Friday, June 20

900 miles

Israel is such a small country they have to get airspace permission from neighboring countries when they practice military exercises. Wow.

Could this be mere coincidence? It is exactly 900 miles from Tel Aviv to Natanz. Hmm.


Anonymous american patriot said...

I stand by Israel absolutely in the face of these security threats. There are some on the left who apparently want to see a second Holocaust. However, I think we need to send the Israelis a message that our alliance isn't just a one way thing and that they can prepare to do things like attack Iran without our permission.

That's why I thing we should suspend all aid to them until they agree to stop sending spies over to our country, actually use our monetary gifts to them and not loan the money back to the U.S, I mean it is pretty absurd that we have to pay interest on a gift, and the last thing they should do is try again at apologizing and compensating for the murder of 34 of our boys on the U.S.S Liberty in an Israeli attack. I mean I don't buy into all the conspiracy theories about it not being an accident, but still when you make a mistake, especially one like that you need to take responsibility, apologize and make some real reperiations. I'm sure we'd do the same thing if we accidentally killed some of their boys.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Andrew C said...

Absolutely right. Israel definitely needs to let us know before they launch any attack on Iran.

That way, we can provide for SEAD and some Tomahawk laydown strikes ;).

Stop making demands of the Israelis. They're surrounded by enemies, always in political turmoil, and yet manage to be a productive and functioning democracy. Would we be able to do any better, in their shoes. Suppose the USSR and Red China weren't an ocean or an ice-cap away during the Cold War? Suppose Mexico had a military that, on paper, appeared stronger than ours? Suppose we had suicide bombers attacking the Lincoln Memorial or Yankee Stadium weekly? And suppose that every time we've fought a desperate war for self-defense and survival was on the line, WE were the ones blamed by the rest of the world?

If Israel is willing to talk tough right back to Iran, we should be selling them F-15s and AMRAAM missiles at cut-rate prices. Suspend aid to Israel? Isn't that Hezbollah's number one Christmas wish??

5:47 PM  

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