Wednesday, June 4

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Barack Obama and I have virtually nothing in common. We don't share many of the same opinions about politics, about America, about the world. I've been extremely critical of the man, his words, his positions, his intellect, his judgment, his choices, his chances.

But watching his speech tonight with a group of Liberal friends in LA, I was struck by the moment. The moment when Barack walked out onstage in front of another massive crowd, this time, he was the new Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

Of course, this is when we have to start talking about race and I hate talking about it. I've said many times that I believe the only true racists in our society, in our world, are those people constantly talking about it. Whatever. Whatever differences I have with the other side, I'm going to put those aside tonight. History was made tonight. Congratulations, Senator.


Blogger Jason said...

Kent, I appreciated this post a lot. It is historic and it is nice to know the country has made progress towards equality. It will be interesting in years to come when we realize the relevance of having a female and a black man in the running to be a presidential nominee.

I also have to give you kudos for not posting any of the mis-quotes and lies about Mr. Obama (the mis-quotes from "Audacity of Hope" as well as the Anti-Christ nonsense).

The debate on policies, opinions, qualifications, etc. are healthy, but the extreme emails floating around no doubt come from the part of our country that have not evolved or made progress towards equality.

Thank you for your fair view.

1:43 PM  

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