Saturday, April 5

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Charlton Heston, actor, civil rights leader, political activist. Dead at 84.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Civil Rights leader? Really? Somehow his name does not exactly come to mind when one thinks of the civil rights movement. Nope, his name comes to mind for pushing for everyone to have as many guns as they can afford and the consequences of a gun-loving nation be damned.

In his younger years perhaps he was different but in his older years (and I do not blame it all on Alzheimers - he started it long before the onset of the disease) he was a supporter of murder and hate. And yes, it is a shame that is what he will most be remembered for but he brought it on himself with pushing the NRA.

10:07 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

Read the Constitution, Brain Drain. Something called the Second Amendment. Get familiar with the 'keeping and bearing arms' part.

'A supporter of murder and hate'? Cite your source, Mr. Chicken Bleep Anonymous.

You are a supporter of hate. And cowardice.

10:37 PM  

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