Wednesday, April 30

more sniper fire

Hillary accuses Bush of losing Indiana company Magnequench to the Chinese? Whoa, slow down cowgirl. Your hubby, Bill, oversaw the sale of that company back when he was President... Along with uber Liberal George Soros.

Oh, and I understand you haven't had any plastic surgery, you can't operate a coffee maker and you've never heard of Red Bull?


The economy is growing, up 0.6% in the first quarter. That means we're not in a recession. Hello?

Tuesday, April 29


Democrats are always talking about 'energy independence,' yet they oppose drilling offshore and they prevented the tapping of ANWR because...supposedly... it wouldn't have given us 'a drop' of oil. And the process would have taken ten years.

Yes, it would have taken ten years. But drilling in Alaska would have bumped up supply by 20%. That's an extra 27 million gallons of extra gasoline and diesel a day.

Had Clinton and Congress allowed drilling in Alaska to begin back in '94, energy prices would be lower today and gas wouldn't cost $4 a gallon.

barbara reynolds

I told you so yesterday. Here's the proof. Or, maybe not.


What could be more cool than new free music?

Nine Inch Nails.


Radiohead really started something. Screw the record labels.

Monday, April 28


Dick Morris is talking today about Hillary for President in 2012 as a possible explanation for her refusal to (so far) exit the '08 race. Like in '04 she and Bill did next to nothing in the way of campaigning for Kerry so that Bush would win re-election and clear the way for '08.

Barack Obama obviously came into the picture and screwed up their plans, but what if this entire Jeremiah Wright fiasco is a Clintonian ploy to weaken Obama to the point of a certain and sure McCain Presidency, with a Hillary challenge coming again in four years?

Yes, I realize I may be giving the hicks from Arkansas entirely too much credit, but it kinda makes sense.

clown on a book tour, part ii

It's worth knowing the major points in Obama's former pastor's speech this morning to the National Press Club in DC:

Zionism is racism.
The U.S. is a terrorist nation.
Reagan created the AIDS virus to eradicate racial minorities.
Declared himself a spokesman for the black church.
Stood by his "God damn America" comments.

Of course, non of this is political. Oh, and his security was provided by the Nation of Islam.

Could the Clinton's possibly be behind this clown as a way to sink BO?

mobile, part ii

A shot of Louis XIV from a few weeks back.

on the go

Mobile blogging. I'm out shopping for a new cell phone plan. My contract with __________ ends on May 4, so I need a good phone and a decent calling/data plan.

6-3 majority

An important Supreme Court ruling today on the Constitutionality of voter ID laws. In a 6-3 vote, the Court upheld Indiana's strict photo identification requirement.

From the Hill:

“The application of the statute to the vast majority of Indiana voters is amply justified by the valid interest in protecting ‘the integrity and reliability of the electoral process,’ ” wrote Justice John Paul Stevens in a ruling joined by Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy."

Beyond the logic of the decision, Democrats and 'civil rights' groups say requiring voters to display identification might 'deter poor, older and minority voters' from voting. I bet it will. If you aren't registered to vote and you try to cast a ballot, you sure as hell don't want to be asked to show ID.

This is tantamount to the Democrats admitting they cheat. What other conclusion can we possibly draw?

Bad news for Obama? I'd say it's worse news for Clinton. Her voters are poor and uneducated.

clown on a book tour

I watched Jeremiah Wright's speech to the Detroit NAACP last night with a mixture of fascination and contempt. He's a talented orator, gifted with a beautiful singing voice, a quick sense of humor and a love of performance. And, of course, he has every right to say whatever he wants to say, regardless. Unlike many on the Left, I seek to censor no one.

But the America he speaks of I don't recognize and have serious doubts about its very existence. To the extent that JW's words are true, it seems to me that he is just another so-called 'black leader' seeking to keep blacks angry, ignorant and uneducated. He claims his rhetoric is 'different not divisive.' I say he is both.

Divisive because from what I could tell in last night's speech, JW is a preacher of conspiratorial revisionism and nothing else. Apparently, black children learn in a completely different way than other children. According to JW, learn subjectively from the right side of their brains and everybody else learns objectively from the left side of their brains.

I say divisive because he imitated (mocked) a white person saying 'Oh, how I love Jesus.' Imagine a white pastor doing a bargain basement imitation of a black preacher. No white person would publicly mock a black person. Nor should they. But because he is black, Wright can mock JFK's Boston accent. Imagine a Republican imitating MLK's accent. Different AND divisive.

My question is this: As a supposed 'preacher of Christ,' does JW preach the Gospel message at the conclusion of his sermons? Barack Obama has called Wright's sermons 'the social gospel,' but what of Jesus willingly dying on the cross, being resurrected and ascending into Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father, being the propitiation for our sins? Does JW preach THAT after he accuses Bush of being an Imperalist and alleging that the United States created the AIDS virus to kill off black people?

P.S. I noticed he speaks Arabic well, or at least he's 'familiar' with Islamic language used in mosques. What are we to make of that?

Friday, April 25

friday roundup

The big news today here in San Diego is the shark attack in Solana Beach. I can't tell you how many times I've been right there. Crazy to imagine a 17' great white taking a guy's legs off... What a way to go.

Obama can't win the big states. He outspent Clinton two-to-one in Pennsylvania and still lost by 10%. And the Jeremiah Wright story, as well as the questions about Obama's poor judgment, continues. Read about Wright's version of change and hope.

I got a big laugh out of the NYT this week. They endorsed 'ol Thunder Thighs for president, but now they are criticizing her for attacking Obama. So, does that mean that are now endorsing Obama? Nobody seems to be sure. Meanwhile, everybody knows that negative campaign ads work, so why would the Clinton's stop, especially with the success they're having?

John McCain is getting beaten up pretty good for his criticism of a North Carolina GOP commercial. But why? The Limbaugh's and the Hannity's already hate McCain. He's got every right to state his opinion on the matter. It's not as if he's defending Obama, either. He's being consistent since he's already promised to run a positive, substantive campaign.

What's funny today is the DNC spin on this story. It has nothing to do with McCain's reported 'lack of leadership of his own party,' in controlling whether or not the NC ads remain on the air, since he's not paying for the spots.

Strange op-ed by Brett Arends in the WSJ about it being time for Americans to be stockpiling food. True, the price of stuff is going up, and I'm all for planning ahead, but that's a bit alarmist, isn't it?

And my favorite story of the week, by far, is Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore coming out and publicly stating that he believes there is no evidence that human beings are causing global warming. He also supports nuclear power. Beautiful.

Tuesday, April 22


NAFTA and free trade are great things for America and the developing world. But, of course, the Democrats oppose it.

How 'progressive'!

Monday, April 21


I mailed a DVD back to Netflix this morning and I noticed, on the inside flap of the return envelope, an ad for a new film, 'Constantine's Sword,' which claims that Christianity is 'dark' and that there is no such thing as 'a holy war.'

Nothing mentioned about Islam or Jihad. Apparently, all that crap is still deemed to be 'holy.'

talking points

The NYT ascribes sinister motives to the Pentagon and White House military surrogates. How rich is this, hearing the Times voice concerns over 'objectivity'?

Like they ever cared about Wes Clark spinning for Clinton?

As if the Democrats don't have talking points?


Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell took Chelsea Clinton on 'a gay pup crawl' through the city of Philadelphia Friday night.
“I grabbed her ass,” one young woman exclaimed to her friends after snapping a picture with her arm around the former first daughter.

“Chelsea, the gays love you!” one fan exclaimed, as she took the microphone at Bump, a restaurant and bar that was her first stop. “Oh, gosh, I don’t know if everybody loves me,” she responded."
Classy. Reportedly, Rendell did this same thing for Kerry in '04.

Shouldn't the Clinton campaign and MSNBC now apologize to David Shuster?

Sunday, April 20

silencing debate

Ben Stein's premise in 'Expelled' is absolutely correct: There has been a wall erected between science and academic freedom. Evolutionists are celebrated. Creationists are demonized, marginalized.

Darwinism. Nazism. Eugenics. Evolution. Global warming. Left wing politics. Very little difference.

History teaches us that ideas based on fantasy or emotion or good intentions can't withstand scrutiny or comparison to ideas based on fact and measurable results.

No wonder Al Gore won't debate anyone who disagrees with him about 'climate change.' No wonder so-called 'Democratic' presidential candidates freak out when asked substantive debate questions.

Which political party intolerantly refuses to hear the ideas of others? Which party seeks to censor and silence debate? Which party is urging a boycott of ABC News? Which party is afraid of Fox News? Which party depends on judicial fiat, rather than popular vote, to advance their agenda?

The Left can't explain the origin of the universe. The so-called 'progressives' in our society just know God had nothing to do with it, and they are so convinced of their beliefs they won't debate people who disagree with them.

God bless Ben Stein.

seeking peace?

I thought Jimmy Carter said that after meeting with the terrorist group Hamas this past week, that they were a serious partner in peace negotiations with Israel?

Apparently, not, since just hours after Carter's visit, two Hamas suicide bombers detonated two jeeps at an Israeli border crossing.

Why don't stupid Liberals understand that talking to terrorist groups only brings them legitimacy and makes them stronger?

Way to go, Jimma. Middle Eastern bloodshed and violence is your legacy.


CNN's Jack Cafferty on China:
"We continue to import their junk with the lead paint on them and the poisoned pet food and export . . . jobs to places where you can pay workers a dollar a month to turn out the stuff that we're buying from Wal-Mart. So I think our relationship with China has certainly changed. I think they're basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the last 50 years."
One certainly does wonder if President Bush should bless the opening ceremonies of the Olympics with his presence?

Friday, April 18

weird science

The idea that 'green is the new red, white and blue,' illustrates the absurdity, the pathological, unsteady thinking, the outright stupidity of a growing number of people to believe anything.

If global warming isn't a complete hoax, it's damn near close.

Remember the Congressional hearings about 'climate change' earlier this year? They were snowed out. Classic.

Remember, there are proven inaccuracies in Gore's movie and a British judge issued an order that the inaccuracies must be pointed out as part of the school curriculum.

Remember, we learned recently that the planet hasn't warmed since 1998.

Remember, I've been telling you that the planet was warmer 100 years ago than it is now, for years.

Oh, and this hysteria to reduce greenhouse gases -- the same gases vital to every day life and human survival on this planet -- further underscores this ridiculously rabid earth worship.

A tree will never carry the same weight, or be on a similar level of importance, as the American flag. This cover image is beyond offensive and is an insult to the American military.

Thursday, April 17

growing appeal

Predictably, President McCain is 'winning back Republicans.'

keeping it real

ABC News did a great job with the debate last night.

George and Charlie, surprisingly, asked tough, probing questions, while raising the subject of the shady associations both candidates have to terrorists. Gibson even explained the benefits of low taxes to a clueless Obama! And over ten million people saw it. Awesome.

Congratulations, President McCain.

Wednesday, April 16

upper income

Obama earned $4.2 million in '07? Yeah, he's an elitist. How does he relate to the average American?

dirty old man

The 75 year old Jack Murtha, Mr. Abscam, thinks the 71 year old John McCain is too old to be President.

Senator McCain's appearance last night on the 'Hardball College Tour' should dispel any concerns about his mental acuity.

I think the lying, anti-troop, disgraced former Marine Murtha is too corrupt to hold public office, so I've donated to the congressional campaign of retired Air Force Colonel Bill Russell.

Tuesday, April 15


Carter has always 'dignified' terrorists, apparently believing himself to be some sort of peacemaker.

Today, he hugged the terrorist Hamas leader Nasser Shaer and he laid a wreath of flowers on the grave of the dead terrorist Yasser Arafat. Arafat? Can you imagine?
"He gave me a hug. We hugged each other, and it was a warm reception," Shaer told The Associated Press. "Carter asked what he can do to achieve peace between the Palestinians and Israel ... and I told him the possibility for peace is high."
The only way there will ever be peace in the Middle East is if terrorists like Shaer stop attacking and killing Jews and begin focusing their energies on providing for their own people by forming an economy, creating jobs and erecting infrastructure.

As for Carter, he's a friend of killers, dictators and anti-Semites. That's the legacy he's created for himself.

Monday, April 14


I love this guy. It's good to have 71 year old Silvio Berlusconi back in power in Italy.

He and McCain will be great buddies.

Same age. Same aches and pains. They probably both go to the bathroom a lot.

not the sharpest...

Funny stuff. The self-styled 'progressives' are disenfranchising their own delegates.

Union members from Florida and Michigan picketed DNC headquarters today.

So, the Dems screamed bloody murder in 2000, accusing the GOP of disenfranchising voters in Florida, even though they knew it was untrue. It was Gore who attempted to disenfranchise the overseas military vote because he knew it would largely favor Bush. And it was Gore who tried, with some success, to 'determine the will of the voters,' by disenfranchising hand ballots with chads punched out for Bush.

But, now, ironically, the Dems are keeping very quiet about this Florida/Michigan disaster that awaits them at their convention in Denver this summer.

Nice work, Howard Dean. What a tool.

louis xiv

San Diego's Louis XIV really rocked the House of Blues the other night. They gave me their playlist as they walked offstage.

blind leading the blind

It's smart politics getting out in front on the economy, but McCain should be educating the voters, not just fan the flames of ignorance.

Recessions come only after two consecutive months of negative growth.

Notice this story doesn't even point that out.

supporting terrorists

Israel has denied security assistance to the anti-Semitic Jimmy Carter because he is in the region to prop up Hamas.

Carter's head is swollen with self importance and hubris. What possible reason could he have for being in Israel, aside from stroking his own ego? What good will come from his meeting with Marwan Barghouthi, a possible successor to Abbas?

A truly classless man. And he's an Obama supporter. Don't forget that. Great minds...?

Saturday, April 12


Obama's remarks remind me that he's a big government elitist who views flyover country with a mixture of contempt and pity. He sounds like the bitter one to me.

Let's remember that America's forefathers founded the country while clinging to God and guns.

That's not a bad thing.

Thursday, April 10


We're playing to win. That's good. But not understanding the importance of winning. I don't understand that.

The political drivel that spews out of the mouths of supposed 'Democrats' Reid and Pelosi -- 'the war on terror is in Afghanistan, not Iraq' -- is disgusting.

Wednesday, April 9


Of course, it's funny and all-t00 hypocritical for Clinton and Obama to be attacking NAFTA, since the Democrats once took credit for it.

Bush 41 did all the heavy lifting on the Agreement, but the other Clinton and the Democratic controlled Congress made it into law. It was great then. Now it sucks.

Which dovetails nicely into the Clinton/Columbia/free trade/Mark Penn imbroglio. Penn, a Clinton pollster/strategist for decades, lost his seat at Hillary's table because he helped 'promote a trade accord.'

Not that Howard Wolfson, Joe Lockhart and Harold Ickes -- longtime Clinton hands, all -- and others haven't done (and aren't currently doing) the exact same thing.

The Clintons are experts at blurring the line between 'private and political advocacy.'

Tuesday, April 8

the next challenge

Iran. They are installing a reported 6,000 new centrifuges.

Another reason to elect McCain.


I cheered wildly for the Kansas Jayhawks tonight. They played magnificently against Memphis.

Mario Chalmbers (above) banging down that 3 to send the game into overtime was money.

Awesome game. It was the best National Championship I've seen in a long, long time.

Monday, April 7

rfl: flashback

I went back and read some of my old blog posts and found this one, from May '06.

What an awesome photo. There they are, (lower left) Senators Harry Reid (D-NV) and John McCain (R-AZ) at a boxing match in Vegas.

The key difference between the Democrat and the Republican? McCain paid for his ticket. Reid accepted his from a lobbyist.


'tiffany network'

CBS News is reportedly in talks to outsource some of their news gathering operations to CNN?

Stunning, yes. But that's what happens when you're mired in mediocrity. And they've been in freefall for a long time. Remember Dan Rather? Watch '60 Minutes.' They've gone down the tubes.

I bet Katie wishes she could go back to 'Today,' right about now.

oh, oliver

I enjoy Oliver Stone's films. 'On Any Given Sunday' is one of my all time favorites. But, let's be honest, when it comes to telling true stories, he thrives on controversy and rarely gets his facts straight.

Stone begins shooting 'W,' his President Bush bio pic, on April 21 in my old home town, Shreveport, LA. From what I've read and heard, the screenplay is, as you'd expect, wildly inaccurate and erratic.

Bush-hater Josh Brolin, above, is set to star as the President. How ironic. But more on that later.

From the Hollywood Reporter:
"It leaves you with the impression that the White House is run as a fraternity house with no reverence for hierarchy, the office itself or for the implications of policy," said Robert Draper, author of "Dead Certain: The Presidency of George Bush." "Everybody calling everybody else nicknames and chatting about whether to go to war as if they were chatting about how to bet on a football game really misses the mark of how many White Houses, including this one, are run.

"The problem here is it goes to this notion of Bush as being the passive receiver of policy and the White House being run by (Dick) Cheney, (Donald) Rumsfeld, (Karl) Rove and others," Draper said. "Bush's adversaries have been ill-served by this belief that Bush is an observer to his own presidency. This notion that his schedule is driven by what's on ESPN is ludicrous."
Reportedly, there are also scenes depicting Bush piloting a plane and almost crashing while under the influence of alcohol, and expressing reluctance that his father ran for re-election in 1992.
"That story was running around," said Skip Hollandsworth, of Texas Monthly. "But he was extremely upset later about (Ross) Perot entering that race, and very angry. That doesn't make sense."
Re: Piloting a private passenger plane, if that happened, it's the first I've heard of it. Another Bush myth.

More highly questionable stuff:
"All four Bush biographers cast doubt on one scene in which a wave crashes on a rocky promontory as Bush reveals: "There's this darkness that follows me ..."

"He doesn't think or talk like that," Jacob Weisberg (author of The Bush Tragedy) said. "The darkness sounds like they've been listening to too much Springsteen. It doesn't ring psychologically true to me."
Bush is no martyr and he never second guesses himself or his decisions, so... Screenwriter Stanley Weiser obviously took some creative liberties. He claims to 'have read 17 books on Bush.' Apparently, he read the wrong ones.

This flap reminds me of the flap over that CBS made-for-TV-movie about Reagan that was full of lies and starred, none other than James Brolin, father of Josh, husband of Reagan-hater Barbra Streisand.


Joe Klein touches on the central election problem for the Democrats:
"This is a chronic disease among Democrats, who tend to talk more about what's wrong with America than what's right. When Ronald Reagan touted "Morning in America" in the 1980s, Dick Gephardt famously countered that it was near midnight "and getting darker all the time.

"During Obama's response to a young man who remembered how the country had come together after Sept. 11 and lamented "the dangerously low levels of patriotism and pride in our country, the loss of faith in our elected officials." Obama used this to go after George W. Bush. But he never returned to the question of patriotism. He never said, "But hey, look, we're Americans. This is the greatest country on earth. We'll rise to the occasion."
While McCain and the Republicans are consistently patriotic, optimistic and progressive, Obama and the Democrats remain platitudinous, pessimistic and pathologically paralyzed with hatred.


McCain/Rice? That's the dream ticket, as far as I'm concerned, but she has said repeatedly that she's not interested.

She's even gone so far as to say that 'it's time for new blood' regarding McCain's search for a running mate.

But, damn, it's fun to think about, isn't it? Encapsulating the diversity of two lightweight, unqualified Democrats into one experienced, qualified Republican Vice Presidential nominee just makes a lot of sense.

And, Condi's youth juxtaposes nicely with McCain's age.

And, she really would be 'ready on day one' of the McCain Administration. It would be a seamless transition.

And, she would be the heir apparent in '12 or '16.


Doing the math, it's pretty obvious. There are 29 retiring House Republicans versus only six Democrats? Yeah, the Democrats should increase their majority standing.

"Still, the predictions are a far cry from what most insiders expected after Democrats swept to power by capturing 29 House seats and six Senate seats in November 2006, riding a wave of anti-President Bush and anti-Iraq war sentiment."
By how much... That's the question. And since it's only April, it's silly to speculate. I tend to share Minority leader John Boehner's (R-OH) view.
"Most of those retirees are from safe seats," he said, adding, "If you look at the difficult seats, we were going to have a difficult race whether we had an incumbent or someone new."
Approval ratings for the Nancy Pelosi Congress are lower than President Bush's numbers. Raising the minimum wage wasn't a great legislative accomplishment and that's about all the Dems have done since wrestling control of Congress away from the GOP in '06.

The continuing chaos between Clinton and Obama makes me ever more confident that McCain is going to win. My guess is that he is going to bring both Republicans and Democrats Congressional candidates in on his coattails.


...And then there's the ever frustrating case of Louisiana Democratic Congressman William Jefferson. Remember, this is the dude that had $90K in bribes stashed in his freezer...

He -- and all the other scumbags in Congress -- can take a temporary breather, because 'an appellate court panel ruled that the FBI had violated Jefferson's right to the constitutional protection against intrusion by the executive branch into the business of the legislative branch.'

I'm all for protecting the Legislative branch from the Executive branch, but how much parsing is reasonable in a case like this? Obviously, it depends on your perspective, but 'unreasonable search and seizure' comes to my mind. Given that the Justice Department already had video footage of Jefferson taking bribes, I think it was perfectly reasonable to search his office.

Just as it depended on the what the meaning of the word 'is,' is, now the Jefferson investigators must 'sort privileged from unprivileged documents, returning the privileged to Jefferson and the unprivileged to the FBI.'


And look what the Democrats are trying to do here in California: Sucking up to the Unions and the trial lawyers by barring an education bill that would give more spending flexibility to school districts.

Only in a parallel universe would 'reducing the number of specific spending requirements from 62 to six and/or allowing block grant funds to be carried over from year to year,' be seen as 'code for cut.'

This is common sense stuff, all thrown out the window (during a Democratic-induced budget crisis, BTW) in hopes of demagoguing the issue and scamming the public into voting for higher taxes.


A new, but but barely ballyhooed National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) reports dramatic security improvements in Iraq.

What a surprise this is: Congressional Dems are talking down the report, saying, essentially that 'nothing has changed since August.' Uh huh. And the earth is warming, too.

I'm looking forward to hearing what Petraeus and Crocker have to say about progress when they testify on Capitol Hill tomorrow and Wednesday. It will probably be as logical and as sensible as before.

Saturday, April 5

hollywood, old school

Charlton Heston, actor, civil rights leader, political activist. Dead at 84.

Friday, April 4

busy bastard

Abu Laith al-Libi's name is being bandied about as al Qaeda's successor. You mean we killed bin Laden at Tora Bora in 12/07 after all? No. Really?

Can you possibly imagine the egg on the faces of all these inane Democrats, the ones mindlessly repeating 'what a failure Tora Bora was,' 'our failure in Tora Bora when we had him pinned down,' blah, blah, blah.

Whatever. al-Libi is an Islamic scholar. He broke out of an Afghanistan prison. He tried to kill Cheney in Bagram in February. He makes videos, too. Lots of them. He's become the new face the movement.


I'm pro-choice but I wholeheartedly support the Florida bill that requires women to have ultrasounds before they have an abortion.

And why not? Information is a good thing. Before I make any decision, especially a medical one, I want to know all the angles.

A woman should know that if she has an abortion she then has an increased chance of getting breast cancer, or she might not be able to have children again.

This is all stuff Planned Parenthood should be telling women who entrust them with their 'health needs.' Instead they round up these women like cattle and abort babies as a matter of birth control.

Kudos to Rep. Trey Traviesa, (R-Tampa) for sponsoring HB 257.


Global temperatures have not risen since 1998, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

So much for that climate change crap.

making fun

The first time she said it... She was lying. The second time, she was making a joke about lying on Leno.

The first time I heard it... Disgusted. The second time, offended. In fact, I think joking about it is worse.

A Presidential candidate joking about 'being pinned down by sniper fire,' when there are real soldiers, real people actually being targeted by snipers? The country, her country, is at war. Soldiers are dying, and to get a laugh she'll... Say anything, no matter how untrue, how crass, how obscene, how offensive.

Thursday, April 3

peanut picker

Jimmy Carter, a.k.a., "The Worst President in American History," might endorse Obama?

(Insert punchline here.)

"Don’t forget that Obama won in my state of Georgia," Carter said. "My town, which is home to 625 people, is for Obama, my children and their spouses are pro-Obama. My grandchildren are also pro-Obama."

"As a superdelegate, I would not disclose who I am rooting for but I leave you to make that guess," Carter added.

What a stateman. He answered that question about the same way that he handled the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979.



NATO wisely supports the missile defense shield championed by President Bush.

Muy importante.

In a related/unrelated matter... How boring are these types of meetings? That's British PM Gordon Brown to the left of W.

Tuesday, April 1


Vice President Cheney spoke about American forces being greeted as liberators back before the war in Iraq. When that didn't happen -- or at least when it didn't happen on a large scale, or when it simply wasn't reported by an anti-Bush press corps -- Liberals seized on it as a lie and a failing of Bush.

Blogger and journalist Michael Totten took these photos in Karmah, a small city in Iraq between Baghdad and Fallujah. All the people in these pictures look pretty happy don't they? If they ate pork, I'd call 'em hams.

So, liberators? Yeah. We are. We always were, much to the chagrin of Democrats. Now we're finally being officially recognized as such. Five years later.

Bush, Cheney, McCain, General Petraeus and our brave military all deserve huge amounts of credit for not backing down on Iraq.


The UK Independent asserts that the US is in trouble. As I post this, the Dow is up $347.18.

The Great Depression? How about the Great Exaggeration?

*Update: The Dow closed up $391.63.

holy crap

Spring has sprung and that means it's time for tornadoes.

Sioux City, Iowa.

Grand Island, Nebraska.

Attica, Kansas.

Alvo, Nebraska.

Mulvane, Kansas.

It was the crazy weather that always freaked me out about living in Oklahoma and Louisiana. I much prefer the threat of earthquakes in California.


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