Tuesday, May 27

'sitting pretty well'

Nobody denies that McCain is the perfect Republican presidential candidate for the current climate. GOP strategists say that “we’re actually sitting pretty well in most states" with Senator McCain.
“The broader environment clearly favors the Democrat,” said Whit Ayers, another veteran GOP pollster. But Ayers argued that “a state-by-state analysis actually makes McCain a narrow favorite to win the Electoral College majority.”
More from the Politico:
“There are a lot of scenarios that look good for McCain, and I almost would go so far to say that there are a lot more scenarios [than for Obama],” the strategist added. “I don’t think anybody over here wants to let themselves get too excited about it. It is an eternity between now and November. But McCain looks a lot stronger than our prospects as a party.”
Remember when I told you that McCain would win New Hampshire and Pennsylvania?
“The truth about this race [is], this is the year that we shouldn’t lose, and we could lose," says Democratic pollster Paul Maslin."
President McCain.


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