Friday, March 7

aiding, abetting

This post is dedicated to those of you who don't believe in media bias.

An article on about Chinese computer hackers hacking into the Pentagon, written by John Vause and linked here, contains this paragraph:
"CNN decided to withhold the address of these hackers' Web site, but Xiao Chen says it has been operating for more than three years, with 10,000 registered users. The site offers tools, articles, news and flash tutorials about hacking."
They "decided to withhold the address" from whom? From our government?

"Arranging a meeting with the hackers took weeks of on-again, off-again e-mail exchanges. When they finally agreed, CNN was told to meet them on the island of Zhoushan, just south of Shanghai and a major port for China's navy.

"The apartment has cement floors and almost no furniture. What they do have are three of the latest computers. They are cautious when it comes to naming the Web sites they have hacked.

"But eventually Xiao Chen claims two of his colleagues -- not the ones with him in the room -- have hacked into the Pentagon and downloaded information, although he wouldn't specify what was gleaned. CNN has no way to confirm if his claim is true."

CNN, an American news operation, doesn't seem to have America's best interests at heart, does it? This is actually beyond mere bias. This is aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States.


Anonymous Jim said...

I think it's a little naive to think the US government gets its intelligence from news reports. The site is known.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

Your comment is off-point, Jim.

I never said, nor do I believe, that the American government relies on 'news reports' for intelligence.

What I did say, and I'll repeat it for your benefit, is that I think it is outrageous that CNN is shielding the identity of this group of Chinese hackers.

Journalistic integrity is secondary when it comes to national security.

2:34 PM  

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