Sunday, April 20

silencing debate

Ben Stein's premise in 'Expelled' is absolutely correct: There has been a wall erected between science and academic freedom. Evolutionists are celebrated. Creationists are demonized, marginalized.

Darwinism. Nazism. Eugenics. Evolution. Global warming. Left wing politics. Very little difference.

History teaches us that ideas based on fantasy or emotion or good intentions can't withstand scrutiny or comparison to ideas based on fact and measurable results.

No wonder Al Gore won't debate anyone who disagrees with him about 'climate change.' No wonder so-called 'Democratic' presidential candidates freak out when asked substantive debate questions.

Which political party intolerantly refuses to hear the ideas of others? Which party seeks to censor and silence debate? Which party is urging a boycott of ABC News? Which party is afraid of Fox News? Which party depends on judicial fiat, rather than popular vote, to advance their agenda?

The Left can't explain the origin of the universe. The so-called 'progressives' in our society just know God had nothing to do with it, and they are so convinced of their beliefs they won't debate people who disagree with them.

God bless Ben Stein.


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