Tuesday, March 4

tuesday roundup

I know the Clinton team is lowering expectations, but I have a feeling that Hillary will do well today in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island.

Especially because the Obama people are now saying that Hillary needs to win by 'healthy double digit margins.' No she doesn't. A win is a win is always a win. Even if she barely squeaks by, and I know, the delegates. This isn't as much about the delegates today as it is about stopping Obama's momentum. If the perception becomes that Hillary's got the 'mo, then the Super Delegates will cease being a problem.

But, even if she does badly, she's still going to win Ohio and she's still not getting out of the race. Pennsylvania looms ever larger on April 22 and Eddie Rendell's gonna serve it up for HRC. Count on it.

So, for Republicans, the fun will continue... Great read about the continuing chaos for the Democrats here.

Canada, Obama and NAFTA? Obama's political posturing on NAFTA is shameless politics. But what's up with our neighbor to the North defending him? Stephen Harper, where are you?

Today should mark the day, at long last, that McCain finally vanquishes The Huck. President McCain has huge leads in Ohio, Texas and Vermont.

The current crisis in South America between Columbia, Ecuador and Venezuela is another great reminder how important it is to elect the Republican in November.

The founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, my local weatherman, spoke of "the fraud of global warming" at the '08 International Conference on Climate Change and encouraged lawsuits against people who sell carbon credits. Hilarious! Also, Maggie Thatcher's old policy adviser Lord Christopher Monckton believes that "the scare" will wane and science will prevail.

Truth, does eventually, win.

Oh, and thanks to Brett Favre for all the memories. Dude, you rock.


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