Friday, June 13

my take

John McCain loves town hall meetings. I caught, and mostly enjoyed, his performance last night on the Fox News Channel. He's quite the ham and feeds off, like all politicians, the adulation, the attention of a crowd, any crowd.

Head to head against Obama I still continue to believe substance will carry the day. McCain doesn't match the razzle dazzle of Barack but he's got a style all his own and he's charismatic and energetic in his own way.

My hope for the campaign is that he'll stop talking about his military service. Everybody knows he was a POW. Morphing into John Kerry, by constantly referencing Vietnam, won't help his chances.

It pained me greatly to be reminded of the fact that McCain, back in the early Clinton years, voted to confirm both Breyer and Ginsberg to the Supreme Court. Under no circumstance would I ever, ever do that if I were a US Senator. But, and this is a window into McCain's soul and its very, very old school Washington. McCain voted to confirm based on qualification, not ideology.

Too bad he's on record as being anti-drilling. McCain couldn't possibly and credibly flip positions now. I think energy, thanks to high gas prices, has finally come around as a general election campaign issue. I believe that enough people will be ready to jettison the silly notion of wild animals being more important than energy usage, everyday economic reality and national security.

At his core, I'm convinced McCain is a good guy and if elected he'll represent America well.


Blogger Jaz said...

I hereby propose a moratorium on the use of tele-prompters in the presidential campaign from here on out.

Can Obama win the presidency without relying on the crutch of tele-prompters and ear pieces feeding him content?

And why is he chickening out from McCain's town hall meeting debate challenge?

If McCain is old and less energetic, as the Obama campaign would have us believe, then surely Obama should have no problem stepping up to the plate and debating him in an uncontrived format.

4:59 AM  

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