Friday, April 18

weird science

The idea that 'green is the new red, white and blue,' illustrates the absurdity, the pathological, unsteady thinking, the outright stupidity of a growing number of people to believe anything.

If global warming isn't a complete hoax, it's damn near close.

Remember the Congressional hearings about 'climate change' earlier this year? They were snowed out. Classic.

Remember, there are proven inaccuracies in Gore's movie and a British judge issued an order that the inaccuracies must be pointed out as part of the school curriculum.

Remember, we learned recently that the planet hasn't warmed since 1998.

Remember, I've been telling you that the planet was warmer 100 years ago than it is now, for years.

Oh, and this hysteria to reduce greenhouse gases -- the same gases vital to every day life and human survival on this planet -- further underscores this ridiculously rabid earth worship.

A tree will never carry the same weight, or be on a similar level of importance, as the American flag. This cover image is beyond offensive and is an insult to the American military.


Blogger Ning ja said...

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2:20 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

Thanks, Ning Ja.

11:12 AM  
Blogger crallspace said...

It's called CLIMATE CHANGE. Only the simplest of minds still throw up the whole "warming" thing to disprove the obvious.

Doesn't matter. Your denial and willful ignorance will not save you or the generations after you. Thank GOD you never bred. I think your mom must've dropped you on your head one too many times there, Moot Point.

11:42 AM  

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