Friday, April 25

friday roundup

The big news today here in San Diego is the shark attack in Solana Beach. I can't tell you how many times I've been right there. Crazy to imagine a 17' great white taking a guy's legs off... What a way to go.

Obama can't win the big states. He outspent Clinton two-to-one in Pennsylvania and still lost by 10%. And the Jeremiah Wright story, as well as the questions about Obama's poor judgment, continues. Read about Wright's version of change and hope.

I got a big laugh out of the NYT this week. They endorsed 'ol Thunder Thighs for president, but now they are criticizing her for attacking Obama. So, does that mean that are now endorsing Obama? Nobody seems to be sure. Meanwhile, everybody knows that negative campaign ads work, so why would the Clinton's stop, especially with the success they're having?

John McCain is getting beaten up pretty good for his criticism of a North Carolina GOP commercial. But why? The Limbaugh's and the Hannity's already hate McCain. He's got every right to state his opinion on the matter. It's not as if he's defending Obama, either. He's being consistent since he's already promised to run a positive, substantive campaign.

What's funny today is the DNC spin on this story. It has nothing to do with McCain's reported 'lack of leadership of his own party,' in controlling whether or not the NC ads remain on the air, since he's not paying for the spots.

Strange op-ed by Brett Arends in the WSJ about it being time for Americans to be stockpiling food. True, the price of stuff is going up, and I'm all for planning ahead, but that's a bit alarmist, isn't it?

And my favorite story of the week, by far, is Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore coming out and publicly stating that he believes there is no evidence that human beings are causing global warming. He also supports nuclear power. Beautiful.


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