Tuesday, May 27

grinding an ax

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan has written a book slamming Bush. Hey, that's original. How much of this is nothing more than a bitter guy lashing out after getting fired from one of the highest profile jobs in the world?

In his memoirs, "What Happened," he claims the President "used propaganda" to sell the Iraq war. He says the press was too easy on Bush related to pre-war coverage. He claims Rove and Libby "mislead" him about the Valerie Plame incident. He describes the "botched federal response" to Katrina. It seems like a guy who had such amazing access would have something more unique to say about the President he served.

I'm curious to know if he also writes about his adversarial relationship with the White House press corps -- you know the people he was supposed to foster good, working relationships with? McClellan was so inept in his job and so contentious with the press that he forced them to watch Fox News Channel on Air Force One. McClellan behaved then (and still appears to be behaving) like a child.


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