Thursday, May 1


The AP is trying to paint my guy McCain as a big spender. Wrong. Lower taxes don't mean less government revenue. Quite the opposite.

What's funny about this piece, written by Libby Quaid, fails to grasp the most simple of economic concepts: Lower taxes result in higher government revenues.

Cutting taxes makes people and businesses more productive. Being allowed to keep more, rather than less, is an incentive to work harder. Why is this so hard to understand?
"I strongly disagree with the view that just because you reduce the tax burden, just because you let people save and invest more of their money, that therefore there's less money that goes into government."
This idea that taxing corporations and individuals more will somehow spur growth is like saying 1+1=3.

It sounds like McCain gets it. He's proposing making the Bush tax cits permanent, slashing the corporate rate, eliminating the AMT and double exemptions on dependent kids.

If the politicians ever really got out of the way and stopped meddling with America's economy... if taxes were slashed to historic lows... everyone would benefit, even the government.


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