the second worst Presidential candidate in American history) John Kerry tells (the first black President in American history) Bill Clinton to 'stop lying' about Obama, that's a significant shift in party leadership.


Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius is very qualified to be President. Why don't the Dems field good female candidates like this Sebelius instead of the hack Hillary Clinton?

Factoid: Governor Sebelius' father, John Gilligan, served as Governor of Ohio, from 1971-1975, and she is the first daughter of a Governor to be elected the same position.


A great sign that things have turned around in Iraq? Iraqi soldiers are making goofy videos and posting them on YouTube.

Next thing they'll be setting up MySpace and Facebook accounts.

the golden state

Bob Novak thinks Hillary's "Latino firewall" here in California isn't going to help her against the Magic Negro.

ella es un perdedor

Bob Novak thinks Hillary's "Latino firewall" here in California isn't going to help her against Obama.

uno mas

President Bush's final State of the Union. Time sure does fly.

He always gives great speeches.

'inaccurate picture'

Obama and Clinton contributor the"Slumlord" Tony Rezko has been arrested.

More here from the Chicago Tribune.

Funny how ABC News fails to mention the Clinton-Rezko connection.


I have long believed the Clintons to be racists. I can point to Bill's heritage in Arkansas. I can point to his obsessive pandering to African Americans for sixteen years. I can point to his mentor, former Senator Fulbright, who proposed racial segregation. I can point to Hillary's tendency to fake accents whenever she visits a black church.

What has surprised me is that it hasn't surfaced until now that Billary has on fight on their hands with the surge of Barack Obama.

Hitchens agrees. Or I agree with Hitchens. Whatever.

mccain is a jackass

Did Romney call for withdrawal from Iraq, as McCain asserts?

Read Romney's exact quote from the April '07 when he appeared on "Good Morning America:"
Host Robin Roberts: "Do you believe that there should be a timetable in withdrawing the troops?"

Mitt Romney: "Well, there's no question that the president and Prime Minister al-Maliki have to have a series of timetables and milestones that they speak about. But those shouldn't be for public pronouncement. You don't want the enemy to understand how long they have to wait in the weeds until you're going to be gone. You want to have a series of things you want to see accomplished in terms of the strength of the Iraqi military and the Iraqi police, and the leadership of the Iraqi government."
Assuming that Bush and al-Maliki, at one point or another, will hold discussions about the ways in which the American military will draw down and leave Iraq completely is a perfectly reasonable thing for a presidential candidate to say.

This reeks of desperation to me. Polls show McCain leading in Florida. Why does he need to lie about his closest competitor?

The McCain campaign appears to also be behind a series of Spanish "robocalls" in Miami, accusing Romney of being "soft" on Fidel Castro.


It's taken sixteen longs years, but Frank Rich finally is seeing through the Clintons.

lego's rock

'it will do...'

"No Country For Old Men," is awesome, but the ending was a bit confusing, which made Josh Brolin's (pictured above with Joel and Ethan Coen) acceptance speech last night at the SAG Awards all the more amusing.
"The Coen brothers are freaky little people and we did a freaky little movie, whether you liked the ending or not."
I'm sure that I will be liking Brolin much, much less than I do now since he's agreed to star in the upcoming Oliver Stone film about President Bush.

problem solver

... Just as I read David Frum, a writer I greatly admire, make the case for a Giuliani presidency.

breaking news?

The LA Times is reporting that Rudy "hinted" at getting out of the GOP presidential race today...

mitt & john

Romney leads nationally among conservatives; McCain among moderates, according to Rasmussen.

Sunday, January 27


Kennedy endorsing Obama?

That makes me think of Obama that he would accept such an endorsement.

Oh, and speaking of slugs, Tom Hayden has endorsed Obama, too.

48 hours

Everybody seems to have already counted Rudy out, but check out this interesting little nugget from the Washington Times:

"Giuliani's risky strategy of skipping the first half-dozen presidential-nomination contests has gone nearly according to plan — three different candidates have won. Each state so far has been a battle between just two or three candidates, and none so far has built lasting momentum."

He got a 'lively reception' in Boca Raton, too.
"Giuliani said he would introduce the largest tax cuts in U.S. history. He proposes to make President Bush's 2001 and 2003 tax breaks, which expire in 2010, permanent and would reduce the capital-gains tax and eliminate the estate tax — often called the death tax.
"This will put more money in your pocket — Democrats want to take money out of your pocket."

"Giuliani, who has been hailed by supporters for his actions as New York's mayor during the days and weeks after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, mentioned national security several times, saying he would beef up the military and continue the fight against terrorism at home and abroad.

"The only way to deal with Islamic terrorism is to be on the offensive," he said. "No more defense. ... Let's not be lulled into a false sense of security because nothing has happened in a while."

'not a single time'

Look. It's the Monica Lewinsky finger wag.

Saturday, January 26


Rudy will make an extra long ad pitch to Floridians on Sunday night.

Watch the ad.

big 'mo

This makes me sick. I bet Rudy's not too pleased about it either, since he's been courting (and counting on it) since Crist pledged his support to Giuliani last fall when McCain was dead in the water.

Charlie Crist may be the popular Governor of Florida, but he's also a serial opportunist and a finger-in-the-wind politician.

This, along with the endorsement of Senator Mel Martinez, certainly won't hurt McCain on Tuesday.


Barack Obama fever swept across South Carolina, as Bill Clinton predicted it would. Seventy eight percent of African Americans in the state voted for Obama.

The Clintons wrote off the state a week ago and I think her campaign has written off the black vote completely.

Quite simply, a lot of Democrats are doing a re-think about the Clintons.

Obama 54%
Clinton 27%
Edwards 19%

African Americans voted overwhelmingly for Obama today.

Here's a piece of Obama's victory speech that was just leaked to reporters:
"If there's anything we’ve been reminded of since Iowa, it’s that the kind of change we seek will not come easy. Partly because we have fine candidates in the field – fierce competitors, worthy of respect. And as contentious as this campaign may get, we have to remember that this is a contest for the Democratic nomination, and that all of us share an abiding desire to end the disastrous policies of the current administration."

"But there are real differences between the candidates. We are looking for more than just a change of party in the White House. We're looking to fundamentally change the status quo in Washington – a status quo that extends beyond any particular party. And right now, that status quo is fighting back with everything it’s got; with the same old tactics that divide and distract us from solving the problems people face, whether those problems are health care they can’t afford or a mortgage they cannot pay.

"So this will not be easy. Make no mistake about what we're up against."


Rudy is brilliant and his ideas makes so much sense, and they work. Hey, that's a novel concept for politics. Does stuff that works, and has a proven record of working, like tax cuts and free trade.

As Florida prepares to go to the polls, the Giuliani blueprint for homeland security is well worth a second look, too.

WaPo has already written Rudy's Florida (and presidential) obituary.

From what I hear, Hizzoner's got tremendous support in south Florida, support that is going to produce a victory on Tuesday. And he's basically lived in the state for the past two months.

But, but, I think if he doesn't finish first or a very close second, he might very well be done. And then a lot of people (like me) are going to make the Thompson comparison.

Friday, January 25


I posted earlier about last night's GOP debate on MSNBC and what I believed was the rather slanted questioning by Tim Russert. If one is to believe that the MSM is biased against Republicans, and I believe it wholeheartedly, you probably found Russert's hammering on Mitt Romney to be offensive.

Beyond that I found moderator Brian Williams style to be inoffensive. But this afternoon I stumbled across a blog, Article 6, that rightfully takes Williams to task for a question he asked the former Massachusetts Governor last night.

"Williams: Governor, we’ve got an NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll coming out in the morning that says, among a lot of other things, 44 percent of respondents say a Mormon president would have a difficult time uniting the country. And I know you’ve answered similar questions about what you were able to do with the Catholic vote in Massachusetts, but 44 percent nationally, writ large, is a large number."

But guess what? That's not the way the question was worded in the poll. In fact, the word 'Mormon' wasn't in the poll question at all. Williams did some freelancing. Question # 25 reads as follows:

"One of the goals people have mentioned as important for the next president to have is the ability to unite all Americans around goals and objectives for the country and to reduce the partisan fighting in Congress. I would like to list various presidential candidates. Please tell me whether you feel this person would be very successful, fairly successful, not too successful, or not at all successful in uniting the nation."

I know a lot of Liberals who laugh whenever I talk to them about media bias, but what else could you possibly call this action by Williams? He's ostensibly reading the question verbatim, but we later discover that not to be the case. Williams should be fired immediately, otherwise the NBC Nightly News has zero credibility. NBC should also issue a public apology to Romney, the Republican party and to the Wall Street Journal.

This goes straight to the heart of what Conservatives have been saying for the longest time: You can't trust a lot of what you see from the major television networks and you can't trust a lot of what you read in the daily newspapers because an overwhelming majority of American journalists subscribe to the Liberal point of view.

Is it unreasonable to expect journalists -- human beings -- to be objective all the time about the stories they cover? Maybe it is. But to invent stories -- like the case of CBS and Dan Rather presenting phony documents as Bush's National Guard records -- and to invent questions -- like Williams last night goes far beyond bias and, in fact, crosses over into rancorous behavior.

Fewer and fewer Americans are watching the nightly newscasts and reading the daily papers. And one of the reasons they are tuning out and canceling their subscriptions is this obvious bias. It's apparent to any fair minded person.

Thus the success of talk radio and the Fox News Channel.

Republicans cannot and should not expect to get a fair shake from the media this election year or any other time. The press is going to cover the GOP unfavorably whenever they can. They are going to not tell the whole story, they are going to focus on the negative and they will ignore completely any positive aspects of stories dealing with Conservatives. Cases in the point: The Iraq war and the American economy the past three years.

If you are just becoming aware of bias against Republicans in the American news media I'd describe this Brian Williams episode as a crash course.


Said Bill Clinton today, stumping in SC:
“(Hillary) and John McCain are very close,” he said. “They always laugh that if they wound up being the nominees of their party, it would be the most civilized election in American history and they’re afraid they’d put the voters to sleep because they like and respect each other.”
I can just picture it. John and Hillary, sitting in a tree, like best buds. He'd call her "My friend," every five seconds. He'd still win, though, I think.

But I'm not sure of what to make of this statement. Is this a coded message from Bill, saying, essentially "this is the general election matchup we want?"

They fear Romney. They fear Giuliani. They don't fear McCain because they know his base of support isn't Republican.


Bill Clinton's ego is the size of North America. It's all about him. He wants what he wants when he wants it and at the moment he wants to move his big, flabby white ass back into White House.

Oh, yeah. And he wants his wife to be President, too.

"America's First Black President" is so power mad that he's willing to ignite a racial war within his own party in order to marginalize Barack Obama, a decent guy who could actually become the first Real Black American President.

Writes The Economist:
"Over the past few months Mr. Clinton has downgraded himself from global statesman to political hatchet-man. No former president has inserted himself so wholeheartedly into a presidential race. (Mr Bush senior stayed in the background of his son's campaign, and declined to get stuck in even after John McCain won in New Hampshire.) Mr. Clinton has not only dismissed Barack Obama as a roll of the dice and a purveyor of fairy tales. He has also ripped into awkward reporters and wandered into the Nevada caucuses to canvass for his wife. He is spending more time campaigning in South Carolina than the candidate herself. Mr. Clinton seems intent on playing Spiro Agnew to his wife's Nixon, but with one important difference: Agnew went after the other side."
The difference is this: Clinton is not a decent guy. He's a lout. He's an acknowledged liar. Many believe him to be a criminal and a rapist. Clinton is the kind of guy you meet at a party and he hits on your date. I wouldn't trust him to drive my girlfriend or my Mother home.

l.m.a.o., part ii

The NYT's endorsement of Hillary is high comedy.

She's reportedly "brilliant if at times harsh-sounding," while Obama is "incandescent, and still undefined."

Both Clinton and Obama "would both help restore America’s global image, to which President Bush has done so much grievous harm. They are committed to changing America’s role in the world, not just its image."

'Grevious harm?'

More..."Hearing her talk about the presidency, her policies and answers for America’s big problems, we are hugely impressed by the depth of her knowledge, by the force of her intellect and by the breadth of, yes, her experience."

Because she's 'brilliant.'

More..."On the major issues, there is no real gulf separating the two. They promise an end to the war in Iraq, more equitable taxation, more effective government spending, more concern for social issues, a restoration of civil liberties and an end to the politics of division of George W. Bush and Karl Rove."

They are still kicking Rove? Ha, ha, ha. How long ago did he leave the White House? A year ago?

More..."Mrs. Clinton has tackled complex policy issues, sometimes failing. She has shown a willingness to learn and change. Her current proposals on health insurance reflect a clear shift from her first, famously disastrous foray into the issue. She has learned that powerful interests cannot simply be left out of the meetings. She understands that all Americans must be covered..."

Isn't this the same newspaper that routinely publishes American national security secrets?


Look at what the spineless harpies had to say about McCain:
"We have strong disagreements with all the Republicans running for president. The leading candidates have no plan for getting American troops out of Iraq. They are too wedded to discredited economic theories and unwilling even now to break with the legacy of President Bush. We disagree with them strongly on what makes a good Supreme Court justice.

"Still, there is a choice to be made, and it is an easy one. Senator John McCain of Arizona is the only Republican who promises to end the George Bush style of governing from and on behalf of a small, angry fringe. With a record of working across the aisle to develop sound bipartisan legislation, he would offer a choice to a broader range of Americans than the rest of the Republican field."
Uh huh. I'm telling you, this is the kiss of death for McCain among conservatives. Conservatives hate and distrust the New York Times.

i heart rudy

Here's what the NY Times said about Rudy Giuliani:
"Mr. Giuliani, whom many New Yorkers came to know and mistrust, is a narrow, obsessively secretive, vindictive man who saw no need to limit police power. Racial polarization was as much a legacy of his tenure as the rebirth of Times Square.

"Mr. Giuliani’s arrogance and bad judgment are breathtaking. When he claims fiscal prudence, we remember how he ran through surpluses without a thought to the inevitable downturn and bequeathed huge deficits to his successor. He fired Police Commissioner William Bratton, the architect of the drop in crime, because he couldn’t share the limelight. He later gave the job to Bernard Kerik, who has now been indicted on fraud and corruption charges.

"The Rudolph Giuliani of 2008 first shamelessly turned the horror of 9/11 into a lucrative business, with a secret client list, then exploited his city’s and the country’s nightmare to promote his presidential campaign."

Yeah, but he cleaned up Manhattan. He cleaned up Times Square. You don't do that by being a nice guy. You do it by being tough. Nobody doubts Giuliani's ability to kick ass. Which is why he will make a great President, regardless of what the spineless, snippy harpies on the NYT editorial board think.

the 5

I was struck last night as I watched the MSNBC/GOP debate from Florida that all five candidates are good, decent guys. Any of them would serve the country with honor and distinction, which is all we, the electorate, can hope or ask.

Romney is a machine, always at the ready with the near perfect answer. I think he's probably The Guy, barring a...

...Giuliani victory in Florida next Tuesday.

McCain... I'm not a fan, but the NY Times likes him and has endorsed him, which is a big reason not to vote for McCain, but...

Paul, makes a lot of sense, and isn't completely wrong on foreign policy, but...

Huckabee, for the first time, didn't make me want to vomit, but...

Tim Russert did. He didn't appear to be very happy last night, did he?

hey, tony

Hey, look. It's the Clintons with that Obama 'slumlord,' Tony Rezko.

indifference, part ii

...This 'bipartisan' stimulus crap is pretty ridiculous, considering that if you really want to stimulate the economy all you have to do is cut the top marginal rate.


"Talk about the ultimate missed opportunity. One of the few advantages the GOP starts with in this election is a president who can use his perch to frame the national debate. This was Mr. Bush's chance to explain to voters the stark economic choice they will face this November. They can choose another Republican who is committed to preserving the Bush tax cuts that have done so much over the past five years for economic growth -- plus more. Or they can vote for a Democrat who will raise their taxes at a time of economic uncertainty, causing untold harm.

"What didn't appear to factor into the administration's approach was any consideration that the GOP is in the middle of a crucial election. This is odd, given the Bush team's own experience and success in running campaigns, and given that Mr. Bush's best shot at cementing his tax legacy is to see another Republican in the White House."

Thursday, January 24

opinions are like...

Poor Patt Morrison.... The LA Times columnist is dumb as a rock and she spells her name with two 't's.

She's 'outraged' about Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Katrina, Blackwater, Terri Schiavo?

Let's see... Abu Ghraib? Isolated incident.

Gitmo? Prisoners eat so well they've gained weight. Hello?

Katrina? Hard to fault FEMA when local government is inept, unprepared.

Blackwater? Security guards are expected to shoot first and ask questions later.

Terri Schiavo? Strange right-to-life case between a caring, doting family and a cruel, money-grubbing, neglectful ex-husband.

The Bush Administration has been 'a national near death experience?'

These people really do live in an echo chamber, apparently never exposing themselves to divergent points of view. How Liberal of them. How tolerant of them. And this woman, Morrison? In what parallel universe would she collect a paycheck for having such extremely flawed and easily knocked down opinions?

Only in LA, baby!


I've become fascinated by a company called 42 Entertainment. They create ARG's, or alternate reality games. It's called 'viral marketing,' too.

Anyway, look what 42 did for Nine Inch Nails.

Look, above, and here what 42 is doing for The Dark Knight, the new Batman movie coming out this summer.

the fixer

Now I'm back to loving Rudy. He's proposing the biggest tax cut in American history. Talk about economic stimulus!

It'll be tough passing that through a Dem-witted Congress, but I can still dream, can't I?

Washington doesn't need change as much as it needs fixing, which is Giuliani's specialty.

dirty laundry

North Korea is laundering money through the United Nations. Isn't that great?

Read the report from the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

wash out

I now officially have a policy difference with Rudy Giuliani.

Trolling for votes ahead of the vitally important GOP primary in Florida, Rudy has strongly come out in support of the socialization of Florida's disaster insurance, which would mean that my tax money would go to rebuild somebody's hurricane-ravaged home.

God forbid I lose my house in an earthquake here in California. I choose to live here. I'm not going to expect someone in Tampa to rebuild my house.

I now officially have a policy agreement with the otherwise dreadful John McCain, who proposes making private insurance cheaper.

Now that's some straight talk people.

Wednesday, January 23



go rudy

Normally, I'd say this is borderline animal cruelty. It's gonna hurt like hell pulling that thing off. But since it's a Giuliani sticker, it's cool.

Tuesday, January 22

glossing over

The Center for Public Integrity (interesting name) has released a report claiming that the Bush Administration 'played the war card with Iraq and 'orchestrated deception on the path to war.'

This smacks of a Clinton/Soros smear/misinformation campaign. And it is yet another attempt to rewrite Bill Clinton's legacy, which is Lewinsky and 9/11.

Of course, the Bush-lied-people-died crowd conveniently ignore the fact that every world leader ALSO believed Hussein possessed banned weapons. And in the absence of Saddam, Uday and Qusay Hussein would have been even more dangerous.

Iraq was in violation of how many UN resolutions? A Liberal friend of mine sent me some crap today about how Bush rendered the UN irrelevant.

How funny is that? The UN has been irrelevant for YEARS! Did someone just figure that out? In fact, the irony here, Bush re-legitimized the UN by ENFORCING the resolutions against Iraq.

And, then there's Oil For Food, the UN-Iraq under the table arrangement that made Kofi Annan rich and the Hussein's even richer, but let's not talk about that.

But I am digressing. I wonder if TCPI has ever done a report on the Clinton Administration's counter-terrorism policies? The Clinton national security policies? Doubtful.

Democrats are cowards. They don't take decisive action, instead preferring to prattle on endlessly using diplomacy (which is code for talking and saying absolutely nothing while our enemies run circles around us) all the while bowing the 'the will of the international community.'

It is this type of behavior that results in Libya overseeing human rights on behalf of the UN, jetplanes being flown into American skyscrapers and, God forbid one day, a nuclear bomb being detonated in Los Angeles, Atlanta or Chicago.

With the help of an all-too willing press corps, it has apparently been quite easy for people to forget that, after Bill partied for eight years, I mean, was President for eight years, America was attacked by Islamic crazies and that, as President, Bush had the obligation to aggressively respond to that attack. And he has. And he continues to do so.

And the disingenuous Left continues to play monday morning quarterback, a futile yet telling exercise into what type of people they truly are, all in an effort to propel another Clinton to the White House.


Not only am I concerned about the viability of the Republican Presidential nominee in November, I'm concerned with the viability of the Republican Party.

That's a big reason why I don't support John McCain. I've got to ask, Republicans need to be asking, why is it that Democrats and Independents comprise the majority of McCain's base?

Oh, sure, he's supported the successful surge in Iraq and that was a big deal, no doubt about it.

But McCain didn't support the Bush tax cuts, which he now readily admits have been of great benefit to the economy.

McCain wants the US to join the International Criminal Court and he's a global warming nut.

McCain wants to limit political free speech and he tried to do it with an unconstitutional bill called McCain-Feingold.

He's on the wrong side of interrogation techniques, which makes the US less safe in the age of Islamic terrorism.

He was a founder of the Gang of 14, which hamstrung much of the GOP's judicial agenda.

No, this guy is bad news. Vote for Rudy or Mitt.

Oh, and Huckabee isn't viable, either, and people are beginning to realize it.

This piece of news makes me tremendously happy. Read it and smile.


And the nominees are...

Best Picture?

"Michael Clayton"
"No Country for Old Men"
"There Will Be Blood"

I hear that "Juno" and "There Will Be Blood" are brilliant, but I 've not seen them. "No Country" was awesome.

Best Original Screenplay?

Diablo Cody, "Juno"
Nancy Oliver, "Lars and the Real Girl"
Tony Gilroy, "Michael Clayton"
Brad Bird, Jan Pinkava and Jim Capobianco, "Ratatouille"
Tamara Jenkins, "The Savages."

I hear wonderful things about "Lars," but I've not seen it. I'm in the middle of reading "The Savages" screenplay and it's great. "Ratatouille" was incredible.

dead at 28

I was about to post about the Oscar nominations...but I noticed a link from NBC 4 in New York. The actor Heath Ledger has died. His housekeeper found him 'with pills strewn all around him.'

good decisions

President Bush has done a lot of smart things the past seven years...but one of the best things was withdrawal from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which has allowed us the opportunity to counter the growing threats of rogue nations by building an already functioning global command and control center to manage American defenses.

We've also been able to construct a sensor/missile defense shield in the Pacific, from Alaska to California, and strategic missile interceptors. None of this would have been possible without withdrawing from the ABM treaty.

All the while, stupid Liberals rip Bush, criticize him for protecting the country, for NSA surveillance, for invading Iraq, for Guantanamo Bay, for harsh interrogation techniques, for Homeland Security, all of it. What they fail to realize is that the decisions a President makes are consequential. They don't get that.

By any objective standard President Bush gets the highest marks on all matters of national security, which is of vital importance because of stuff like this.

thanks, fred part ii

I like Fred Thompson a lot and I was a supporter of his candidacy. But what an anemic, pathetic effort. I'm not sure I've seen a more half hearted campaign in my life.

Remember back how he got into the race in the first place, dropping hints and expressing interest and getting people's hopes up.

And nothing happened.

Then he said he was talking to people and figuring out if he could raise the money he needed to compete.

But still nothing happened.

Then dates were leaked. The end of May. July 4th. Memorial Day.

Nothing happened and I stopped caring. Then he finally got into the race in September.

A good portion of the Republican electorate kept waiting for this big splash that never happened. Fair or not, I think Fred is lazy and he got into the race late. I think he doesn't really want to work that hard, and running for President is beyond hard.

He's been great lately. But it was too late.

The sad truth of it -- and I might be saying the same thing about Giuliani next week -- is that Thompson needed to compete early in Iowa and in New Hampshire. There's not a doubt in my mind that he would have won the Iowa caucus and most likely would have had a strong showing in New Hampshire and from that he would have had momentum and money.

It didn't happen. More than anything else, I think, Thompson's lackluster effort has given rise to both McCain and Huckabee. So, thanks again Fred. Thanks a lot.

At least Law & Order is better.


Being down 126 points is better than 400 points.

Nice ratings cut today, from 4.25% down to 3.5%.

Disaster averted.

crossing over

Nice Giuliani hit piece from the NYT here. Save a city from itself and look the kind of crap, er, credit you get.

The headline screams "Crossing Giuliani had a Price." Of course it did. He was a tough Mayor. That's how he got stuff done.

the six

Essentially, we're now down to six candidates, Democrats Clinton, Obama and Edwards, Republicans Giuliani, Romney and McCain.

For the Dems, it appears that Obama is a shoe-in victor in South Carolina this Saturday, since Clinton has all but conceded the state and Edwards is largely a non-factor everywhere.

Will this nastiness between Hillary and Barack fracture the Dems? We can only hope. How rich is it that Obama called Bill a liar?

I think Obama is going to win the southern states with large black populations and Illinois, but I think Clinton will probably win in places like California and New York.

The January 29 GOP primary in Florida looms large for Rudy, who, if his plans go accordingly, can resurrect his campaign and vault him into front-runner status again.

Romney's got a lead in some of the polls, but Giuliani's well within striking distance. I think, and I've been saying this, I think Rudy will win Florida. (I see these two as the eventual GOP ticket in the fall)

McCain's got a lot of steam at the moment, but Democrats and Independents won't be voting in Florida, so his appeal is going to be extremely limited. Republicans don't like McCain and it is going to start showing, much to the chagrin of the MSM.

thanks, fred


CONTACT: Jeff Sadosky

January 22, 2008

Statement from Sen. Fred Thompson

McLean, VA - Senator Fred Thompson today issued the following statement about his campaign for President:

"Today I have withdrawn my candidacy for President of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort. Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people."

Monday, January 21


Imagine a serious journalist asking Barack Obama if he agreed that Bill Clinton had been America's first black President?

CNN's Wolf Blitzer did just that.

monday round up

John McCain only got 31% of the Republican vote in South Carolina. The majority of support for the old battle ax came, as usual, from Democrats and Independents. Those are McCain's people.

McCain is not going to be the GOP's nominee.

Robert Novak writes about the cowards rallying around McCain here.

Florida is going to be the first real test for the GOP. A new Rasmussen poll has Mitt leading by 5%.

Global stock exchanges plunged today. And Dow futures for tomorrow? A 'sharply lower' Tuesday. Maybe 400 points...bear market territory.

Happy MLK day.

Sunday, January 20


Could the Chargers possibly beat the New England Patriots today to advance to the Super Bowl XLII?

Uh, no. It didn't quite work out that way. Instead, the Chargers couldn't get into the end zone. Had they scored touchdowns instead of field goals, the Bolts would have won the game, 24-21.

Congrats to the Pats. And to the NY Giants, who beat Green Bay in overtime.

I love football.

Friday, January 18


The polls have been wrong so far, but they seem all-too accurate today, both in Nevada and in South Carolina.

Clinton and Romney overwhelmingly in NV. So much for the culinary union swinging it for Obama, although he walks away 13 delegates while Hillary takes 12.

In SC, Thompson is toast. He's already waxing nostalgic about the campaign.

The battle is between the jackass McCain and Huck the hick. I bet it goes McCain.


south carolina

I'm really hoping that Fred Thompson wins South Carolina tomorrow. I'm hoping he wins for his own candidacy because I think he would be a great President. And I'm looking for ways to kill McCain's momentum.

And, of course, a Fred victory would help Rudy...

Tuesday, January 15


Without 'fairy tales,' there would be no modern Democratic party.


This racial stuff between Clinton and Obama really amuses me, particularly the idea that Democrats were/are the great heroes of the civil rights movement back in the '60s.

It was the GOP that passed the law, ending segregation. It is a myth that the Left championed the cause.

Just ask Condi Rice. She's a Republican today because her father wasn't allowed to register as a Democrat.

coming around

Wow, here's some news: Democrats now officially agree with Dick Cheney. Deficits don't matter.

Monday, January 14


George Will thinks the GOP is in trouble in '08 because Bush's '04 re-election victory was narrow and because many Republican candidates won by a single percentage point or less.

So? Many of the Blue dog Democrats won by extremely narrow margins, too. None of this stuff means anything, especially because primary season has barely gotten cranked up.

The latest thing is the latest controversy about Clinton's words about MLK. Black leaders are offended. It seems to me that this may be Hillary's 'Macaca' moment.

Will is a half-empty guy. I'm a half-full guy and I see the Dems beating the hell out of each other, with issues of race and gender, experience and inexperience, etc.

Obama is playing the race card. Hillary is playing the gender card. Edwards is a loser. None of them has the qualifications or the experience to be President.

I look into my crystal ball and I see the experienced, highly qualified Rudy Giuliani racking up the delegates, winning the nomination, easily beating Hillary or narrowly winning against Barack and becoming our President.

next up: patriots

I'll admit it. I gave the San Diego Chargers no chance yesterday against the defending champs, the Indianapolis Colts. I was wrong.

Beyond winners and losers, I think it was the one of the best games I've seen in a long time, if ever. The Chargers overcame bad luck, a hostile environment and terrible officiating, to advance to the AFC Championship in New England next Sunday.

About that terrible officiating. The lead referee, Gerry Austin, always seems to inject himself into playoff games. Does he have a thing for getting his face on television or is he just a power-tripper? Calling ten penalties (mostly minor, some imagined) on one team in a game of this magnitude is irresponsible and deserves some NFL oversight. Jerry's judgment calls for some questioning.

How, for example, do you negate a interception return for a touchdown by Antonio Cromartie by an invisible holding call? Weddle didn't hold Addai, he blocked him.

But more about the winners. The Bolts lost their two superstars, soldiered on with backups and still won. How about that? Sweet.

Speaking of, how sweet would it be to knock off the Patriots next weekend to advance again? To the Super Bowl? With Norv Turner as coach?

Friday, January 11


How easy is it to read between the lines on the press coverage of the GOP presidential candidates?

Obviously, they are cheering for Huckabee because everybody (and their mother) knows that any Democrat will chop him to pieces in November. Huck stands less than a chance.

Obviously, the press has always loved McCain, and are delighted that his campaign is surging and that he won NH. I think McCain defeats Hillary, but loses to Obama.

Thompson? Before last night nobody knew for sure that he even running. He did great last night, but he gets almost zero coverage. The reason? He's all substance. If you hear what he says, you are impressed. That being said, I don't think Fred would carry California, New York and New Jersey.

Romney? I'm not sure he's on the ropes as media reports suggest. He's racking up delegates and he's got deep pockets. Technically, he could stay in the race as long as he wants. And I think he's going to win the Michigan primary.

Rudy? He's under intense fire for his 'risky strategy' of putting all of his eggs in the January 29 Florida primary basket. That's fair. I would have preferred him competing in all the states instead of cherry-picking but there is always something to be said for knowing your audience.

If the Giuliani strategy works, and I'm cautiously optimistic, not only will he be unstoppable, he'll also carry a bunch of Blue states. I'm shaking my poms-poms for Rudy.

Thursday, January 10

actually fair and balanced*

Here's something you won't hear about: The Center for Media and Public Affairs has found that the Fox News Channel 'provided more balanced coverage than its counterparts on the broadcast networks.'

*The CMPA is a non-partisan, non-profit research and educational organization which conducts scientific studies of the news and entertainment media.

Tuesday, January 8

ok, i'm a sexist

Maybe I was wrong. Hillary is a pretty damn good actor.

Or, maybe she's gone so far down the crapper, in NH, in SC, in national polls, those were real tears.

Either way, I don't want my President crying and talking about how 'personal' things are for her. This isn't a job for people who take things personally. This isn't a job for a vindictive woman, which she clearly is.

This goes to the heart of why Hillary (and most women, for that matter) are unqualified to President.

Am I sexist? I don't think so. You tell me.


Hey, look! Kent's awake at 3:00 am.

And McCain and Obama have already won the first ballot in New Hampshire.

Monday, January 7


Does America have the 16 year itch again?


The LSU Tigers overwhelmed the Ohio State Buckeyes to earn another national championship.

Love ya, Les.


For once, I agree with Hillary Clinton:

"Today Senator Obama used President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to criticize me. Basically he compared himself to two of our greatest heroes saying, 'Well, they gave great speeches.' President Kennedy was in the Congress for 14 years. He was a war hero. He was a man of great accomplishments and readiness to be president. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. led a movement. He was gassed, he was beaten, he was jailed. And he gave a speech that was one of the most beautifully, profoundly important ever delivered in America.

"And then he worked with President Johnson to get the civil rights laws passed because the dream couldn't be realize until finally it was legally permissible for people from all colors and backgrounds and races and ethnicities to be accepted as citizens."

Okay, I don't totally agree. Kennedy was no hero. He was a pretty good tax-cutting Democrat, but he wasn't a hero. JFK was a Jackie/media creation.

Saturday, January 5

a dose of reality

Michael Gerson, Bush's former speechwriter, has an excellent column today about the denial of Democrats as we come into an election year.

Iraq is a 'failure.' And 'the surge hasn't accomplished its goals.'

The tax cuts are 'a fiscal disaster,' even though the Bush economy has created the biggest tax revenues in American history. Even though the deficit has been cut in half in three years.

Especially interesting are his comments on No Child Left Behind:

"There is an angry backlash against NCLB among some Democratic interest groups. Suburban districts resent being labeled as failures just because some minority and disabled children aren't making progress. But that is the whole purpose of the law -- to prevent districts from hiding the poor performance of minorities behind the success of other students. Such districts should feel less resentment, and more shame."

"Teachers unions object to standardized tests, preferring more subjective, nonacademic measures of school success. And that, from one perspective, is understandable. Failing corporations do not like accurate financial disclosures. Slow runners resent those pesky stopwatches. The unions want underperforming schools and ineffective teachers to be shielded from objective scrutiny. But testing is the only way to determine when disadvantaged students are being betrayed -- and by whom."


Is John McCain really 'the Republican heir'?

God help us.

He's a founding member of the 'Gang of 14.'

He's wrong on taxes.

He's wrong on interrogation techniques.

He's wrong on immigration.

He's better than the Huckster, but is John McCain really the best we can do?

Friday, January 4


Happy New Year!

I've been away dealing with a death in the family, some writing projects, my laundry and just random stuff.

Iowa. Congrats to Huck and the Magic Negro. There's no escaping it. Romney and Hillary are the big losers here. Especially Mitt. He spent a TON 'o cash introduce himself, all to no avail.

Amusing (but not at all surprising) to hear that the vast majority of Huck support came from rural, older, female Iowans. Also amusing (and not at all surprising) to hear Hillary try to spin a third place finish into a caucus victory.

How long before they start talking about her being 'The Comeback Kid' in NH where McCain and Obama should win?

And where the hell is my guy Rudy? Will he really, finally, emerge from the doldrums on Feb. 5?

The best news of all is that the fields are beginning to winnow. Dodd and Biden are out. Hunter can't be too far behind.
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