Friday, May 9


Obama thinks McCain is 'losing his bearings' (code: 'too old') after claiming Hamas supports Obama?

I don't blame Obama trying to spin this. He's going to be an extremely weak general election candidate and if I were him, I wouldn't want people to know that a terrorist group was supporting my candidacy, either. But it's still a cheap shot, which, of course, is precisely the type of campaign the Democrats are planning to run. That's what Democrats do, despite pledges and promises, every two and four years, to the contrary.

Clear minded people listen to McCain and know immediately that the guy is in full possession of his faculties. His breadth and depth of life experience make him a hell of a lot better qualified to be president than Obama, who doesn't have any bearings of his own.

As long as we are having a discussion on one's 'bearings,' let's ask Obama why he chose to attend an anti-American, racist church for twenty years? Why he asked an anti-American racist to officiate at his wedding? Why he allowed an anti-American racist to baptize his children? If age is a legitimate issue during a presidential campaign, then one's judgment, or lack thereof, is legitimate as well.


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