Wednesday, May 14


Democrats are now winning primaries in longtime GOP stronghold districts, districts that President Bush easily carried in '04.

Illinois. Louisiana. And now Mississippi. Reading these tea leaves, it doesn't bode well for Republicans. Although it's always fascinated me how Democrats always seem to campaign as conservatives.

We'll keep the White House this year, but that's about it.


Blogger Chris said...

I'm curious to know how exactly they are campaigning as conservatives.

In all three states that you mention, the Dems were overwhelmingly progressive. All supported the CHIP expansion that Bush vetoed. All supported stem cell research. All supported Social Security and not privatization like the Republicans are doing. All three supported a strategic withdrawal from Iraq. All supported greener environmental policies. And all three oppose George Bush. How exactly are Democrats running like conservatives/Republicans?

9:49 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

"Supporting social security, not privatization." Cowardly, selfish and short shorted. Hardly "progressive."

"Stem cell research." How brave.

CHIP? I believe it's called S-CHIP, which Bush favored EXPANDING. You lied about that, Christopher.

All three favored LOSING in Iraq.

All three supported bullshit environmental policies.

All three are poll-driven, character-less politicians who toe the party line and "hate" Bush. What courageous leadership.

MEANWHILE, Childers' won because he was pro-gun and pro-life. That plays big in the South.

MEANWHILE, in IL, Foster won by less than 400 votes. Of course, Chicago, with the historical record of rampant cheating...

MEANWHILE in LA, also with an historical record of cheating... Woody Jenkins and opponent Cazayoux shared conservative positions on gun rights and abortion. AND, Jenkins is, "a solid Christian conservative is a polarizing figure known for displaying plastic fetuses to gain attention to his strong anti-abortion stance."

10:24 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

Some additional thoughts on this post: Hardly a 'Liberal wave' sweeping the country.

Three bad candidates usually equals three primary loses. But, we'll see what happens in November.

McCain's going to have coattails. The more moderate GOP candidates are going to have a lot of success this year.

Oh, and you didn't lie, Buddy, you are merely mistaken. I apologize for the accusation. But the SCHIP legislation is an easy one. Bush proposed renewing it, the Democrats wanted it renewed and expanded.

12:06 AM  

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