Monday, April 28

clown on a book tour

I watched Jeremiah Wright's speech to the Detroit NAACP last night with a mixture of fascination and contempt. He's a talented orator, gifted with a beautiful singing voice, a quick sense of humor and a love of performance. And, of course, he has every right to say whatever he wants to say, regardless. Unlike many on the Left, I seek to censor no one.

But the America he speaks of I don't recognize and have serious doubts about its very existence. To the extent that JW's words are true, it seems to me that he is just another so-called 'black leader' seeking to keep blacks angry, ignorant and uneducated. He claims his rhetoric is 'different not divisive.' I say he is both.

Divisive because from what I could tell in last night's speech, JW is a preacher of conspiratorial revisionism and nothing else. Apparently, black children learn in a completely different way than other children. According to JW, learn subjectively from the right side of their brains and everybody else learns objectively from the left side of their brains.

I say divisive because he imitated (mocked) a white person saying 'Oh, how I love Jesus.' Imagine a white pastor doing a bargain basement imitation of a black preacher. No white person would publicly mock a black person. Nor should they. But because he is black, Wright can mock JFK's Boston accent. Imagine a Republican imitating MLK's accent. Different AND divisive.

My question is this: As a supposed 'preacher of Christ,' does JW preach the Gospel message at the conclusion of his sermons? Barack Obama has called Wright's sermons 'the social gospel,' but what of Jesus willingly dying on the cross, being resurrected and ascending into Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father, being the propitiation for our sins? Does JW preach THAT after he accuses Bush of being an Imperalist and alleging that the United States created the AIDS virus to kill off black people?

P.S. I noticed he speaks Arabic well, or at least he's 'familiar' with Islamic language used in mosques. What are we to make of that?


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