Wednesday, March 26


Whenever a President or a First Lady go anywhere, it's a big production. The advance teams, the security details, the restricted airspace, the scheduling. It takes weeks, sometimes months of planning by an army of different people.

It's outrageous to suggest that the Secret Service, who are charged with protecting the First Family, would have allowed Hillary and a then-school age Chelsea, to be in danger at any time, anyplace on the globe. That just doesn't happen. It's not allowed to happen.

How insulting are Hillary's untrue sniper fire comments to all of the people involved in her visit to Bosnia in '96? How dismissive of their sacrifice? It reminds us, yet again, of the Clinton's distaste for the military and their serial dishonesty.

Hillary, running for President based on her supposed 'experience,' routinely just makes stuff up because she doesn't have the experience she claims to have had.

Lying about what happened and then laughing it off as just 'misspeaking' shows the low opinion the Clintons have for all the people tasked with protecting them.

Listen to this interview with Clinton's pilot to Bosnia, Retired Colonel William "Goose" Changose, for this remembrances of that day. It's funny stuff. Changose points out that had there been sniper fire, he wouldn't have let anyone out of the plane.


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