Monday, May 5

2 for 2

A couple of editorials from WaPo caught my attention this morning.

The first, by Jim Hoagland, illustrates how the incompetence of Pelosi and Reid is making President Bush look good.
"Global trade as practiced in the 21st century does inflict pain and dislocation on workers in developed countries, largely through the unequal distribution of the gains that this trade brings. A sober discussion about remedies and a plan for urgent action is needed.

"Unfortunately Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Clinton and most of their colleagues in Congress have contributed little to such a discussion. The Democrat who is nominated this summer in Denver should change that state of affairs immediately. Otherwise, Bush could wind up looking like a statesman by comparison and McCain could wind up becoming president by default."
Pelosi and Reid are the most incompetent elected officials I've witnessed in my lifetime.
"A $300 billion, five-year agricultural bill recently proposed by the Democratic leadership immediately drew a veto threat from Bush, who on this one economic topic is in touch: "America's farm economy is thriving. The value of farmland is skyrocketing. And this is the right time to reform our nation's farm policies by reducing unnecessary subsidies."
The second, by David Ignatius, highlights the American victories over al Qaeda around the globe.
"The most interesting discovery during a visit to Jalalabad, Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden planted his flag in 1996 is that al-Qaeda seems to have all but disappeared. The group is on the run, too, in Iraq, and that raises some interesting questions about how to pursue this terrorist enemy in the future.

“Al-Qaeda is not a topic of conversation here,” says Col. Mark Johnstone, the deputy commander of Task Force Bayonet, which oversees four provinces surrounding Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan. Lt. Col. Pete Benchoff agrees: “We're not seeing a lot of al-Qaeda fighters. They've shifted here to facilitation and support.
"Al-Qaeda isn't a permanent bogyman; it's losing ground in Iraq and Afghanistan because of U.S. counterinsurgency tactics, especially the alliances we have built with tribal leaders and the aggressive use of Special Forces to capture or kill its operatives."
This 'alliance building' stuff in both countries has taken time, but it is now paying dividends, much to the chagrin of Democrats.


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