Friday, May 16

'water's edge'

Read the entire text of Bush's Knesset speech here. I still don't believe his remarks were intended as a swipe to the Democrats, but if so, it was brilliant politics. And the dim witted Democrats took the bait.

Suddenly, they care about politics stopping at 'the water's edge,' even though Democrats have regularly and routinely gone overseas to undermine American foreign policy and to criticize and insult Bush.

Here are a few examples of this incredibly glaring hypocrisy.

Pelosi going to Syria and meeting with Assad.

Kucinich in Syria, appearing on Syrian TV ripping Bush.

McDermott, Bonior and Thompson going on a Hussein-financed junket to Iraq.

Former President Carter meeting with terrorists.


Blogger Jaz said...

Gingrich made a brilliant point about this. He pointed out that this was an excellent opportunity for Obama to look strong by agreeing with president Bush that the appeasement of our enemies is not appropriate.

By reacting the way he is reacting, especially since he was never directly referenced by the President, Obama is in effect racing to the defense of the policy of appeasement.

These liberals cannot argue their way out of a paper bag it seems sometimes.

Does Obama believe in appeasement or doesn't he? If Obama would have us believe that his approach to our international enemies is not fairly characterized as appeasement, he has nothing to be upset about if President Bush denounces appeasement.

In a way it would be a lot easier if libs like Obama could settle on actual position on these matters. Instead what we have is a partial defense of appeasement and feigned indignation over an attack that he perceived to be directed at him. Methinks Obama doth protest too much.

12:22 AM  
Blogger American Patriot said...

W is a brilliant politician and a great leader. Its so funny watching the libtards get worked up over his subtle, but well delivered swipes.

12:04 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

Obama is a big whiner. He gets really testy fast when things don't go his way. McCain is going to wear him down.

And AP is right. W just continues to outsmart the dumb Dems. He's always the smartest guy in the room, but I still say that he wasn't addressing Obama with his Hitler remarks.

It's just that Obama has to be in the news and he can't afford being off the front pages. He also can't afford being defined as a chickenhawk, which everyone already knows he is.

The Democrats are very touchy about their Achilles Heel -- being weak on defense, feckless on terror -- and it shows. That's why they reacted with furor.

5:23 PM  

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