Thursday, March 27

bush nostalgia?

Here's a great reason to vote for McCain. According to the Financial Times 'there's no evidence that he would be prepared to alter any important US policy at Europe’s request.'

Excellent. Kudos. He's tough as nails and he never backs down. That's just what I'm looking for in a President. But not the squishy Europeans. One day in the near future, they might actually miss President Bush.

Do I understand the need to listen to our allies? Of course. To respect them? Absolutely. But will I vote for a candidate that is going to do the bidding of Europe on questions of American national security?

McCain might be wrong about Gitmo, interrogation techniques and climate change, but he got mangled pretty good when he was a POW in Vietnam. He's a bit wacky as a result, so I'll cut him some slack, but we'll agree far more often than disagree.


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