Tuesday, May 6

the democrats

Bill Ayer's friend, Barack Obama, just won the North Carolina primary and the primary in Indiana is close because Obama leads Clinton by 65-75% in Lake County.

The chaos continues.

Oh, and this just in. Michelle Obama is full of crap.
“You start working hard and sacrificing, and you think you’re getting closer to the bar, you’re working and you’re struggling, you get right to that bar, you’re reaching out for the bar, and then what happens?

“They raise the bar. Raise the bar. Shift it to the side. Keep it just out of reach.

“And that’s just what’s been happening in this race.”
What is she talking about? This is a woman who has been a great beneficiary of racial quotas, as has her husband, the likely Democratic presidential nominee. What 'bar' is raised? And who are 'they,' exactly? What kind of racial crap is this?

Read more from Byron York.


Anonymous Realistic Conservative said...

Maybe she's talking to and about the average everyday person who is not earning over $40K and has to stretch to make ends meet. They get a raise of 3% if their lucky. Yep, just in time to better afford the cost of utilities rising over 30% (depending on where you live it could be more or less).

Also, the racial quota issue that you mentioned pretty much fizzled out when the Obamas were still in college. The real boost to their individual successes is the fact that Harvard and Princeton grads don't get turned down whatever their race might be.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

That's why they should be building America up, not tearing it down and trying to divide it up by race, class and gender.

As I said in the post...'she's engaged in shameful political pandering.'

3:15 PM  

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