Tuesday, May 6


Congress has repeatedly voted down bills that would have made flag burning or flag desecration a crime. Freedom is always the useful, convenient rationale.

This, without remembering that freedom comes with a heavy price. A price paid by a great many Americans better and stronger and more resolved than many in our current generation.

Desecration of the flag sullies its appearance literally. And figuratively, which is worse for the country in the long run.

Legislating the desecration of the American flag leads to pigs like Barack Obama's friend, the terrorist/bomber Bill Ayers, behaving badly, as he did in the photo above, from the August 2001 issue of Chicago Magazine. Why isn't Ayers in jail for bombing the Pentagon? Why wasn't he executed for treason against his country?

Why do Liberals hate America? I've never understood. They hated America long before George W. Bush. And before Reagan. There were America haters back in FDR's day. People who opposed WWII, just like they oppose Iraq today.

I've never understood the hatred. And I don't understand why they don't move to another country. If you hate America, leave. But, few do. Most choose to criticize their country while remaining here and living comfortably in hypocrisy.


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